The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Arrowverse Characters

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With the kind of life superheroes lead, everything they see and experience on a daily basis, the losses they suffer, and the kind of crazy villains they encounter, these people could certainly use some professional help of the therapist variety. However, we here don't have the necessary qualifications, so we'd rather not engage in any serious diagnosis.

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That being said, we're pretty sure that analyzing the personalities of these characters and trying to discern which type they are based on the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator doesn't require a degree. So, we took up the challenge and did our best to analyze these ten Arrowverse characters.

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The Flash Barry Allen
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The Flash Barry Allen

Barry Allen’s strong sense of justice, as well as his unwavering resolve to maintain a positive outlook on life even when the odds are stacked against him, are qualities that make Barry a great hero. People are drawn to his warm demeanor, pure heart, and desire to always do the right thing and make things better. He's likable and easily becomes important to people.

Mediators are known to always look for the good in people, as our boy Barry always does. Barry's passion, his strong moral compass, and the ability to inspire kindness in others – all of these are personality traits of INFPs. People with INFP personality type are true idealists, guided by honor, morality, and virtue.


Supergirl Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers is the type of individual who wears her heart on her sleeve, and for that, she sometimes pays a high price. She’s caring, selfless, and kind to a fault. Over and over again she’s shown how attuned she is to others’ feelings. When Nia was struggling with her new-found powers, Kara empathized with her and found a way to help her friend.

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For Kara, doing the right thing is paramount. Her decisions are often heavily influenced by her emotions, but she never strays away from her sense of justice and morality. She's altruistic, and when she makes a mistake or inadvertently hurts someone she displays guilt and remorse. ESFJs are often good role models, and the Girl of Steel certainly is one.


Arrow Oliver Queen

Making split-second decisions to solve the problem at hand comes naturally for ISTPs who have an extraordinary ability to keep a level head in times of crisis. It’s a good thing Oliver Queen is the ISTP type, otherwise, we’d hate to think how he’d handle everything he’s been through.

The so-called Virtuosos welcome mental and physical challenges and patiently perfect their craft with practice. Take Oliver Queen, for example, he spent years honing his many skills, which he continuously works on perfecting. ISTPs like to work with their hands and eyes, which explains how Oliver became a skilled engineer, martial artist, and hacker, among other things. The Virtuoso type isn’t fond of strict rules and prefers the freedom to color outside the lines. Just like Ollie.


Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance

No wonder Oliver Queen and Sara Lance are such kindred spirits. Not only have they gone through much the same fate, but they also have the same personality type – ISTP. Much like Ollie, Captain Lance isn’t a big stickler for the rules. In fact, she’d much rather operate freely without unnecessary restrictions. She is, however, a big fan of “winging it”, which is not surprising since Virtuosos are surprisingly spontaneous despite their calm demeanor.

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Sara’s as cool as a cucumber until something sets her off and then you’d better get out of her way. ISTPs are at their best when they’re working with good friends who understand their intricate personality traits. Sara found this with the Legends.


Supergirl Alex Danvers

Integrity, practical logic, and tireless dedication to duty – does that ring a bell? We were describing the ISTJ personality type, but we may as well have been talking specifically about Alex Danvers. The so-called Logisticians are all about taking responsibility for their actions and taking pride in their work. For Alex, her work at the DEO comes first. She readily accepts responsibility and derives pleasure and pride form her job.

When Alex sets her mind up to something and says she’ll have it done, you can consider it done. Logisticians are known for their stubborn dedication and will fight 'till the bitter end for what they believe in. Their love of facts, passion for duty, and impeccable integrity make them perfect for careers in the military and regulatory bodies.


The Flash Caitlin Snow

Team Flash is a tight-knit group. These guys are truly a family. Caitlin Snow must really appreciate this because ISFJs love a sense of belonging at work and enjoy working with people who care about and support each other.

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Though they’re introverted, Defenders possess an uncanny ability to connect with others. Caitlin has never had difficulties relating and befriending new members of Team Flash. She’s always kind and enthusiastic about her work and personal relationships. But her sensitive nature is coupled with excellent analytical abilities, qualities that make her great at her job. Caitlin is compassionate, caring and determined to help others through her work.


Saupergirl Lena Luthor

To say that Lena Luthor isn’t the easiest person to read would be a gross understatement. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t at least try to take a deep dive into her personality. Lena strikes us as the ENTJ type, aka the Commander. People with this personality type are characterized by a ruthless level of rationality, which we definitely see in Lena.

She’s driven and once she makes up that sharp mind of hers to achieve whatever end, you can bet she’ll do it. Commanders also possess natural charisma, confidence, and authority, which makes them good leaders. And last we checked, leading two major companies at twenty-six isn’t anything to scoff at. Lena proved to be a brilliant entrepreneur and strategist, which are common traits of ENTJs.


The Flash Eobard Thawne

Characterized by relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering, the INTJ personality type is very rare. Flash’s Eobard Thawne is one such individual. With tremendous willpower and boundless self-confidence, Thawne was able to pull off a seemingly unimaginable scheme. This was no doubt thanks to the Architects’ tendency to treat life like a giant chess board, constantly strategizing their next moves and developing contingency plans.

INTJs are logical, decisive, and always plan ahead. Thawne easily outmaneuvered Barry and Team Flash, manipulated Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn, and – let’s not forget, he always finds a way to cheat death and come back against all odds.


Iris West Allen Flash

Inspiring others to do good in the world, and guiding them to becoming better people is what Protagonists do best. Their passion and irresistible charisma make them excellent influencers. ENFJs are known for giving pep talks. All of these traits are present in Iris West.

Since she took charge of Team Flash, we’ve seen her use her skills to connect to every member and motivate them to work together towards a common goal. With the capacity to easily discern peoples’ motivations and connect the dots, Protagonists easily form and communicate ideas. As a reporter, Iris has constantly taken advantage of these qualities, and displayed a firm determination to always speak her mind.


Arrow Ray Palmer

The adorable cinnamon roll, Ray Palmer is the kind of friend everyone wants to have. A true free spirit, cheerful, energetic, and compassionate, ENFPs like Ray take pleasure in building social and emotional connections. Their charm, empathy, and affability often lead others to open up about their feelings. Luckily, Campaigners are only too glad to listen.

Ray’s been able to connect to every single Legend – including Mick – due to his sociable nature and irresistible likability. With the Legends, Ray found a place where his imagination and empathy can truly shine. After all, he’s a genius and often comes up with creative solutions. But, he’s also very sensitive, and willing to take a chance on people even if they haven't done much to deserve it.

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