Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Dawson's Creek Characters

The opening song that proclaims "I don't want to wait for our lives to be over." The small town setting with a peaceful creek. The best friends who are soulmates (and who might belong together, depending on which fan we ask). Dawson's Creek is one of those beloved teen dramas that will always be considered a classic. On the air for six seasons from 1998 until 2003, it dealt with every problem and dramatic storyline imaginable, from awkward dates to the pains of growing up to friendships that change over time.

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The characters on this series are particularly well-drawn, thanks to creator and showrunner Kevin Williamson and the rest of the writers and producers. Out of 16 personality types to choose from, let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator to determine which personality type we most identify with for Dawson's Creek characters.

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8 Grams: ISTJ

When Jen Lindley moves to Capeside in the first season, she moves in with her Grams (Mary Beth Peil). They don't get along at first since Grams is religious and strict. But eventually, Jen (and the rest of the viewers) learn that grams has a big heart underneath her tough exterior and that she cares about Jen and the gang deeply. She's simply old-fashioned.

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When it comes to her MBTI®, Grams is ISTJ or a "Responsible Realist." Some of the words used to describe these personality types are dependable and reserved. Those definitely describe Grams. Even though she and Jen don't always agree on the way that Jen lives her life, Grams is always in her corner. She even moves in with Jen and Jack when they head to college in Boston in season five.

7 Audrey Liddell: ENFP

Joey's college roommate Audrey Liddell (played by the amazing Busy Philipps) rubs her the wrong way at first. She's everything that Joey isn't: loud, fun, social, outgoing, and the life of the party. Joey can't possibly imagine living with her but, in true teen drama fashion, the two end up the very best of friends.

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Audrey isn't without her problems, however. Her outgoing nature means that she has a drinking problem and she famously crashes Pacey's car into Dawson's house on Thanksgiving (oops). When it comes to her MBTI®, Audrey is definitely an ENFP or "Imaginative Motivatier." The description says "Their energy is stimulated by new people and experiences." That's Audrey, who loves meeting new people and having new experiences. ENFPs have a "zest for life" and they get bored by details.

6 Andie McPhee: INTJ

Andie McPhee is a big part of the earlier seasons of Dawson's Creek. Played by Meredith Monroe, she is a straight-A student who is also pretty Type A. Unfortunately, she and her brother Jack have a family tragedy in their background as their brother passed away. Andie dates the loveable Pacey and he soon learns that she has a serious anxiety disorder. Thankfully, she gets better and even leaves high school early because she gets into her dream college.

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As Andie is very ambitious and has an amazing work ethic, her MBTI® is an INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." INFJs often have long-term goals — a vision for what they want, which is totally Andie. She is the kind of person who has had her whole life mapped out since she was young and she has big dreams. She actually enjoys working hard and wants her mind to be stretched.

5 Jack McPhee: ESFJ

Kerr Smith as Jack in Dawsons Creek

Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) went down in TV history as the first gay character to kiss another guy. His coming out storyline is beautifully crafted and respectfully done. He reads a poem that he wrote in class, and then he realizes that he wants to live his truth. Jack is, honestly, the best. He's kind, he's artistic, and he's a great friend to Jen as well as the rest of the Capeside gang.

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Jack's MBTI® is ESFJ or "Supportive Contributor." He doesn't need to be the center of attention (and would probably rather not be) but he's always game for anything. ESFJs want other people to understand their feelings and be there for them, and Jack has that constant love and support from Jen. This personality type is also described as very empathetic, which describes Jack perfectly as well.

4 Jen Lindley: ISFJ

Jen Lindley shows a lot of character growth throughout the six seasons of Dawson's Creek. The bad girl from New York City does her best to move on from her neglected upbringing and becomes a better person. Thanks to friends like Jack and an on-again, off-again romance with Dawson, she realizes that she does deserve to be loved.

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Jen has a dry wit (like the rest of the characters on this show) and she won't do anything unless she really wants to do it. She definitely has a rebellious personality. Her MBTI® would be an ISFJ. When it comes to their relationships, this personality type is "dependable" which describes Jen. Since she has zero relationships with her parents, she has learned that you create your own family. She is also sweet and sensitive (even though she might act tough and pretend otherwise).

3 Joey Potter: ISTP

TV Couples Dawson Joey Dawsons Creek

Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) is one of the greatest teen characters around. She's super ambitious, dreams of leaving Capeside in the dust while she makes her dreams come true, and oh yeah, she's hiding the fact that she's in love with her best friend Dawson. She has spent her whole youth climbing a ladder into his bedroom to watch movies and talk about life.

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Joey is intelligent, kind, and has a dark sarcastic wit that can seriously hurt someone if she's not careful. Her MBTI® is ISFP or "Logical Pragmatist." The official description is exactly Joey: someone who loves to learn and who stays chill when something goes wrong. Joey doesn't like "out-of-control emotions," going to parties, or not being able to understand what's going on.

2 Pacey Witter: INFP

Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) is the class clown that everyone always makes fun of but who is thankfully able to make it once he leaves high school behind. His family doesn't appreciate him and he doesn't feel loved by them, but thankfully, he has his best friends by his side, particularly Dawson. Always hilarious but with an idealist nature at heart, Pacey can't stand when things aren't fair. He will go out on a limb for anyone that he cares about, even if he gets in trouble.

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Pacey's MBTI® is INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." INFPs enjoy figuring out solutions to problems. Despite his lack of family support, Pacey can take care of himself and get himself out of any bind or trouble. He also doesn't like dull situations or being put into a box or category.

1 Dawson Leery: INFP

Memes and gifs of his crying face aside, Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) is the heart of a show that already has a lot of heart. He's an aspiring filmmaker with the most sensitive soul around. He falls super hard for Jen when she moves to town, and his best friend/soulmate Joey doesn't love that since she's in love with him (such drama).

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Just like his best pal Pacey, Dawson is also an INFP. Dawson couldn't possibly be more of an idealist if he tried. He is sweet and prone to getting emotional, and although we all know that constructive criticism is what we need, he doesn't like people telling him what he has done wrong.

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