The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Dead To Me Characters

Dead To Me has already gained some pretty spectacular reception and, if you're like us, can be easily binge-watched in a matter of two days. Although each episode is short, every single minute is packed with drama that will have any intrigued viewer on the edge of their seat. This article is likely to be packed with spoilers so for those who haven't seen it yet, go watch it! For those of us who are well-versed in the twisted friendship between both Jen Harding and Judy Hale, well, we've got some character typing to do. The psychology behind the show is fun to figure out and decipher which is why the cast of Dead To Me makes for a perfect Myers-Briggs discussion. Shall we?

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10 Jen Harding As An ISFJ

Interestingly enough, the protag of the show is not what many would consider any type of 'Commander' or 'Leader' when it comes to Myers-Briggs personality types. Rather, Jen is usually on the defense rather than the offense... and the only time she is on the offense is when she's being defensive. This makes her very similar to an ISFJ, a personality that's always ready to go to battle for those they love. While they are warm and compassionate in nature, they can also be feisty and fierce when it comes to their loved ones.

9 Judy Hale As An ENFP

Judy is by far the most interesting character on the show simply because she does have so much baggage and is influenced by so many other characters. She doesn't seem to be her true self until she's with Jen and, when this happens, she's undoubtedly an ENFP. Her kind and caring nature is what allows Steve to take advantage of her so often, but is also what allows the truth to set her free by the season finale. Her enthusiasm for life and ability to bring joy to others makes her unique but also vulnerable.

8 Steve Wood As An ESTJ

A very disliked character on the show is Steve and it's easy to see why. Not only does he manipulate Judy but he also tries his hand at manipulating Jen, which ultimately leads to his poolside demise. Before all that, though, he likely would have been an ESTJ. Known as being the 'Executive' of the personality types, Steve was unusually good at controlling people in order to run his (illegal) money laundering business. This ability to manage nearly everyone in his life is what made him a pro at getting what he wanted.

7 Nick As An INFJ

Nick, an absolute sweetheart of a guy, likely would have been an INFJ. Although it's the rarest of all the personality types, it's seemingly fitting for a detective.

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His intuition and the knack for solving mysteries lends itself well to that of an INFJ, which can easily be considered the personality type of an empath as well. He seemed to be in-tune with nearly every character he interacted with, able to read them after only a few minutes of their time. This unnatural ability could only be possessed by that of an INFJ.

6 Christopher Doyle As An INFP

Christopher did no wrong on the show and, in fact, was nothing but a best friend to Jen and her children. Even when Judy came around after the big blowup, he showed her nothing but kindness. This compassion is easily seen in an INFP, known as the 'Mediators' of the group. These are the peacemakers and the ones who attempt to make everyone happy without a second thought. His passion for humanity was expressed through his spirituality, a strong theme through much of his role on the show, along with his keen sense of knowing when someone was in need.

5 Lorna Harding As An ENTP

Lorna is another character who isn't exactly at the top of everyone's most-loved list. While she was misunderstood, there's no doubting that Lorna has a bit of an ENTP flair to her personality. Her pension for arguing with Jen and constantly pitting them both at odds makes her somewhat of a debator which is, after all, what ENTPs are known for. Driven by her intellect and belief in her own compelling theories, Lorna showed little restraint when it came to picking a fight with Jen. This is the trait of an ENTP, a personality which never walks away from a little confrontation.

4 Charlie Harding As An ESTP

Although we didn't see too much of Jen's children, we did see enough of them to provide a personality type. Charlie would likely be an ESTP which, funny enough, is known as the 'Entrepreneur'.

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Although his 'business' wasn't exactly legal, he did have a knack for seeing a void and filling it. His ability to make money on the fly with the situation he'd been given speaks to his problem-solving skills. However, the type of shady business he entered into is what allows him to live a life far more on the edge than many others, which is what separates the ESTP from the rest of the personalities.

3 Henry Harding As An ISFP

Henry is a loveable kid and one that you simply can't help but feel for at certain times. He has an undeniable bond with Christopher, who helps him unlock his true potential. Henry could definitely be an INFJ given his intuition but is likely an ISFP. His charisma, even at such a young age, allows him to charm the most structured of adults while his natural knack for creativity leads him down a bold path. Adventurous and fun-loving, the characterization of an ISFP fits him fairly well -- a true artist in every sense of the word.

2 Ana Perez As An ISTJ

Not much is seen of Ana but she does play a key role in the show. We'd have to type her based on her choice of career as well as her few interactions with several of the characters on the show, thus leading to the decision of an ISTJ. While she doesn't seem to rely too much on intuition, it's in her logic and fact-based theories that she chooses to draw her conclusions. Working for the police department, this is understandable, yet truly makes her a 'Logistician' in every sense of the term. Rooted in the hard facts, it would be tough to classify her as anything else.

1 Pastor Wayne As An ENFJ

Pastor Wayne is, quite literally, the 'Consul' of all the personalities. He plays somewhat of a therapist and very much a kind shoulder to Jen, as well as the others in her support group. His pure compassion is what makes him an absolute ENFJ and there's little room to argue that he could be anything else. He has a thoughtful way about him that allows him to step back and understand others from their point of view rather than his own, and his social grace allows him to interact with them on a comfortable level. These are the traits of a true ENFJ.

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