The MBTI® Of Supergirl Characters

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Supergirl, now in its fourth season, has a larger and more fascinating cast of characters than ever before. In addition to the title heroine and her loyal allies, Season Four has seen the introduction of new friends and frightening new foes. Each brings a unique set of goals, strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits to the table.

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a test that combines four pairs of traits in various ways to determine a person's -- or in this case, a character's -- personality type. This list will apply those traits to ten of Supergirl's most memorable characters. Which one are you most like?

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Supergirl Kara Danvers
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Supergirl Kara Danvers

Our eponymous hero loves the people of her adopted home planet. She shows that love both by protecting them with her life and interacting with them one on one as often as she can. Her idealism makes her more of an intuitive type; she sees a better future for the world and fights every day to get there.

Supergirl occasionally allows her temper to get the better of her -- and her superhuman powers make her tantrums very dangerous things. She is always happier when things go according to plan, but as a superhero, it's her job to be a quick thinker and solve problems as they come.


Lex wants to be adored; a big part of his motivation is his unattainable desire to be more popular than Superman. He imagines a world where humanity turns to him for protection rather than some leotard-wearing yokel from Krypton. He has come up with some truly wild and creatives schemes to achieve that future.

Lex is the consummate planner, always ten steps ahead of those he views as adversaries. He even planted a mole at CatCo two seasons before he himself made his Supergirl debut. And yet he is also a master at improvising his way out of unexpected snafus.


Saupergirl Lena Luthor

More reserved than her infamous, headline-making family, Lena is all too aware of reality. She has spent most of her adult life trying to make up for the other Luthors' evil deeds, both through scientific advancement and by turning LexCorp into a reputable business.

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Despite her devotion to doing the right thing, Lena is willing to bend a few rules if she thinks it will better humanity. This includes her science experiments, which she continues to pursue at the expense of her budding romance with James Olsen. Her scientist ability to detach herself from a situation came in handy then.


Arrowverse Hank Henshaw Martian Manhunter

Despite the name, Martian Manhunter (real name J'onn J'onzz) is more introspective than bloodthirsty. His main character arc in Season Four has focused on him trying to balance his desire for justice with his desire to carry on his father's pacifistic legacy. He felt boxed in by expectations and determined to find his own path.

J'onn's telepathy allows him to connect to others on a deeper level than most humans could ever dream of. He serves as a mentor to the Danvers sisters, lending them the benefit of his many years of experience. He always tries to see the best in others, even when they don't deserve it.


Supergirl Alex Danvers

Unlike her adopted sister, Alex saves the world in a much less flash manner. She is the head of the Department of Extranormal Operations. She is also more grounded than Supergirl, both literally and figuratively: when the sisters realized that the only way to protect Supergirl's secret identity was to mindwipe Alex, she accepted the situation far more quickly than Supergirl did.

Alex will always stand by her values, even when that means fighting her superiors' orders. However, she takes care to work within the rules more often than not. If she steps too far out of line, the president will appoint someone else to lead the DEO, someone who is perhaps less upstanding than Alex.


Supergirl We Can Be Heroes James Olsen

James Olsen runs CatCo, a huge media corporation kept afloat by its CEO's ability to make quick decisions and to handle the stressful, fast-paced world of journalism. He is an expert at juggling multiple responsibilities, both civilian and superheroic, and encouraging his subordinates to do their best work.

James occasionally allows his feelings to overrule his better judgment, such as when he discouraged a reporter from investigating credible claims that his girlfriend's company was up to something questionable. But his reporter's integrity always wins out in the end. He always does the right thing, no matter how hard it is.


Supergirl Nia Nal

Shy and secretive, Nia Nal initially did not want anyone to know of her superpowers at all. After much encouragement, she eventually gained the confidence to become a superhero, Dreamer. Nia has the ability to see the future through her dreams, which makes her intuitive in the literal sense of the word.

Nia is most definitely a people pleaser. At times, she seems almost desperate to avoid stepping on people's toes and to make her coworkers like her. She is thoughtful, methodical and doesn't like dealing with the unexpected. Fortunately, with her powers, things are rarely completely unexpected to Dreamer.


Hailing from the 31st century, Brainiac 5 enjoys spending time with a few close friends but dislikes social events -- he once resorted to hiding in a closet to escape a party. He is also very literal-minded and often employs mathematics to predict problems and find solutions.

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He prizes logic above all else, which is at least part of the reason why he's been thrown for such a loop by his feelings for Nia Nal. As one would expect from such an eminently logical being, Brainy does best when he has a detailed plan, especially one of his own, to work with.


Andrea Brooks as Eve Teschmacher

Eve's bubbly, extroverted exterior is the perfect cover for her many secrets, most notably the fact that she has been working for Lex Luthor since day one. As a spy, it is her job to sense things, committing her targets' actions and plans to memory and helping her boss decide how to act on that information.

Eve has proven herself cool under pressure to the point of being outright cold-blooded. She knocked out Lena, her long-term "boss," and has spent years going along with Lex's every scheme and whim. But her uncritical adoration of the vile Luthor may just prove her undoing.


Ben Lockwood relishes his role as the leader of the Children of Liberty, soaking up the adoration of his twisted, hateful followers. He's more intuitive than sensing: he fights for an alien-free future, but he wasn't able to implement his big ideas on his own. He needed Lex Luthor's indirect assistance to manage that.

Agent Liberty is a born showman, selling his anti-alien bigotry with public debates and passionate, seemingly logical arguments. However, his temperament is mercurial at best. He may be smiling one minute, but the next he might be throwing a violent tantrum when his plans fall through.

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