Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Lord Of The Rings Characters

Gollum Frodo and Gandalf in Lord of the Rings

Whenever we see inspirational characters in movies or TV, we love to compare ourselves to our heroes. With The Lord of the Rings, we all hope we have friends as loyal as Samwise Gamgee. We tell our friends we are as fearless as Aragorn, but we would truly be content Netflix and chilling with Elrond in Rivendell. We’ve run the numbers and some of you may be closer than you think. Here are the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of characters from The Lord of the Rings

10. Boromir - ISFJ


The defender, Boromir of Gondor was well-intentioned if misguided in his efforts to protect the realm by using the power and weapon of the enemy against that very enemy. As the favorite son, against his brother Faramir, Boromir’s quiet introversion is hidden by well-developed people skills and robust social relationships. ISFJs rarely sit idle while a worthy quest remains unfinished. Even though he betrayed the fellowship and attempted to take the ring from Frodo, his true protective qualities shone through when he held the Uruk-hai horde at bay to allow Frodo and Sam to escape.

9. Bilbo Baggins - ISTP

All Bilbo wanted was to be left alone. However, an extremely persuasive wizard and a few quick-talking dwarves had other plans. Thus begins a long, unexpected journey for Bilbo Baggins of the Shire. Along the way, his ISTP qualities would prove useful as he was one of the few who remained calm and provided out of the box (and into the barrel) thinking to help escape a number of tricky situations. Upon returning home, he set out to write his adventures down and build maps of all the places they went. Although he longed to see mountains, he wished to travel those paths alone.

8. Elrond - ISTJ

Hugo Weaving as Elrond in The Lord of the Rings

What better MBTI type for Elrond to be than the responsible Realist? Elrond was the one who insisted Isildur cast the ring into the fires of Mount Doom. It was his logistical vision that formed the Council of Elrond and assembled the nine companions that would later make us the fellowship, even if he was unaware of Merry aPippin'sn’s presence. His days of front line battle are over and Elrond is more than comfortable leading from within the corridors of Rivendell.

7. Legolas - INTP

Legolas in Two Towers

Despite being part of a royal family, Legolas is more hands-on and open minded than his Sindar counterparts. Perhaps growing up in Mirkwood made a difference. Legolas keeps to himself when the fellowship gets the rare chance to be merry, but he is always on the lookout. The Objective Analyst of the group, Legolas doesn’t really have any skin in the game, so to speak. Yes, defeating Sauron is good for everyone, but he’s royalty. He can just as easily join the other elves headed to Valinor, the Undying Lands, across the sea to the west.

6. Aragorn - ENFP

It’s no wonder Aragorn was the best ruler that the Reunited Kingdom has ever had. For years, he skirted the line of introversion, but when the armies of Man needed inspiration through action, Aragorn was on the front lines. His empathy, along with his openmindedness allowed him to not only hear, but truly listen to others. These qualities not only made him a great king, but also an excellent friend.

5. Gollum - ISFP

Setting aside the obvious parallels between obsession over the ring and real-world drug addiction, Gollum is an unpredictable and spontaneous force of nature. Not dwelling on the past or pining for future, Gollum is stuck in forever present. Despite being an introvert, ISFPs are risk takers who often take wild gambles to achieve their goals. For Gollum, taking Frodo and Sam through Shelob’s lair was an extremely dangerous risk he was willing to take as he was convinced it was the only way to the separate the hobbits from his precious.

4. Saruman - ENTP

Only a master of creative problem solving and innovative thinking could think to cross-breed Orcs and Men to create the Uruk-hai, and build a massive army to challenge the Fellowship and take control of the ring. ENTPs are adept at developing strategy and often spot and capitalize on new opportunities that present themselves. In Saruman’s case, it also doesn’t hurt to be a powerful wizard.

3. Gandalf - INFP

Ian McKellan as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings

Sharing three of the four MBTI traits with Aragorn, Gandalf the Grey (and later Gandalf the White) INFPs live to help others with their own growth and inner development. While he is a skilled wizard and can hold his own in hand-to-hand combat, Gandalf just want to help others be their best selves. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine when they helping people like Frodo realize that bad events are not in our control but our reactions are.

2. Samwise Gamgee - ISFJ

Lord of the Rings Sean Astin Samwise Gamgee Farm

The practical helper, you will never come across a more patient non-Ent being in Middle Earth than Samwise Gamgee. An expert gardener at heart, it is only his loyalty and friendship with Frodo that led him to join the fellowship. Had someone asked him to join an identical adventure, minus Frodo, he would have likely refused. He was also the main cook along the way, single-handedly ensuring that all members of the fellowship were well fed and had enough energy to continue n their journey.

1. Frodo Baggins - ENFJ

Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins

Growing up seeing and hearing wild tales from his uncle Bilbo, Frodo is a bit more outgoing and open minded than his uncle. Brave and altruistic, ENFJs place their beliefs in people and can sometimes be a little too trusting of others. All the while, that Feeling trait shines through. With Frodo, his love for Sam is clear and by the end of their journey, they just want to relax in the Shire together.

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