8 Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Spirited Away Characters

Haku the Dragon in Spirited Away

It's one of the most magical films Hayao Miyazaki has ever made: a timeless tale about a girl who finds herself in the world of spirits, needing to find a way to both escape and save her captured parents. Spirited Away is a cinematic classic that first came out in 2001, but has stayed in our hearts to this day. It shows us a world that is fantastic and complex, yet at the same time, simple. After all, who would think that spirits would appreciate a bathhouse as much as humans?

Now we're here to take a deeper look at Miyazaki's masterpiece and really analyze its characters through the lens of the Myers-Briggs® personality types. Who is strong and who is passive? Who is a leader and who is more of a mediator? Let's find out!

8. Kamaji: The Advocate (INFJ)

Kamaji and Chihiro in Spirited Away

Kamaji is an unusual figure in Spirited Away, so it makes sense that he'd have an unusual personality type to match. Advocates make up less than one percent of the population and thrive on helping others. While Kamaji is gruff at first, like many characters in Spirited Away, he soon shows himself to be a guiding force for Chihiro/Sen when he tells her how to save Haku's life, supplying her with the rare train tickets she needs to go to Zeniba's home. It is this decisive and strong-willed energy that makes Kamaji such a memorable character.

7. Lin: The Defender (ISFJ)

The Defender is a strong-willed analytical type of person who is always looking to help others. This strongly resembles Lin, one of Chihiro's closest friends throughout the movie. Lin is the one who looks out for Chihiro throughout the film as Chihiro gets used to life at the bathhouse. She kindly offers her comfort when Chihiro is worried about her situation. It's Lin's steady hand that helps Chihiro get through some of the most difficult days of her adventure. Although most Defenders are sensitive and reserved, Lin would go out of her own comfort zone to help Chihiro.

6. Boh: The Consul (ESFJ)

Boh is a character that changes a lot throughout Spirited Away, both metaphorically and literally. At first, he appears as a selfish child who will easily scream or hurt others to get what he wants (classic). It's only as the film goes on that Boh's more mature personality asserts itself. With time, his personality really shines through. As the Consul, Boh feels comfortable as the center of attention and enjoys socializing with those around him. Later in the movie, he also displays his willingness to help others, doing his best as a rat to help Chihiro on her journey.

5. Zeniba: The Virtuoso (ISTP)

As a Virtuoso, Zeniba is brilliant at what she does, namely the magic that she carries out and the aid she gives to others. Whether it's casting a spell or knitting a hairband, Zeniba is the one who knows how to get her work done well. When Chihiro finally reaches Zeniba's home, Zeniba is the one who can finally give her some clear-cut answers and wisdom about saving Haku's life. Not to mention her parents as well. Aside from her magical skills, she's also the older twin sister to Yubaba. Knowing this, do you think she and her identical sister have the same personality type, even though they're so different? Her straight-forward, kind nature makes Zeniba a stand-out Virtuoso, but what about her sister? Find out below!

4. Yubaba: The Executive (ESTJ)

Yubaba, Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli

The main villain of the story, Yubaba is the personification of the Executive. Living as an extrovert and intuitive being first, Executives are also feeling, prospecting, and turbulent. Yubaba values order, dignity, and tradition in the running of her bathhouse. Like many Executives, she refuses to let anyone get in her way. While she is a cruel woman, she does play by the rules. After Chihiro visits, Yubaba allows her to have a job when she asks for one and frees Chihiro's parents when Chihiro correctly points out that they aren't among the pigs Yubaba has on display. Ultimately, Yubaba is tricky but fair.

3. No-Face: The Logistician (INTP)

No Face in Spirited Away

No-Face is a creature outside of their element when they arrive at Yubaba's bathhouse. As the Logistician, they quickly begin to analyze their new environment and apply the rules they learn. No-Face begins offering gold in exchange for baths and food, then takes the consumption to its logical conclusion and starts eating people. Unfortunately, consumption isn't good for this spirit to any degree. They're much better off enjoying the peace and simplicity of Zeniba's home.

2. Haku: The Architect (INTJ)


Haku the Dragon in Spirited Away

Haku is a kindhearted but careful chess-master in the games he must play with Yubaba in order to try and regain his name and his freedom. On the other hand, like many Architects, he is also a caring spirit who goes out of his way to help Chihiro. Architects only fulfill 2% of the population, with women being even fewer. This means that he can be a great mix of super private but also aspiring. It's his intellectualism keeps him one step ahead of his enemies and his heart that ultimately saves him from death. Haku is a complex character. It's no wonder he's a fan favorite.

1. Chihiro: The Mediator (INFP)

Spirited Away Anime Director Hayao Miyazaki

As the kindest and most giving character in Spirited Away, Chihiro is a true Mediator. Mediators are constantly looking for the good in people — even if no one else can see it. Her understanding nature amazingly saves Haku, Boh, No-Face, and even a River Spirit. Mediators are super extroverted and intuitive but are also feeling beings. They know who they are and what they want. Her ability to see the good in others allows her to face terrifying challenges and still find hope in any situation. In fact, her whole adventure in the spirit world allows her to be more optimistic about her regular life and the fact that she is going to a new school. One way or another, like a true Mediator, nothing can keep Chihiro down for long!

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