Myers Briggs Personality Types Of The Hellboy Characters

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One of the reasons the Hellboy universe has remained popular for so long is because of its characters. In fact, Mike Mignola's occult detective series has birthed some of the most iconic characters in comic books today. Folks like Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and Hellboy himself appear on countless pieces of merchandise, not to mention on millions of favorite characters lists.

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Ahead of the Hellboy reboot hitting screens next year, we decided to take a look at the Hellboy characters by way of the Myers Briggs personality test, and here's what we learned. Strap in, it's time for the Myers Briggs Personality Types of the Hellboy Characters.

10. ISTJ - Professor Broom

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Hellboy’s adopted father is the perfect person to lead a government agency, even if that agency deals with ghosts and faeries. As an ISTJ, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (Broom for short) is logical and task-oriented. He works best in an environment that’s very structured, with each member assigned responsibilities based on a set of skills. Professor Broom is a careful thinker, thoroughly examining a situation before committing to a plan. However, this trait can still be overwritten by the Professor’s innate care for others. If it couldn’t, Broom might not have taken a demon baby under his wing on a whim. Which would make Hellboy, well, not Hellboy.

9. ISFJ - Abe Sapien

The comic Abe Sapien isn’t as much of a sidekick to Hellboy as he is in Guillermo Del Toro’s films, but he’s still a dedicated helper. Abe is practical like other ISFJs, unafraid to do physical or even dirty work to help a teammate. Whether that means he’s got to go toe-to-toe with a Nazi ape or dive deep into haunted waters, Abe Sapien is always ready to lend a webbed hand to accomplish a mission. ISFJs are also considerate of the people they work with, rarely causing an argument and frequently deferring to another’s leadership. Still, this doesn’t mean Abe is any less of an individual. A lovable individual, who will hopefully make his return to the big screen soon.

8. ENFJ - Lobster Johnson

If the name Lobster Johnson sounds unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. So far, he has barely strayed out of the Hellboy comic book. But now, if rumors are correct, Thomas Hayden Church is bringing the monster-hunting vigilante to screens in 2019. In the comics, the Lobster’s ENFJ-ness shines when he leads his own demon-fighting team in 1930s New York City, a team he builds, guides, and inspires. Whether he’ll be leading that team in flashbacks or leading a division of the modern BPRD is something we’ll have to wait until this April to find out. Keep an eye on this one though, connected universe fans. This guy’s got serious spinoff potential.

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7. INTP - Rasputin

When INTPs are bad guys, they’re really bad. They’re master manipulators like Emperor Palpatine or James Moriarty, crafty and utterly uncaring about who their plans hurt. Well, that’s definitely Grigori Rasputin. The Russian mystic-turned Lovecraftian disciple uses people like decorations, orchestrating them and disposing of them when they're no longer useful. His schemes are grand and far-reaching, limited only by how much the good guys do (or even can) interfere. Though no one has confirmed Rasputin for 2019's Hellboy reboot, you can bet he’ll show up somewhere else in the sequels. The Hellboy universe is just more fun with the Voice of the Dragon.

6. ENTP - Sir Edward Grey

Sir Edward Grey is the OG paranormal investigator in Hellboy comics. Creator Mike Mignola modeled him after Victorian ghost-hunters Thomas Carnacki and John Silence, and just like them, Sir Edward battles the forces of evil based in England during the late 1800s. He is an innovative explorer, in true ENTP fashion, paving the way for all paranormal investigating in the Hellboy universe. Also like ENTPs, Sir Edward will often disagree with authority, especially when it keeps him from the truth. Don’t expect Sor Edward to show up on screen for a while, but if Mignola gets his wish of a connected Hellboy cinematic universe, there’s a chance this old-fashioned Fox Mulder might make it to a movie one day.

5. ENFP - Johann Krauss



Before a massive psychic event sucked Johann Krauss’s soul from his body, the European psychic had an intense curiosity. That’s already the mark of an ENFP, but as Krause took on his new body-less life and role in the BPRD, even more ENFP traits started becoming part of him. Now, he’s a motivational leader, inspiring folks around him to work together. He’s perceptive of other people and feels a deep sympathy toward them. This, plus his fascinating visual appearance, makes him a great character addition to the Hellboy universe, and an easy character to root for in the comics.

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4. ENTJ - Ben Daimio

Ian McShane and Daniel Dae Kim in Hellboy

Ben Daimio didn’t start his career in national defense with the BPRD. No, he was first a part of the US Armed Forces, only joining up with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense after he encountered a supernatural entity in a foreign jungle. Daimio brought some of his militaristic ENTJ traits along when he made the switch. He is decisive and strategic, always acting like the soldier in every situation. Daimio puts the “defense” in Bureau for Paranormal Research in defense, and it’s because of the traits he shares with other ENTJs.

3. ISFP - Nimue, the Blood Queen

Hellboy Milla Jonovich as Nimue Queen of Blood Lady Of The Lake

Actress Milla Jovovich brings the Hellboy’s darkest sorceress to life this April, and the personality she’ll have to bring to the role is definitely an ISFP. ISFPs hold tightly to their ideals, and though that might not always end in an attempt to wipe out humanity, it’s that firm adherence to values that defines them. When ISFPs are in leadership roles, they use shared goals to motivate diverse team members. Those team members probably aren’t as diverse as a pig monster and a stone giant, so remember again that real ISFPs probably aren’t exactly the same as the blood queen. Finally, ISFPs can have a passion for nature, which is definitely the case when you want to use the Wilderness to wipe out humanity. One last time, that really isn’t the goal of every ISFP.

2. ISTP - Liz Sherman

ISTPs like to become masters of this craft. A potentially dangerous pyrotechnic, this describes Liz Sherman perfectly. Liz has dedicated herself to learning and controlling her gift, which means relaxing under pressure and being very in tune with the nature of her abilities. Like other ISTPs, Liz is also a private person, but not afraid of an adventure. Liz has a sharp, organized mind. She is reliable in a crisis and, ironically, very unlikely to get hotheaded. Haha, fire puns.

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1. ESFP - Hellboy

Hellboy movie comics

Well, this is probably the one you’ve wanted the most, so here goes. The key to Hellboy’s status as an ESFP boils down to one word: improvisation. ESFPs are fine with rolling with the punches, always amenable to change plans and try new methods. This definitely describes Anung Un Rama. Hellboy is endlessly adaptable to the weirdness that confronts him. He can take on everything from witches that live in chicken-houses to pig monsters to tiny puppet demons. No matter what comes at him, Hellboy responds with that characteristic flexibility, a sense of humor, and deep caring for others. I don’t know about you, but I’d say for a non-human, Hellboy does a damn fine job embodying the human spirit.

Who’s your favorite Hellboy character, and which Myers Briggs type do you think they fit? Are you excited to some of these on screen in 2019, or disappointed that some others didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments section below!

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