The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Broad City Characters

Broad City is a series that is known for its eccentric characters. It's hard not to fall in love with each of their individual personalities, whether it's the insanely energetic Ilana Wexler or the uncomfortably relatable Abbi Abrams. The characters on Broad City are so rich in personality that we sometimes feel as though we know them personally.

We used to try to decipher who was the "Carrie" of our friend group and who was the "Samantha". Now the question has changed to who is the "Abbi" and who is the "Ilana". These characters stand out from the crowd and they deserve all the attention they can possibly get.

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So in order to honor these unique personalities, let's take a look at some of the most iconic Broad City characters while doing a bit of digging into their MBTI. Shall we?

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10 Nicole - ISTJ

Nicole is a total ISTJ. When it comes to working at Deals, Deals, Deals, Nicole is extremely focused and detail oriented in contrast to Ilana's scattered and free-spirited nature. She always follows the rules and is wildly uncomfortable with anyone who tries to break the conventional mold of the workplace.

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Ilana's eccentric behavior is so stressful to Nicole that literal chunks of her hair fall out. When Ilana finally gets fired, Nicole breaks out into song because she is so ecstatic.

9 Mrs.Wexler - ESTJ

Mrs. Wexler: I don't trust google maps. It's the cops following us.

Mrs. Wexler is an ESTJ. She is strict and authoritative while at the same time open-minded. In the episode "Knockoffs", Mrs. Wexler's mother dies and she doesn't cry once. She is loud, hard-edged and intelligent, able to speak fluently in Chinese. Whenever Ilana acts inappropriately while in the presence of her mother, Mrs. Wexler will snap back in response in an effort to get her to simmer her down.

She is extremely protective of her daughter as well as Abbi, who she considers a part of the family.

8 Lincoln - ISFP

Lincoln: I was so worried I baked a whole cake. And then I ate a whole cake!

Lincoln is the most "go with the flow" person on planet earth. He is always willing to participate in whatever wild adventure Ilana and Abbi are about to go on regardless of whether or not it interferes with his work schedule. Lincoln is extremely supportive of his friends and loved ones, often dropping everything to help out the people he cares most about. He is deeply sensitive towards the world around him, which can be seen when he randomly goes into depth about the tragedy of Amy Winehouse.

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Lincoln: You know, I'm not over Amy Winehouse. It's like...we knew it would happen, but we didn't do anything about it. I didn't know-her-know-her, but...I still miss her.

Oh, Lincoln. We miss her too, buddy. We miss her too...

7 Eliot Wexler - INTJ

Elliot: I have some big news to share. I got a promotion and I am moving to London.

Mrs. Wexler: No you're not, sit down and eat your dinner.

Eliot Wexler is pretty much the normal dude in a world of crazies. He feels extremely uncomfortable when it comes to Ilana's wild behavior and one of the running gags on the show is his irrational fear of incest. In season 2 episode 6 "The Matrix", Eliot is a perfectionist when it comes to the little details of his dog wedding and becomes super anal when people keep confusing the dog quiche with the human quiche.

Hey, at least the dog wedding was a total success! Mazel Tov.

6 Jaime - ESFP

Jaime has a warm, loving, and outgoing personality. He is always willing to help out his friends, whether it's popping Ilana's back pimples or struggling to select the perfect froyo flavor for Abbi after she gets her wisdom teeth removed. Jaime is extremely afraid of conflict as we can see in "Hurricane Wanda" when he makes a bunch of guilt-ridden statements over extremely minor situations. His fear of conflict and friendly personality lead us to believe he is a true ESFP.

Jaime: Guys, there's something I want to get off my chest in case we all die today... I once ate a corn on the cob.

5 Matt Bevers - ENFP

Bevers: Sorry Abbi, I broke your Starbucks gift card.

Abbi: Bevers, I still have 17 dollars on there!

Bevers: Well, maybe now you can start supporting local businesses.

Despite the fact that Bevers is the definition of intrusive, we can't help but love the dude. He's extremely friendly and thoroughly wants to be involved in all the shenanigans that Abbi gets into. Although Abbi can't stand Bevers and she often scorns his behavior, he still manages to keep a positive attitude around her regardless. If only he'd get off her freakin' couch and quit throwing away her bed bath and beyond coupons...

4 Abbi Abrams - ISFJ

"I just wanna go home and watch my shows..."

Abbi is lovably awkward, artistic, and organized. She is always down to go on an adventure with Ilana, yet if it wasn't for her best friend's need for constant stimulation that involves socialization, Abbi would be perfectly fine staying at home alone while catching up on all her TV shows.

In season 2 episode 10 "St.Mark's", Abbi and Ilana both reveal what they have done over the past year that they are most proud of. Abbi says she's most proud that she finally finished watching "Damages", proving she is perfectly happy with having some downtime while alone. She is also extremely detail oriented, as we can see when she obsesses over office supplies and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Her organization skills and caring personality are necessary in order to contrast Ilana's scattered nature.

3 Garol - ISTJ

Garol is a straight up ISTJ. This woman always follows the rules and lives life by the books regardless of what the situation at hand may be. When Abbi travels all the way to "North Brother Island" to receive a package for Jeremy, Garol refuses to let Abbi claim the package even though she tells Garol that she is Jeremy's wife.

Although Garol leans on the strict side, she still knows how to get down and have fun. We can see this in "Hashtag Fomo" when she's spotted at the underground jazz bar where Abbi a.k.a "Val" comes to perform, as well as in season 4 when Garol is spotted at the same sex shop that Ilana attends.

You live it up, Garol!

2 Ilana Wexler - ENFP

"In Da Clerb, We All Fam!"

Ilana is a classic ENFP.

She is extremely energetic, wildly enthusiastic, and filled with creative ideas. Examples of her creativity include coming up with the most outrageous "would you rather" questions, always finding imaginative ways to make some extra mula, creating a whole scavenger hunt for Abbi on their friendaversary, and coming up with her own phrases such as "Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna!" "Frond to the ond" and of course, "Yas queen!" just to name a few.

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Ilana gets bored very easily and needs constant stimulation, something that is very common in ENFP's. In the season 2 episode 5 titled "Hashtag Fomo", Ilana wants to hop from party to party rather than stay in one place because she wants to test out all possibilities. In season 2 episode 6 "The Matrix", Abbi gets stuck inside a giant pit. Ilana goes off to find help, yet as she searches, she completely forgets what she's doing and why she's doing it because of how easily distracted she gets. On the whole, she's incredibly free-spirited and open-minded, making her the best kind of ENFP.

1 Trey - ESFJ

Trey (AKA Kirk Steele): When I grow up, I either want to be a stunt choreographer or work with kids with MS.

Trey is loving while at the same time he is slightly oblivious. Although Abbi sees him as a bit of the joke throughout the majority for the series, Trey considers Abbi to be his best friend. Those around him tend to take advantage of his naivety, like when Abbi fakes having a tapeworm in her butt just so she can leave Trey's party early. He is obsessed with Zach Braff and the movie "Garden State", even going so far as to donate 14,000 dollars to Zach Braff's Kickstarter. Plus, he does an insanely good impression of Ross from Friends.

Trey is social, work-oriented, and extremely friendly to those around him.

That's it for this list! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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