Harry Potter: Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The Weasley Clan

The Weasleys are a loveable bunch with all of them being really different. Although they were all famously sorted into Gryffindor and are clearly the same when it comes to their courage and moral values, the intricacies of their personalities differ. And what better way to decide exactly how and explore them than by assigning them their Myers-Briggs® personality types?

Myers-Briggs® can tell us so much about a person, or even a fictional character, and besides, it’s always interesting to see exactly which Weasley is most similar to your personality. So check if you’re on this list —after all, none of the Weasleys are exactly an insult. They’re all great in their own way!

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10. Bill Weasley: ISTJ, The Logistician

It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see much of Bill. As the eldest Weasley, he was bitten by a werewolf while they were in their human state. This eventually meant that he took on some of the qualities of the creature, but didn’t become a werewolf himself. He's fortunate, I guess?

But from what we do know about Bill, it would seem that he’s an ISTJ. He was quiet, kept to himself, and although he was brave and willing to fight for what he believed in, he also seemed to be amongst the most practical of the family.

9. Charlie Weasley: ISTP, The Virtuoso

All of our information about Charlie comes from the books because he was cruelly cut from the movies. This, of course, is annoying — he was one of the coolest Weasleys, working in Romania with dragons!

From what we know about Charlie, it would seem that he was an ISTP. Although they’re introverts, they’re also bold and practical, which is exactly what it sounds like Charlie was. He worked hard at his job and kept himself to himself, but that job also involved dragons, which is no small thing to overlook. This only furthers my point that he would have been a bold type of personality.

8. Percy Weasley: ESTJ, The Executive

The first extrovert of the Weasleys was unmistakably Percy. From the moment we met Percy, he seemed to thrive on taking charge and managing people. He was a perfect and eventually made Head Boy; he seemed to take the job very seriously. Furthermore, he went on to get a career at the Ministry and although he made some mistakes along the way, he was clearly very talented in a leadership and supervisory role. All of this makes him the perfect ESTJ; a perfectly organized manager who does best when they’re overseeing other people.

He was annoyingly bossy, but he was good at it.

7. Fred And George Weasley: ENFP, The Debaters

It’s easy to think of the twins as entertainers (the ESFP type), and honestly, they might have been — but from what we know of them, it’s actually pretty likely that they were ENFPs, which is an interesting twist.

Sure, they liked to show off and be the center of attention, which is what ESFPs are known for. But ENFPs are good at what they put their minds to and what they enjoy, and they love to experiment. The twins didn’t do particularly well in school but they loved their joke shop. Just look at how well their passion did with a little kind funding from Harry…

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6. Ron Weasley: ESFP, The Entertainer

Unlike his brothers, Ron was an unmistakable entertainer.

Okay, it might have been a little mistakable in the beginning. Constantly in the shadow of his brothers and Harry when they became friends on the Hogwarts Express, he didn’t get much of a chance to show off. But as the books went on, it became pretty apparent that he loved attention and enjoyed getting it wherever he could. He was prone to showing off, telling stories, and seemed to genuinely love it when people appeared impressed by him. All classic signs of a standard ESFP, someone who loves to entertain others.

5. Ginny Weasley: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

I actually don’t think enough of Ginny was shown in the movies. She had a fiery personality that came across in little scenes in the books that just weren’t important enough to fit into those three-hour-long movies. But looking at all the details included about her, it would seem like she was an ESTP.

Ginny was very perceptive, understanding Harry better than most. She thrived on thrills and was, of course, sorted into Gryffindor because of her courage and willingness to throw herself into situations head-first. She had a lot of energy that came across in every scene. How could she not be considered an ESTP?

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4. Arthur Weasley: INTP, The Logician

If Mr. Weasley was a muggle, he would have been an inventor, and this is exactly what makes him such an obvious INTP.

INTPs are curious, love knowledge, and love to create new things. Mr. Weasley spent his time in the books investigating muggle things because he didn’t know anything about that world and wanted to know more; he was constantly asking questions about what he didn’t understand, trying to learn more. Although he came across eccentric, it was clear that he was trying to be his most knowledgeable self.

All of this means his status as an INTP is pretty clear.

3. Molly Weasley: ISFJ, The Defender

And then there was Mrs. Weasley. She was quite different from her husband, but it’s easy to see where Ginny got her fiery personality from!

Molly Weasley could be comforting and motherly, but when something or someone threatened her family, she absolutely became a defender; going as far as to kill Bellatrix Lestrange for trying to go after her daughter. She was an extremely dedicated protector and very loyal to those she cared about, which included her husband, children, and Harry, who she essentially took in as one of her own.

Don’t mess with Molly!

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2. Fleur Delacour-Weasley: ESFJ, The Consul

And now for the bonus, honorary Weasleys!

Fleur was a half-veela who married into the family when she met Bill. Molly didn’t seem super keen on her initially... Actually, that didn't really change by the end of the series — but whatever her faults, it was obvious that Bill didn’t just marry her because she was pretty. Fleur was also very social and caring, very warm to everyone around her, and seemed to possess a genuinely good heart. In that regard, it not only makes her an obvious ESFJ, but a very good addition to the family. The Weasleys prided themselves on their good hearts!

1. Hermione Granger-Weasley: Another INTP, Another Logician

And finally, there’s Hermione, another honorary Weasley. She, of course, married Ron, although this didn’t become apparent to the epilogue. I can only imagine that marriage was full of fights!

Much like Arthur, Hermione was an INTP at heart, which just goes to show how even people of the same type can differ. Hermione and Arthur wouldn’t necessarily seem like similar personalities on first glance, but Hermione was someone who also thrived on logic. She was constantly eager to add to her knowledge-base and learn new things. She might have been a bit more together than Arthur, but definitely the same basic type of personality.

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