'Myst' Movie is On the Way

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A movie adaptation of the popular video game Myst is apparently on the way, courtesy of Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions.

Naturally some of you guys are thinking to yourselves that Myst is a game which featured one person's exploration of a seemingly uninhabited world. Well, if that's all you know about Myst then you don't know the whole story - but does an expanded mythology mean that this video game will translate into a successful movie?

Also involved with the Myst film are Adrian Vanderbosch and Isaac Testerman of Mysteria Film Group, current holders of the rights to Myst, which they obtained from Cyan Worlds. While the original Myst game primarily dealt with the aforementioned mystery of a seemingly uninhabited world, when the game's sequel, Riven, was being developed, Cyan Worlds published a trilogy of novels that greatly expanded upon the mythology of the Myst universe.

In these novels, it was revealed that there is an alien civilization known as "The D'ni" who were able to create and control an infinite number of worlds. The story of the games is set in motion when a young woman from Earth inadvertently stumbles upon the D'ni.

Suffice to say, it's the novels and their more extensive stockpile of material that the producers of the Myst films are combing through for ideas. Said Adrian Vanderbosch:

"Our aim with this project is to stretch the genres it operates within, much like the source material did...It is such an innovative property and the best service we can do to it is to maintain that spirit. By utilizing the novels as our primary source, we have the opportunity to offer audiences the essence of Myst without being limited only to the famous islands of the first game."

OK, so I have nothing at all against Myst - in fact it was one of the first computer games I ever really got into (along with King's Quest and Prince of Persia). However, even with this expanded mythology - which I admittedly know nothing about - it seems as though there are tons of better video-game-to-movie ideas to be drawing on at this juncture. Besides, the notion of an alien race who can create and manipulate an entire world is an idea I liked better when it was still called Dark City. Maybe Myst will turn out ot be something truly innovative, unique and exciting...but I'm not exactly holding my breath, hoping for that to be the case.

Meanwhile, if you're interested, here are some other video game-to-movie adaptations that Hollywood studios may want consider over a Myst film. In fact, I do believe one of our suggestions is already getting the movie treatment:

What do you think about a Myst movie? See anything in our list of suggestions that sounds better?

Source: Variety

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