Exclusive Reveal of Mystique Premium Format Figure by Sideshow

More exclusive news is incoming from Sideshow Collectibles, the specialty manufacturer and distributor responsible for some of the most detailed collectible action figures, art, and statues based on comic book and pop culture properties, and they have an update on their newest upcoming creation, the assassin Mystique. Previously, Screen Rant showcased some details and rumors based around the new mold for the X-Men comic's popular anti-heroine, and Slideshow has come through with more information about this upcoming Premium Format Figure based on the blue-skinned mutant.

Sideshow first hinted at the presence of the upcoming Mystique statue in a YouTube video demonstrating their upcoming X-Men Collection, which ended with a series of mysterious and unidentified silhouettes. In a later sneak-peek image, fans were informed that not only was a Mystique release confirmed, but one that featured her once again in her classic comic-based double slit white dress.

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The character has now been fully revealed in these exclusive images, with Mystique sporting a self-satisfied smile, a series of her signature skulls bedecking her outfit (though only a few), and careful detailing in her flowing fabric sculpt. Sideshow has very few previous Mystique molds released for collectors, with a previous Premium Format Figure in black leather, and another clad in the white dress with much darker skin coloration, based on the work of comic book artist Adam Hughes.

The character of Raven Darkhölme aka Mystique is a mutant gifted with the ability to transform her physical appearance into that of any other individual, a power she uses to great effect in assassination and espionage missions. She’s more or less considered a villain, though she has at times operated for the greater good, or at least carried out her tasks for the betterment of mutants, even for Professor X in Brian K. Vaughan’s critically acclaimed series for Marvel.

Previous releases of a Mystique collectible by Sideshow all sold out of their runs, with some fetching high prices in the aftermarket. This is part of the reason why it’s probably in the best interests of fans to sign up for their RSVP list, as there’s all expectations that this newest run of Premium Format Figures will sell out as well.

As for the other upcoming figures hinted at in the promotional video? Hard to tell, but take a look at this month’s "Inside Look: XMEN Collection" video to see if you can suss out the likeliest characters. At a glance, all of the hidden characters look to be women, with a very likely X-23 shadow positioned left-of-center.

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