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    Agents of Shield

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came close to getting the ax after five seasons, but ABC decided to keep them on the air after all. First, they got renewed for a sixth season, which most assumed would be the show's final season. However, in late 2018, it was announced that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be back for a seventh season as well.

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    Before the team comes back to small screens in July 2019, we've decided to take a deep dive into the heads of everyone's favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Phil Coulson, and his team. So, here are the MBTI® types of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters.

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  • 10 / 10
    Agents of Shield Bobbi Morse

    Warm and friendly, Bobbi Morse easily gained the trust of Jemma Simmons, as well as other members of Coulson’s team. ESFJs like Bobbi are known to be popular due to their excellent people skills and affable nature. Bobbi’s strong morals and sense of loyalty (another trait of Consuls) made it even easier for Coulson’s team to welcome her.

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    Consuls' moral compass rests on traditions, laws, and upholding authorities and rules, which makes Bobbi Morse an excellent S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a valuable asset you’d certainly want on your team. Bobbi is stubborn and strong-willed to the point that she refused to break under torture, which just goes to show how devoted she is to serving S.H.I.E.L.D., and there isn't much Consuls love more than being of service.

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  • 9 / 10
    Agents of Shield Lance Hunter

    Lance Hunter is somewhat of a wild card. Having spent most of his life as a mercenary, he’s accustomed to living on the edge. For ESTPs, choosing a dangerous lifestyle is something that comes naturally, as that’s the environment in which they thrive. Entrepreneurs are all about exploring the path less traveled and looking for excitement in all places.

    Lance is passionate, hot-headed, and a man of action. He’s not one to patiently sit through meetings and thoroughly plan every move, preferring instead to deal with problems as they happen. Luckily, ESTPs are naturals when it comes to making split decisions. We’ve seen Hunter’s sharp mind at work many times – most recently when he broke Fitz out of prison.

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  • 8 / 10
    Agents of Shield Grant Ward

    Is it just us, or are there too many villains with the INTJ personality type? Perhaps it’s the unique mixture of naïve idealism and bitter cynicism that drives Architects to misplace their moral compass. INTJs are also known to be great strategists who often approach life with chess-like maneuvering. Grant Ward was able to deceive and manipulate everyone on Coulson’s team with ease, precision, and above all no remorse.

    A common trait of the Architect is their goal-oriented approach, which means they remain rational and calculating at all times. Ward was always focused on his mission, always carrying out orders, always thinking about the big picture, and did whatever it took to reach the objective. This kind of behavior made him appear emotionless, but he did have some twisted affection for Skye.

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  • 7 / 10
    Agents of Shield Yo Yo

    Calmness, curiosity, and spontaneity are traits that define ISTPs and can be found in Yo-Yo Rodriguez. She’s calm and collected most of the time, however, her spontaneity comes into play when she needs to make an important decision at a moment’s notice. Luckily, Virtuosos are known for their ability to remain level-headed in stressful situations.

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    As it is the case with ISTPs, Yo-Yo is certainly not the type to sit around doing nothing, she’d much rather be out in the field fighting the good fight. These free spirits can often be found joking even at the most inappropriate moment. Yo-Yo does this quite often, deflecting from a difficult situation with sarcastic remarks.

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  • 6 / 10
    Agents of Shield Mack

    Rather than use his sheer mass and physical strength to solve problems with violence, Mack prefers getting the facts straight and finding a peaceful solution. This is a defining characteristic of ISTJs, who possess sharp, fact-based minds and consider it their duty to maintain stability and security. Mack has been described by Daisy as a "big teddy bear" because of his warm personality hidden behind the gruff exterior.

    Adhering to established rules, taking responsibility and taking pride in their work is very important to ISTJs. Mack has constantly demonstrated an unshakable loyalty to his team, he’s stepped up to lead them in Coulson’s absence, and made difficult decisions no matter the cost.

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  • 5 / 10
    Agents of Shield Jemma Simmons

    Known for her calm and rational attitude, Jemma Simmons relies almost exclusively on what is or isn’t a scientific fact. The ESTJ type is known for preferring clear, provable facts and banking on their knowledge to pursue their vision. Ever the pragmatist, Jemma is all about getting things done and done right. Even when she was deserted in an unknown world, Jemma kept trying to make the best she could out of the situation.

    The Executive type is known for taking charge and making even the most complex tasks look easy, which is something Jemma does regularly. She displays an unwavering dedication to her work and her team, especially Fitz. Their dedication, honesty, and morals are what make Executives excellent leaders.

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  • 4 / 10
    Agents of Shield Leo Fitz

    Taking pride in their inventiveness and intellect, INTPs are known for their unrivaled and unrelenting logic, which is why they’re also referred to as Logicians. Watching Fitz enthusiastically tackle various problems and develop solutions that only he can come up with is nothing short of mesmerizing, and it’s a staple of his INTP personality type.

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    Most of the time, Fitz looks pensive because his mind is constantly buzzing with ideas. But though Logicians may appear aloof, among friends they're relaxed and friendly. For Fitz, it took time to get comfortable with the team, but once he did, we saw a much more open side of him. For Logicians connecting with others through work comes easiest, so it’s no wonder Fitz got incredibly attached to Jemma.

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  • 3 / 10
    Agents of Shield Daisy Johnson Skye Quake

    When we first met Daisy (aka Skye), she was living in a van and working for the “hacktivist” group Rising Tide that sought to reveal classified data to the public. Skye strongly believed in freedom of information and accessibility and when ENFPs find a cause that inspires them there’s little that can stand in their way.

    When she joined Coulson’s team, Daisy found a new cause to fight for, as well as people she wanted to protect, and her Campaigner personality came through once again. Known to rely on their intuition, sometimes even excessively so, Campaigners can sometimes step on someone’s toes inadvertently. We’ve seen this with Daisy, who’s had a fair share of missteps with her teammates. But, like any other Campaigner, Daisy felt bad for her actions and worked on setting things right.

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  • 2 / 10
    Agents of Shield Melinda May

    For most of season one, Melinda May was an enigma. She put up a shield (no pun intended) and didn’t seem to be interested in forming close connections with anyone on the team. However, the unusual closeness she had with Coulson told us that she might not be as cold and stoic as she presented herself, which makes sense since showing affection is not something ISTJs like to do.

    The so-called Logisticians are all about the facts and following directions, something May certainly is fond of. She rarely ever acts rashly without first assessing the situation and coming up with a plan of action. She’s also loyal to a fault and will follow Coulson’s orders almost all the time. Due to their integrity and sense of duty, ISTJs, like May herself, often find themselves in law enforcement or military roles.

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  • 1 / 10
    Agents of Shield Phil Coulson

    With passion and charisma in spades, ENFJs are natural-born leaders. Taking pride and joy in guiding others to work together towards a common goal, Protagonists have the ability to reach out to anyone and inspire them to do good. Agent Phil Coulson has all of these qualities, so it's no wonder his team loves and respects him. His people trust him implicitly and follow him because they know he is genuine and altruistic in what he does.

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    Coulson is the best person to lead the team because he loves uniting and motivating people, and leading them towards a brighter future. No one does this better than Coulson. He’s a true leader because he’s connected with his people, he understands what drives them and puts their energy to good use.

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