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The Cast of That 70s Show

It’s been just over two decades since Eric Forman and his gang of lovable stoners were first introduced to us, and now seems like the perfect time to revisit some of the folks of Point Place, Wisconsin. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, we can start to analyze these great characters and finally get to the bottom of the enigma that is Fez. Whether you’re stern and demanding like Red, busy and bubbly like Kitty, or just trying to have a good time like Kelso, there’s bound to be someone you can recognize a bit of yourself in.

10. Eric Forman: The Adventurer - ISFP

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In season two, episode three “The Velvet Rope,” the main plot revolves around Eric, Hyde, and Fez trying to convince a bouncer to let them into a club to meet up with Donna. (Fun Fact #1: the bouncer played by Neil Flynn played the janitor in Scrubs.) Hyde and Fez have already made it into the club and Eric is left alone outside. In a last desperate attempt to make it inside before the end of the night, Eric approaches the bouncer, frustrated and connects by asking if he has ever felt excluded. Eric proceeds to relate the bouncer’s experience of not being picked at duck-duck-goose to not being let into the club. Finally, like a lightbulb, the bouncer gets it and Eric is let in.

ISFPs like Eric are charming and quickly able to empathize with others. A combination of their genuine concern for those around them and improvisational skills that come second nature are what ensure ISFPs always get in the door, so to speak.

9. Donna Pinciotti: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

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Donna Pinciotti. Hot Donna herself. Donna is a fiercely independent people-person who's always ready for a new challenge or opportunity. ESTPs have no problem speaking their minds and work out most situations as they maneuver through them rather than spending time strategizing or planning. As you can probably deduce by the moniker, Entrepreneurs are natural leaders. They're often rallying those around them to their cause with thoughtful and concise arguments as opposed to emotional pleas. ESTPs work best when they have the freedom to explore new ideas and opportunities. They prefer to carve their own paths than follow in someone else’s footsteps.

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8. Steven Hyde: The Logician - INTP

As an INTP, Hyde has a natural disdain for any rules or guidelines. He is withdrawn and condescending, often found masterminding conflicts between members of the group. INTPs are masters at switching perspectives and understanding anyone they come across.

Now let’s get back to the problem of the bouncer from earlier...

Rather than trying to connect and make a plea to the bouncer’s emotions, Hyde berates the bouncer, tearing down the system that grants him his supposed power — informing the bouncer that he is in the minority. He explains that one day, Hyde and his people will rise up and dethrone him, parade him through the streets with his head on a stick. Game, set, match. Called on account of righteous political outrage. INTPs can often be found sticking it to the man — even if that man is just a bouncer at a club in Wisconsin.

7. Jackie Burkhart: The Consul - ESFJ

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Concerned about her social status, able to connect well with others, and often times too needy? Sound’s like Jackie Burkhart alright. ESFJs are the popular people in high school; the cheerleaders and quarterbacks of their schools. Jackie is practical and often very warm and loving to members of the group. You know, when she isn’t worried about Kelso making her look dumb or embarrassing her in front of her friends. Underneath the shallow facade is genuine care for the individuals around her and a compulsion to aid them in becoming the best versions of themselves. Even if she can be a bit too pushy about it.

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6. Michael Kelso: The Entertainer - ESFP

Oh, Michael “Well, I was thinking that if a party of 10 was fun, then a party of 30 would be twice as much fun.” Kelso. ESFPs love being in the spotlight and tend to bring the party with them. They have excellent people skills and prefer to live in the moment, which can make it difficult for them to plan ahead. Kelso and Jackie are actually very much alike, except for one key difference... While Jackie craves structure and rigidity, Kelso is just begging to be released from the burden of schedules and responsibilities. It kind of makes you wonder just how effective Kelso could’ve possibly been working for the Point Place PD.

5. Fez: The Campaigner - ENFP

Let’s revisit the scenes outside the club with the stubborn bouncer one last time. Eric makes a plea to the bouncer’s emotion, Hyde illustrates to him the hypocrisy of his position while verbally tearing him down, and Fez? Well, Fez dances. Naturally. ENFPs are people of action, letting their actions do the talking for them and often find themselves elevated to positions of power because of this. Even if the rigidity of bureaucracy doesn’t suit them well at all. They are naturally gifted communicators that gather supporters easily and frequently. They cherish their freedom and need time and space to explore new paths in order to operate at their fullest.

Fez just needs to be able to dance. Let him dance.

4. Kitty Forman: The Defender - ISFJ

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There’s a great scene in season one, episode 18 “The Career Day,” that perfectly exemplifies why Kitty is an ISFJ. After a long day working at the hospital, constantly dealing with arrogant doctors, needy patients, and the general chaos that comes with working in a hospital, Kitty drives home alone while singing along to "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka. Kitty cares about people and will work hard to keep them safe. ISFJs often found in the medical profession somewhere. While they enjoy helping people they need time alone to recharge — even if it's just on the ride home before getting back to work for their families.

3. Red Forman: The Logistician - ISTJ

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Red is one to play by the rules and he certainly expects those around him to do the same. If not, they can expect a swift kick in the bum. ISTJs are the people in the group that can tell you exactly which blender you need to purchase because they’ve already spent the time researching it themselves. They give you the lowdown on the specs of anything in their home. While Hyde is inventive and needs freedom and flexibility to truly thrive, Red is right at home in a well-structured system.

2. Bob Pinciotti: The Promoter - ENFP

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Bob is a salesman, a small business owner, and an avid promoter of all things Bob. There is a reason Bob and Red often find themselves in conflict. To find the answer you need, look no further than where they lie on the MBTI®. They are both living their lives, creating opinions and assumptions about the world, and interacting with those around in completely the opposite way. While Red could hardly sell a fridge to a woman who walked in check-in-hand, Bob is a natural at leading people to take the actions he wants them to. ENFPs don’t do well in structure, preferring to strike out on their own and carve their own paths to success.

1. Leo: The Mediator - INFP

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Everyone’s favorite pothead is a near perfect personification of his personality. Leo is a peaceful, free-spirited, and compassionate hippie riding the current of life, man.

Fun fact #2: INFPs are the personality type most likely to be vegetarian or vegan. They crave harmony in their lives. Harmony in their interpersonal relationships, in their business tractions, and in their diets.

Mediators are empathetic and perceptive idealists that truly strive to create a better world for everyone to live in. They prefer to communicate with their heart and feelings rather than making rational appeals backed by logic.

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