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Suits Season 8

Suits season eight finale brought all the feels for Darvey shippers as Harvey and Donna finally got together at the very end of the episode. The show will be back for a ninth and final season sometime in 2019. The spin-off series Pearson, which takes place in Chicago and follows Gina Torres' character as she enters the complex world of Chicago politics is also scheduled to premiere in 2019. So, if you're already worried about missing Suits, you can tune into Pearson and get your weekly fix of legal drama.

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That being said, it's certainly gonna be hard without our favorite characters, as it always is when a great show comes to an end. So, to hopefully help us all say goodbye to Harvey, Louis, Donna and others, we've decided to get inside their heads for a moment and really see what they're all about.

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Suits Rachel Zane
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Suits Rachel Zane

In the Suits season seven finale we had to say goodbye to Meghan Markle and her character Rachel Zane. Rachel had only recently become a lawyer at then-Specter Litt, after working as a paralegal for several years. But whether she worked as a paralegal or a lawyer, Rachel was always sensitive to the needs of others and vigorously dedicated to her responsibilities.

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Rachel is good at what she does because she's a competent lawyer, but also because she has a strict moral code and unwavering loyalty to her firm and colleagues. She's always been there for anyone who needed assistance in a work-related matter or with a personal problem. ESFJs are often called the Provider personality specifically because of their genuine desire to do good and help others. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that Rachel decided to run a legal clinic with Mike.


Suits Katrina Bennett

Not many associates would sign up to work with Louis Litt. After all, he’s not the easiest person to get along with. And yet, Katrina Bennett managed to become Louis’s go-to associate and protégé. The two ISTJs didn't quite hit it off from the start, but since they found common ground they became a mighty team.

Logical and methodical, Katrina uses her sharp fact-based mind to crack cases, and at times break people if necessary. Like Louis, Katrina can come off as a bit cold and detached, especially with the way she acted superior to everyone else when she first came to work at Pearson Hardman. But ISTJs are known for developing strong loyalty in their relationships like Katrina does with Louis. And even though Katrina becomes rigid and withdrawn when she's stressed, she always finds the resolve to deal with the problem at hand. As she did in season eight with Brian.


Suits Jessica Pearson

Jessica Pearson has been described as having an “overbearing nature” and “holier-than-thou” attitude, which is why many people find it hard to work with her. Still, she’s managed to gather a team of loyal colleagues and friends due to her excellent leadership skills and ability to motivate others. ENTJs like Jessica can seem unfriendly and unapproachable because of their tendency to be blunt seemingly without much regard to other’s feelings, so it’s important to note that they simply aren’t attuned to picking up on emotional subtleties.

In fact, Jessica demonstrated on numerous occasions that she does indeed have a heart. After all, it’s doubtful that Harvey, Louis, and Donna would have been so loyal to her if she was indeed so coldhearted. Driven by ambition, Jessica puts her own and the feelings of others aside, in order to achieve the desired results. Relying on her logical reasoning and quick wit, Jessica accomplished whatever she set out to do.


Suits Samantha Wheeler

Guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in a show about the best lawyers in New York City, there are quite a few ENTJs. This type is also known as the Commander because they’re the most ambitious personality type and are driven to assume positions of power and leadership. Samantha Wheeler, the newest addition to the team, had to fight tooth and nail to get to where she is now.

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Assertive and motivated by success, Samantha is always on a mission. Whether it’s getting her name on the wall, or making sure Louis’s attacker doesn’t get off scot-free, Samantha quickly analyzes people, situations, devises strategies and enjoys every second of it. However, when she's too focused on the goal, she often forgets to consider other people’s feelings, but there’s good heart underneath all the designer clothes.


Suits Louis Litt

Louis Litt is the type of guy whom you can absolutely love one moment and then loathe the next one. Louis, much as every other character on Suits, is often under a great deal of stress. When ISTJs are stressed they tend to get accusatory and pessimistic. This surely does explain why Louis made all kinds of poor choices under extreme pressure, which he later repented and apologized for.

At heart, Louis is a good man and he wants to be useful to the firm, and he wants to prove his worth. When given a task to do, Louis will pour all his energy and skill into it. He relies on logical reasoning and facts to do what needs to be done. People with the ISTJ personality type value honesty more than preserving feelings and thus may come off blunt and emotionless, much like Louis did in the beginning and still does at times.


Suits Donna Paulsen

Charming, witty, and fun, Donna Paulsen is a great people person and an excellent confidant – two qualities that play a big role in making her so damn good at what she does. ENFJs like Donna have a way with words and find it easy to connect with and understand people. She almost always notices when one of her friends needs help and she’s always willing to openly discuss the issue and give her input. After all, this personality type is also known as the Compassionate Facilitator.

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As an ENFJ, Donna is supportive, responsible and loyal to a fault. Donna has always been the person Harvey relied on. She’s supported him and continues to support him, regardless of whatever feelings or issues come between them every now and then. Donna said it best herself, she’d take a bullet for Harvey and follow him to the ends of the earth – that’s loyalty.


Suits Harvey Specter

Similarities between Harvey Specter and his mentor Jessica Pearson are glaringly obvious. Both ENTJs, ambition is their main driving force. Harvey's ability to read people and size up situations has worked in his favor time and time again. ENTJs easily perceive qualities in other people and find ways to put them to good use. Take Harvey and Louis, for example. Harvey may not admit it all that often, but he’s well aware of Louis’ qualities and knows when to put him in charge.

The epitome of the "Jerk with a Heart of Gold" trope, underneath the smug exterior, Harvey does care about people closest to him and values their loyalty more than anything else. The way he regards Donna is evidence enough. Harvey bottles up his feelings until he can no longer hold them back, which drove him to seek out professional help. Under stress, ENTJs may come off as inconsiderate of other’s feelings, but that’s because they’re focused on solving the problem at hand.


Suits Mike Ross

Mike Ross is yet another character we sadly had to say goodbye to at the end of season seven, as he and Rachel moved to Seattle to run a legal clinic. Mike has always wanted to use his abilities to help those in need, which is a characteristic of INFJs. If you need someone to right a wrong, no one is better suited for that job than an INFJ, which Mike has demonstrated time and time again.

Mike is always guided by his set of personal values and will fight passionately when they are called into question. He’s also shown a great deal of perceptiveness and understanding when it comes to anything from complex legal issues to human relationships. Most of all, Mike has always appreciated authentic connections he built with those closest to him, especially Harvey, Rachel and Donna, which is something INFJs hold in high regard.

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