Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of The Office Characters

The Office is an endlessly rewatchable show. And because it's just so ripe for rewatching, it's easy to become familiar with the characters. From Dwight to Andy to Pam, The Office's cast makes the show the masterpiece that it is. After several seasons of watching and rewatching them, it might start to feel like they're our real friends. But just how well do you know the employees of the best paper company in America? We thought it would be fun to dive even deeper into these characters before we rewatch the series once again for the hundredth time, so we headed to the Myers-Briggs® personality type website to learn more about them. What we came up with was this: the Myers-Briggs® personality types of The Office characters. Check it out!

10. Jim - ENFJ

Jim Halpert The Office

Jim Halpert’s charm alone is enough to land him in the ENFJ spot on this list. Like Jim, ENFJs give off the kind of friendliness that makes people so darn willing to like them. Jim is also a person who gets pleasure from the small things in life. He always finds the humor in any situation and can diffuse especially tense scenarios. But what people don’t say enough about Jim is this: he actually makes for a pretty good boss. In true ENFJ fashion, Jim quietly inspires the Dunder-Mifflin branch when he briefly co-manages the office with Michael. And it’s easy to see why; Jim is the type of person you could make a leader. Just like—when it comes to movies—the guy who plays him.

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9. Dwight - ISFJ

“Hilariously regimented” isn’t a typical descriptor for a network TV character, but it definitely is one for Dwight K. Schrute. ISFJs like Dwight love their own sense of structure, whether that’s in their work or personal lives. Plus, Dwight highly values loyalty just like other ISFJs. Maybe one of the only times we see him get really emotional is when he feels he’s betrayed by Michael. Finally, ISFJs are frequently attracted to jobs that involve agriculture. And if you know who grows the best darn beets in all of Pennsylvania, well, there’s not much more I can add to this entry.

8. Pam - ISFP

Nobody’s “normal” on The Office. Every character has his or her own quirks, violent tendencies, or cultish beliefs. However, Pam Beesly might be the closest thing we get to a real human being in the Scranton Branch of Dunder-Mifflin. She is empathetic where others aren’t, values harmony when others would fight to the death, and generally puts others feelings before her own. Not only do these qualities make her the Office cast member you’d most like to work with, they solidly confirm her as an ISFP. And if that doesn’t convince you, ISFPs are easily drawn to the arts. Whether it’s graphic design or painting, art is a big part of Pam’s character.

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7. Angela - INFP

Angela Kinsey in The Office

We published a Disney villains Myers Briggs® personality list recently, and the INFP we gave for that list was Claude Frollo. Now, which Office character do you think is most like Frollo? There’s really only one answer. Like Frollo and other INFPs, Angela is deeply sensitive, with a tendency to take personal offense at the most imagined of slights. She is also strict in her beliefs, tenaciously clinging to her moral values and the organizations that support them. Out of everyone on this list, Angela is probably the most introverted, and just like other INFPs, she prefers her solitude over social gatherings.

Oh, and if you’re wondering; yes, INFPs can frequently be cat people.

6. Ryan - ESFP

ESFPs are usually very conscious of how they look. Whether that’s a literal concern over fashion or a social concern over popularity, you can count on ESFPs to be aware of how they come off. Ryan’s concern about how he looks is both literal and social. He’s also someone that, like most ESFPs, can glide from commitment to commitment or friend group to friend group with shocking ease. In his transitory way of living, Ryan will also often seek out expensive or dangerous thrills, usually ones that end up going very wrong. Not all ESFPs are as greedy and slimy as Ryan Howard, but when they go bad, those are common traits. Plus, every single one of them starts pita fires.

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5. Jan - ISTJ

The Office Dinner Party Jan

The character of Jan changes a lot in The Office, so it was a little difficult to nail down a perfect answer. However, there is one constant of Jan’s personality to examine; if she doesn’t have order, her life falls apart. This is also true of ISTJs, and to get at Jan’s personality type, we have to look at when her life was structured. At those times, she is incredibly analytical and systematic. She has her days, weeks, and months planned out to the second. She’s a fierce pursuer of her goals, working long hours to achieve career milestones and personal checkpoints. That’s how an ISTJ lives, and it’s how Jan does, too. You know, when her life isn’t on fire and rolling off a cliff.

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4. Andy - ENFP

If you’re an ENFP, you probably already know that a lot of your fellows are musicians. Andy is hands down the most musical in the office, but the ENFP similarities don’t stop there. The whole reason Andy Bernard (and any other ENFP) is musical is because he finds great value in personal joys. ENFPs are free spirit types, attracted to art and adventure because they can see deeper meaning in them. ENFPs are almost never afraid to put themselves out there. Even if that means things will go horribly wrong, they’ll take that chance. Whatever their art, performing for others is a way to connect. Just like Andy, ENFPs are most honest on the stage. Even if that stage is a four-way call with your college a cappella team.

3. Meredith - ESTP

Meredith Palmer rolls with the punches, and sometimes, that involves real punches. Or getting set on fire... Whatever the situation, Meredith exhibits an almost unhealthy degree of adaptability. Usually, that comes along with a hatred of the rules. Though it’s not usually that extreme, those are qualities all ESTPs demonstrate. Like Meredith, ESTPs love to cut loose. A new situation doesn’t just bother them, it can recharge them. They love people but even more than that, love the fun people provide them. But again, don’t think every ESTP is a Meredith. On the whole, there would be a lot more arrests if that were true.

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2. Kelly - ESTJ

One of the downsides to an ESTJ personality is the ability to go full "mean girl" in a social situation. ESTJs have a take-charge, self-confident attitude that, unfortunately, can lead to cruelty. This is absolutely Kelly Kapoor. She is outspoken about the things she doesn't like, even at the risk of hurting someone else. Really, Kelly's cattiness boils down to the ESTJ love of the status quo and their place in it. When Kelly feels like she's not the most popular, or the most well-liked, that's when we see her worst side. ESTJs also value relationships a lot, and if you watch how Kelly interacts with Ryan, you'd know that's certainly a trait of hers. Maybe an extreme version of that trait, but one nonetheless.

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1. Michael - ENTP

The Office Michael Scott

ENTPs can be erratic, hopping from plan to plan or feeling to feeling at just a moment's notice. They're also attracted to managerial roles because they enjoy connecting with people as their leader. For all his faults, these traits are at the heart of Michael Scott.

Michael loves to see others encouraged, often thinking of The Office cast members as his family. Now, you might say that Michael's got a lot of negative traits as well, but even those fit with ENTP personalities. As much as they like seeing others grow, they don't like to have their autonomy challenged. And whether you consider this a good or bad trait, it's the epitome of Michael. One can view this as charming or obnoxious, but someone buying themselves a "World's Greatest Boss" mug is undeniably an ENTP.

Which Office character is your favorite? Where do you think they fall on the Myers-Briggs® personality test? Let us know in the comment section below!

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