Myers Briggs Personality Types of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

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Fox tried to cancel it, but it just wouldn’t die. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back on NBC on January 10, 2019 and fans are counting down the days. With a massive following, it’s no wonder that NBC scooped up the Nine-Nine only days after its cancellation. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the cop show that isn’t. It’s a comedy that is ridiculous at times and heart-warming at others. Its diverse cast is its strength, with each member of the ensemble cast exploring their character’s own strengths and weaknesses in every episode.

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Ever felt like an Amy? Wish you had a friend as loyal as Charles? Let’s break down the main cast, and a few extras, into their Myers-Briggs types.

10. Raymond Holt: ISTJ

You don’t get to be Captain of an NYC precinct with just your good looks and smooth words. You get there by displaying integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty. ISTJs are the responsible realists in the workplace. Their no-nonsense approach is what makes them the go-to people when decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. Nowhere is this careful planning and execution better displayed that the annual Halloween Heist to win the prize of “The Ultimate Detective/Genius”.

9. Jake Peralta: ENFP

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Jake playing guitar

From episode one, it was clear that Jake Peralta is the polar opposite of Captain Holt. With a tendency to move quickly from one idea or task to the next, Jake is willing to consider almost any possibility and often develops multiple solutions to a problem. In the aforementioned Halloween Heists, Jake’s route tends to be one of the more creative ones presented. While Jake has proven to be lazy at times, he is also considered by Captain Holt to be one of the best detectives in the 99th precinct.

8. Rosa Diaz: ISTP

So much of Rosa’s past is shrouded in mystery, and we only met her parents halfway through season five. Riding her motorcycle to work every day, Rosa likes to live life on the edge when she can. However, she continues to maintain privacy over her personal life and hardly expresses her emotions, as evidenced when Gina and Amy realized they didn’t have a picture of Rosa smiling for Holt’s Christmas card in Season One.  Jake claims to only know three facts about Rosa, one of which is that she won't let people crash at her place, despite the fact that Rosa refers to him as her “closest friend”.

7. Terry Jeffords: ISFJ


If Captain Holt expressed his emotions, he would be Terry Jeffords. Known as the practical helper of the MBTI types, ISFJs are the quiet backbones of any organization. In Episode 15 of Season 4, Terry realizes that he is only one case behind Hitchcock who had a 20-year head start. That’s when Rosa pulled all of her old cases and gave them Terry, saying  “You didn’t just work your own cases, you helped me. And Jake and Charles, and Amy. There are hundreds of cases that wouldn't have been solved without you.”

6. Amy Santiago: ISTJ

It’s no surprise that Amy Santiago and Captain Holt are the same MBTI type, given that Amy is always striving to impress her superior officers. A natural idea generator to the point of being annoying, Amy is the ultimate planner. Amy’s tendency towards practicality over curiosity is the only thing keeping her from being the INTJ type that is considered to be the architect and conceptual planner of the MBTI types. She probably has a binder on every MBTI type locked away somewhere.

5. Charles Boyle: INFJ

INFJs share a unique combination of traits. Although soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in - even if that idea is that Jake’s favorite pizza place is actually only the 8th best. While is idolization of Jake is worrisome at best, his loyalty to Jake and precinct has been always been unwavering. On the more submissive end of these traits, Charles will often blame himself and fall deep into depression when things don’t go his way.

4. Gina Linetti: ENFP

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Chelsea Peretti Gina

If Gina put as much effort into her day job as she does into making fun of Amy, trying to get pictures of Terry half-naked, and her dancing... then she would win the same respect that Captain Holt has for Jake. Leaning heavily into her imagination, Gina has a fierce personality that never quits. ENFPs are true free spirits and see the world through a prism of emotion, compassion, and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning.

3. Hitchcock & Scully: ISFJ

Hitchcock and Scully are two sides of the same, mildly disgusting coin. A less motivated version of the ISFJ type seen in Terry, Hitchcock and Scully think of themselves as the “house mice” of the precinct. Completely comfortable with themselves and each other, Hitchcock and Scully are good at what they do. However, the work they usually do isn’t in the field. That said, Hitchcock and Scully are loyal and enjoy serving the needs of others and providing practical assistance holding down the fort.

2. Adrian Pimento: ENFP

At first glance, Adrian should be in a category of his own. However, if you break down each category in this MBTI type, you’ll see that deep down, he is no different than Jake and Gina. Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive, Adrian takes all of these traits to their psychotic extreme. His time undercover for Jimmy Figgis left him psychologically unstable so he takes things at face value and often leaps to wild, emotionally-fueled conclusions that aren’t based in reality.

1. Doug Judy: ENTP

Sharing three categories with Jake is what has led to their unexpected, but cautiously welcomed friendship over time. The Pontiac Bandit has the advantage over Jake every time because of their one difference - Doug out-thinks Jake, who is too caught up in his emotions to see that he is being played every single time. Referred to as the enterprising explorer of the MBTI types, Doug is always strategizing and looking for ways to play the system within itself.

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