Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Vikings Characters

Vikings has taken characters that were talked about in legends and made them real, solid, three dimensional entities.

Vikings is one of the best written shows out there; it truly has something for everyone. Whether you like history, violence, romance, drama, an element of the supernatural lurking in there — this show probably has it. And if you haven’t watched it yet, you need to get on that.

But the thing this show does best is its characters. It's taken characters that were talked about in legends and made them real, solid, three dimensional entities. Guaranteed if you watch this show, you’ll get attached to quite a few of them (and beware, because Vikings isn’t nice to its characters, and you’re in for quite the ride!). 

So what are their Myers-Briggs® types? Let's find out!

10. Ragnar: INTJ, The Architect

The main protagonist of Vikings for many seasons was Ragnar Lothbrok.

Ragnar has a fearsome reputation as someone to be terrified of. He conquers and he fights, seemingly afraid of nothing, but he’s also a family man and seems to genuinely care about his close circle. Ragnar knows how to portray his reputation though. He understands that he must be feared if he wants to be successful in his efforts and for this reason, he’s an INTJ. Ragnar carefully calculates things and thinks hard about his next move, but despite his confidence, he isn’t an extravert; he doesn’t willingly seem to open up to people.

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9. Lagertha: ESTJ, The Executive

Lagertha was pretty much the reason I was always so heart-eyed over this show. I wanted to be her — I still do! She’s one of the most amazing females on television so, women, if you ever want to feel empowered… give this show a shot if you haven’t already. And if you have, you already know what I mean.

Lagertha started out as happily married to Ragnar and has since moved away from that position, for… various reasons. She’s just as good a fighter as any of the men and they tend to listen to her, respect her. The historical trope of women being meek and submissive doesn’t apply here.

8. Rollo: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

Rollo is the brother of Ragnar. He’s definitely a complex character, not quite a hero, not quite a villain… But isn’t that the theme of this show?

He’s impulsive and loves going on adventures, making him an ESTP. He never seems content to sit in one place for too long, much preferring to go roaming whenever he can. He never backs down from a fight, much like Ragnar, and seems to have developed a rivalry with him for that very reason. Rollo essentially just comes across as a free spirit, someone who wants to master everything and be renowned everywhere. He’s actually almost textbook ESTP.

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7. Bjorn: ISFP, The Adventurer

Bjorn is the son of Lagertha and Ragnar. He seems to take on the traits of many people, having his father’s love for his family and loves both of his parents equally, but he has his uncle Rollo’s impulsive streak, too. Bjorn seems determined to be a great warrior. He doesn’t seem to be as much of an extravert as his mother or uncle though, taking after his father in this regard. Overall, his mixture of his relatives’ traits seems to have brought him out as an ISFP, the adventurer. He’s always ready to explore and looks to get his hands dirty.

6. Aslaug: ISFJ, The Defender

Aslaug is introduced later as Ragnar’s second wife and although she’s not quite as amazing as Lagertha in my opinion, she’s also a great character. This show actually does pretty amazingly with its female characters, which can’t be said for all shows!

She’s interesting because she starts out seeming like a very together person and slowly falls apart. Despite this, she seems devoted to her family and takes it pretty badly when Ragnar leaves for long stretches of time. She especially loves her children, seemingly willing to go to great lengths to defend them. All of this makes her an obvious ISFJ.

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5. Floki: INFJ, The Advocate

Floki is the oddest character in Vikings, and probably the most entertaining.

He’s very eccentric and very intelligent but seems pretty unbalanced at the same time. It often seems like his eccentric personality is a cover for how conflicted he actually is on the inside, which would make perfect sense.

Choosing an INFJ might seem like an odd choice for Floki, but think about it; he’s dedicated to his religion and the greater good, and really wants what he thinks the gods might want. He’s an idealist when it comes to the gods and he wants what they think is best for everyone. He's perhaps more sensitive than he might portray himself to be, and therefore, INFJ is really the only personality that suits him.  

4. Athelstan: INTP, The Logician

Poor Athelstan didn’t want to be brought into the Viking way of life, but when they invaded his homeland, in he came. He was taken as a slave by Ragnar but as the series progresses, he seems to have developed a liking for his captor and vice versa. Floki, of course, doesn’t like him quite as much, but through Ragnar wanting to spend time with Athelstan, we see a lot of the monk’s personality.

Despite a previously blind faith in his religion, he seems to be an INTP, with more logic than many of the people around him. He’s also very curious about knowledge and loves to learn new things, asking a lot of questions as he settles in.

3. Alfred: ENFJ, The Protagonist

And then there’s Athelstan’s illegitimate son. The great thing about this series is that it spans across so much time, that we meet multiple generations.

Alfred seems shy initially, but he actually has all the makings of the protagonist type. His extraversion comes out when he plays board games with people, seeming to love their company and how skilled he is at the games themselves. He also seems very charismatic once he manages to come out of his shell, like he could be a charming leader that people would want to listen to if given the chance.

But, of course, the son of Athelstan was going to be likable.

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2. Helga: Another Adventurer, ISFP

Helga is the wife of Floki and another ISFP.

She’s very loyal to Floki and has his child, which makes Floki propose. The two are very dedicated to each other and Helga just seems like a pure, good person; concerned about Floki’s struggles and truly in love with him. She’s very sweet and charming but definitely introverted; she keeps to herself and doesn’t like messing in other people’s affairs unless Floki is involved. Therefore, she’s an ISFP.

She may not be as much of a warrior as Lagertha, but it’s another great female character produced by the show. It's a shame about her exit...

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1. Ecbert: ENTJ, The Commander

King of Wessex and Mercia is Ecbert. And what could be a more perfect personality type for a king than ENTJ, the Commander?

Ecbert originally comes across as someone who can be trusted. He presents himself as warm and charitable, but beneath that, someone completely different lurks, which isn’t to say all ENTJs are horrible. It's just that they possess the intelligence to hide their true selves if need be, and Ecbert is certainly a master manipulator.

He schemes and plans to overthrow people, but he does seem to be capable of respect. For example, Ragnar. It just apparently takes a lot to earn it, and even then… don’t trust him.

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