Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Two And A Half Men

After 12 seasons, Two and a Half Men has quite the laundry list of characters to delve into.

Running for 12 seasons, Two and a Half Men was a hilarious sitcom following the escapades of brothers Charlie and Alan Harper and Alan's son Jake, all of whom live in Charlie's Malibu beach house after Alan's wife leaves him. Making regular appearances in the show is sharp-tongued housekeeper Berta, Charlie and Alan's vain mother Evelyn Harper, Charlie's obsessive stalker Rose, and Alan's ex-wife Judith.

With such a long list of dynamic characters—along with Charlie's departure from the show and subsequent replacement by Walden (played by Ashton Kutcher)—this show has provided viewers with plenty of humorous encounters over the years. Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® personality types of the characters that this show has to offer.

10 Charlie Harper - ESTJ

Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men

Assertive and result-oriented, Charlie knows what he wants and immediately takes charge of a situation to reap the rewards of his labor. Whether he is preoccupied with his womanizing exploits, drinking, jingle-writing businesses, or schemes involving his kin, Charlie takes charge and does not allow the opinions of others to distract him from his goals.

While he may seem to lack in compassion, he seldom fails when it comes to supporting his family and doing what is morally right at the end of the day. This includes when he first took Alan in at the beginning of the series and did his best to bond with his nephew Jake.

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9 Alan Harper - ENFP

Bubbly and energetic, Alan more than makes up for what Charlie lacks in the emotional department. He constantly shows concern over the ongoings in his son's life and remains friendly and forthcoming with many of those he's close to, including his ex-wife Judith.

While known to be a bit of a moocher and not being good with money, Alan was actually a decent chiropractor who ran his own clinic and had a few people under his employ; his financial issues were a result of lawyers losing his money in alimony and poor lifestyle choices. Perhaps his feelings of worthlessness came from being around highly successful people such as Charlie and Walden, which shows his sensitivity.

8 Jake Harper - ESFJ

While often coming across as not being one of the sharpest tools in the shed, there are a lot of likable aspects to Jake's personality. He has often proven to be a caring person who wants to build good relationships with his family members, as was proven since the series premiere when he showed his desire to bond with his Uncle Charlie. He has also shown much care for his father and told him that he loves him (albeit subsequently stating that it is his duty to do so).

His warm personality and lack of inhibitions have also resulted in some hilarious one-liners and personal encounters throughout the series. Funny enough, he has surprisingly found moderate success with women because of it.

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7 Walden Schmidt - ISFP

Ashton Kutcher and Mimi Rogers in Two and a Half Men

From when we first met Walden, he was a sensitive, caring guy who was heartbroken over the demise of his relationship with his wife Bridget. His reserved side is evident when he first decides to move on from Bridget, as he immediately had to ask Alan for advice on what to say to women.

Fortunately for Walden, his warm and adaptive personality meant that it was relatively easy for him to find companions after Bridget, as we saw through the blossoming of his and Zoey's relationship.

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6 Berta - ENTJ

Conchata Farrell in Two and a Half Men

The witty and harsh Berta knows how to dish out snide yet humorous remarks and accurate social observations like it's a full-time job. She always initiates the conversation when she notices that Alan, Charlie, or Walden have had a rough night, or are going through a personal struggle. And she definitely does not hold back when it comes to providing her employers with the brutal honesty that they may not want—but certainly—need to hear.

Berta may be provocative, but she is an insistent individual who puts a great deal of care into ensuring that the Harper household remains spotless with order being maintained. She provides the show with a wonderful charm that would not have existed in her absence.

5 Evelyn Harper - ENTP

Always vain and somewhat lacking empathy, the Harper matriarch certainly makes up for her shortcomings with hilarious banter with her sons and some amusingly unexpected plot twists. Such surprises include her incredibly-active sex life (which is seemingly unexpected given her age), as well as the fact that she had romantic encounters with characters such as Rose's father and Walden's mother.

Her analytical side often presents itself when she makes various criticisms regarding Alan, Charlie, and Jake's life choices; this normally leads to her coming up with plans on how they should remedy their situations, particularly when it comes to her grandson Jake. Such schemes highlight how change-oriented she is, and suggests that her real-estate success comes down to her driven attitude.

4 Rose - ESTP

The Harper's next door neighbor Rose had a one-night-stand with Charlie, however, she refused to let him dispose of her as he has done with other women and thus became his stalker. She often arrives uninvited at Charlie's house by climbing onto his backyard deck, which fans find amusing. This highlights the experimental and enthusiastic side to her personality, as she is willing to take enormous risks and override social protocol as a means of getting what she wants.

Showing off her analytical side, she is a masters graduate in behavioral psychology and has often used her knowledge to make observations about social interactions. With her many schemes to try and get Charlie back, as well as her short-lived romance with Walden, she has shown her spontaneity on numerous occasions and has proven to be an adventure seeker.

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3 Judith Harper-Melnick - ISTJ

Judith and Alan in Two and a Half Men

Alan's ex-wife and Jake's mother Judith is far more reserved than most characters on the show and seems to lack even basic humor. Certainly more stable than Alan, she seems to cope with the divorce far better than he does, and also has less trouble moving on (later marrying boyfriend Herb).

Somewhat pragmatic, she lives a stable home life with Herb, before which she had no withdrawals when it came to taking advantage of the alimony cheques that Alan had to pay her. Incredibly decisive and concrete, she openly shows her dislike for Charlie, berating him at any given opportunity.

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2 Herb Melnick - ESFJ


Seemingly the polar opposite of Judith, it's a wonder that the two of them got married. Herb is a laid-back and placid character, and while Judith is oftentimes uptight, Herb has proven to be calm and patient. Somewhat goofy, Herb is always friendly and hospitable to his friends and acquaintances and always gives a helping hand.

Unlike Judith, Herb actually gets on particularly well with Alan and Charlie, often admiring the lifestyle that the brothers have adopted, particularly Charlie's womanizing and Alan's unlikely success with women.

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1 Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce - INFP


Walden's British girlfriend Zoey is a mature and responsible woman. While she seemed reluctant to commit to Walden emotionally and sexually at first, this could be attributed to her tendency to seek meaning in her relationships. She's not one to jump into something that doesn't last and thus get hurt.

This approach makes sense, as she is a divorced woman who has a young daughter in kindergarten who she clearly cares for deeply. After Walden and Zoey had committed to one another for an extended period and grown closer, we could start to truly see Zoey's compassion and care for him.

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