• The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Suicide Squad Members

    The Suicide Squad movie was released by the DCEU a while ago, with rumors now circulating about what a sequel would entail. The DC movies have always been pretty controversial, but a good chunk of the audience enjoyed Suicide Squad and the main reason was pretty obvious: they enjoyed it for the characters.

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    The whole concept throws together characters who are all very different and who may not otherwise interact, which supplies a good time if nothing else. So let’s take a look at these characters and their varying personalities, and see what Myers-Briggs type they would fall under. No two of these people are the same!

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  • 7 / 7
    Amanda Waller: ENTJ

    Amanda Waller was not technically part of the ‘suicide squad,' but she did create it and was its leader, so she deserves an honorable mention if nothing else. She also happens to be the easiest type—we only need to see two minutes of Amanda to know that she’s an ENTJ. She’s a fierce commander who doesn’t take trouble from anyone and has no problem making herself heard, understood, and obeyed.

    She’s intimidating and knows how to put her qualities to use, often threatening the squad to get her own way and make sure they complete the mission. She has her faults, sure, but she’s an amazing leader and no one could take that away from her. A classic, undebatable ENTJ.

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  • 6 / 7
    Harley Quinn: ESFP

    Harley has been seen across the DC universe for a long time—the comics, the animated show, the movies (with a new one coming out!). Her personality has always been pretty consistent, as has her general history (with a few varying details). She was a student psychiatrist who thought she could fix the Joker and instead, ended up falling in love with him, which changed her completely and basically unhinged her. In Suicide Squad, we even see flashbacks to how she was.

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    Although the old Harley might have been typed differently, she very much seems to be an ESFP. She feels things very deeply despite trying to put on a façade that might say otherwise, and she’s extremely enthusiastic and infectious despite her unsavory qualities.

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  • 5 / 7
    Deadshot: ESTP

    And now, for the most wanted hitman in the world: Deadshot, previously known as Floyd Lawton. Amanda Waller provided information to Batman that allowed him to capture Deadshot. Deadshot almost managed to shoot Batman, if it weren’t for his daughter standing in the way—his true weakness, and a key indicator about his personality type.

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    ESTPs can be very insensitive so, naturally, he wouldn’t have thought much about shooting Batman in front of his daughter until she had to stand in front of him. They aren’t a cold type, however, so he did obviously back down. And furthermore, they’re very risk-prone. Deadshot may be one of the most risk-prone characters in the DCEU, which is truly saying something.

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  • 4 / 7
    Killer Croc: ISTP
    Suicide Squad

    Killer Croc is a man named Waylon Jones, born with a skin condition that gave him the skin of a crocodile—thus the alias. He was raised by his aunt as a child and sadly suffered a lot of emotional abuse from her as well as having a hard time at school because of his condition. His rough upbringing meant he lashed out, eventually being charged for attempted murder. His life of crime grew and he became more and more animal, eventually being locked up until Amanda Waller needed him.

    He’s very private and reserved, reluctant to give away very much about his true self and how he feels despite being prone to lashing out. That, combined with him being pretty seemingly laid back against all odds and good in a crisis, means he’s most likely an ISTP.

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  • 3 / 7
    El Diablo: INFJ
    Suicide Squad El Diablo Explained

    It could be argued that El Diablo has the saddest backstory of the whole squad. He doesn’t like his pyrokinetic powers and is reluctant to use them, and his past makes it easy to see why. During an argument with his wife, he lost control of them and accidentally set his house ablaze, killing both his wife and two children. He immediately turned himself over and was arrested, locked away where his fire couldn’t hurt anyone else.

    He’s an INFJ. Despite his previous life of crime and unfortunate power, he tends to be very altruistic and is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He’s also more sensitive than he lets on, still deeply disturbed by what he’s done and severely regretful about it.

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  • 2 / 7
    Rick Flag: ESTJ
    Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad

    Rick Flag was chosen to lead the Suicide Squad team. Guarded by Katana, he’s a very capable leader who Amanda completely trusts to keep the squad in control. He’s highly intelligent, even though his tough attitude and tendency to use his muscle over anything else can be pretty deceptive about the actual level of intelligence lurking below the surface.

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    He keeps order in the group spectacularly well and seems very loyal to Amanda, as well as being direct; perhaps too direct at times. He seems uncomfortable expressing anything sentimental (despite his relationship with June), sticking to the job as much as he can. Overall, he seems to be a pretty clear ESTJ more than anything else.

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    The Joker: ENTP, Or Untypeable?

    The Joker isn’t really part of the Suicide Squad, but he’s worth mentioning since he plays a huge role in their quest. Whether they wanted him to or not. The Joker is mostly typed as an ENTP. He likes riddles, seems to be very intelligent below the surface despite his crazy persona, and is almost charismatic in the way he comes across and goes about things. But somehow, Leto’s Joker is a little different.

    His Joker seems even more off the rails than his previous versions, with less rhyme or logic to what he does, and almost less intelligence. In this way, Leto’s Joker seems more randomly prone to insanity without reason. The Joker’s self-confessed goal has always been chaos, but Leto takes chaotic evil to a whole new level entirely.

    Since the Myers-Briggs system is made for far more humane levels of personality, this Joker may actually simply be untypeable. What do you think?

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