The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Supernatural Characters

Supernatural is one of the longest running shows, well… ever. Even when it’s seemed like one of their seasons was about to be their last, the CW announced that it’s been renewed for another, and round and round it goes.

Some credit the extremely loyal fan base and the plot, but the one thing it really does have is characters that everyone seems to love. There’s someone for everyone to relate to, whether it’s caring, independent Sam or headstrong, bold Dean.

So let’s take a look at their Myers-Briggs® types to find out who we really can relate to based on personalities.

10. Sam Winchester: INFJ, The Advocate

Sam is the younger brother and one less keen on hunting monsters than Dean. As an idealistic, he wanted to go off to college to make a better life for himself that didn’t necessarily revolve around what their questionable father wanted. But he ended up hunting monsters just like Dean, even if their personalities do seem to be starkly different.

Despite it all, Sam is still an INFJ, though. He’s never quite lost that sense of idealism and he’s always striving for the best. He’s quiet and tireless, constantly in pursuit of making things better even when it seems things are the worst that they possibly could be.

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9. Dean Winchester: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

And then there’s Dean. Full of energy, he was the one who immediately jumped to follow the path their father set them on — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t live life his own way now or take any risks. Although he’s down to follow the ultimate goal that their father set for them, he definitely seems to be bolder and often more reckless than their father was when he’s hunting down monsters. And what personality does this sound like? Definitely the ESTP, people who love to live life on the edge.

This, interestingly, makes Dean the direct opposite of Sam with every letter being different.

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8. Castiel: INFP, The Idealist

Castiel in Supernatural

Castiel might have once been considered an ISTJ before he rebelled. He once came across as a very different character — stoic, ready to serve the cause in the end, very guarded and closed off. But we saw a new side to Castiel when he was urged to rebel by his sister, and when he eventually came to love humans far more than he loved angels: when he was taken in by the Winchester brothers and found himself.

INFPs are altruistic and all about a good cause, which is exactly how Castel has ended up. And as my favorite character, I’m so proud of him!

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7. Lucifer: ENFP, The Campaigner

Lucifer was the original Big Bad in season five and eventually returned to do the same again. He’s pretty much the worst thing you could ever come across — the literal devil. Sure, the show tried to one-up him with leviathans and other villains that came after, but no one was quite as terrifying as Lucifer in that season five finale.

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What’s even more terrifying is that Lucifer is charming, and he has a cause. He genuinely believes he’s fighting for something worthwhile and wants people to like him — and sometimes people do. He’s absolutely a campaigner; a classic ENFP despite his evil.

6. Bobby Singer: ISTP, The Virtuoso

Bobby Singer was a father figure to the boys right up until his death and was a constant feature in the show. Sure, for some of it, John Winchester was still alive — true. But he was always absent; he was constantly leaving the boys in motels alone or dropping them off with Bobby. In many ways, Bobby was a much more present and a sound father to them.

He was a Jack of all trades, with every tool at his disposal, able to master everything to help the boys out when they needed information. He saved them a million times and did his personality type—the ISTPs, of course!—proud.

5. Gabriel: ESFP, The Entertainer

If ever the ESFP had someone who embodied everything about this type, it’s Gabriel.

The ESFPs are entertainers and oh boy, does this angel love to put on a show. He actually did just that when he trapped Dean in his own version of Groundhog Day, making him play out his own death over and over — making the whole thing extremely theatrical. It could be said that Gabriel didn’t take life seriously at times because he was an extreme ESFP — but when it came to what mattered, he truly did help them out.

Gabriel did nothing if not provide us all with a good laugh, at least!

4. Death: INTJ, The Architect

And what is Death himself?

Something really interesting about the show is that they used the Four Horsemen in their lore, and made Death an actual person. The worst part is, he wasn’t even really the evilest person in the show; Lucifer, and many others, were way worse than him. He has huge power at his fingertips and yet, he seems to consistently use it logically and actually tries to keep balance in the world. He’s not chaotic in the slightest, seemingly having a rational pattern to everything he does. He's both quiet and mysterious most of the time — and this makes him an INTJ, of course.

3. Mary Winchester: INFJ, The Advocate (Like Her Son)

Sam had to get his INFJ from somewhere, and this is where. Mary Winchester was nothing like her husband. Where her husband was harsh—at least after her death—Mary seemed to be very kind and only wanted what was best for her kids.

For a while, it seemed that we’d never see her again, but no one seems to die permanently on this show (ever), so of course, we did. Many fans like Mary's character, so they were thankful we got a better look at her personality. It was easy to see which Winchester boy took after mom! If only Dean had a little more!

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2. John Winchester: ESTJ, The Executive

John seemed to become a whole different person after his wife’s murder. Before that, he was kind, seemed to love playing with his children, looked like a good father... But for this personality type, we can only go off of what we saw after his wife’s death, since that was the entirety of the show aside from the very start. Through it all, he was a very hard ESTJ.

He was good at managing things, as ESTJs are, but he was too good. He forgot to let his kids be kids and was constantly supervising them, acting like a boss more than a father.

1. Crowley: ENTJ, The Commander

Crowley is a commander in the series. He’s logical, makes plans, and follows them through very successfully. But the reason he’s an ENTJ and not an INTJ is because he isn’t ever content being in the background. He strived to be King of Hell multiple times, wanted to take over from Lucifer, was compelled to be in charge, thrived on social interaction even if it was often in the form of controlling other people… Yeah, he’s one of the most obvious ENTJs in the show — one of the strongest personalities.

Look out, Lucifer, there’s a guy even fiercer than you.

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