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Hollywoo, a town filled with magic, splendor,  and some of the most colorful personalities you’re likely to find anywhere. From Hollywoo hotshot and all-around good boy (Yes he is! Yes he is!), Mr. Peanutbutter to the alcoholic, depressive, and pudgy Bojack Horseman, it takes all types to make Hollywoo the vibrant and thriving place that we all know and love. So let’s get into it! Hollywoo Celebrities (and some other, less important, people like relatives and the police officer that solved the mystery of the missing Hollywoo “D”): What are their personality types? Do they have them? Let’s find out!

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10. Kelsey Jannings: The Architect - INTJ

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Famed director Kelsey Jannings kicks off our list of Hollywoo’s hottest celebrity personality types. When she’s not behind the camera painstakingly obsessing over every move made on big studio films like Secretariat she can be found taking care of everything from independent dramas like Women Love Women Who Love Recycling to her teenage daughter Irving. Kelsey is an industrious, strong, and analytical woman constantly pushing the boundaries of what film can encompass. Kelsey is actually quite similar to her former leading horse, Bojack Horseman, in that she is constantly over-analyzing and can find it rather difficult to just relax and take a break from things like the illustrious Pacific Ocean Film Festival.

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9. Mr. Peanutbutter: The Entertainer - ESFP

Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter in BoJack Horseman Season 5

Hollywoo “It” man and host of Hollywoo Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let’s Find Out!, Mr. Peanutbutter seems to rarely be preoccupied with anything other than chasing a good time, mailmen, and avoiding the deeper feelings that may lead to any sort of recognition of his toxic patterns. You’d be hard pressed to find a person in Hollywoo that Mr. Peanutbutter has not met or befriended though. Mr. Peanutbutter needs the spotlight, the people around him, and the occasional mailman to distract him from falling into the same trappings that Hollywoo horse hack, Bojack Horseman, has been spiraling down for years.

8. Sarah Lynn: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

Sarah Lynn, may she rest in peace, really knew how to keep the people happy when she was alive and kicking. She was bold and unencumbered by things like laws, codes of conduct, or even the Geneva convention if it had ever come down to it. Sarah was a risk taker and she was willing to fight to carve out her piece of the fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, Hollywoo pie. While she managed to live to the ripe old age of 31, Sarah had so much more to give. She adored the spotlight almost as much as it adores Sextina Aquafina.  Sometimes it really is just too much, man. 

7. Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface: The Performer - ESFP

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Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface, renegade cop, loose cannon, result-getter, and one heck of a damn fine police officer. Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface plays by his own rules. A bold showman -- even while investigating a potential Whalecide involving Hollywoo bad boy and resident horse that argues with strangers for fun, Bojack Horseman.  Meow Meow does, however, have a softer, more conflict-averse side, as witnesses report him letting Hollywoo ‘It’ dog Mr. Peanutbutter go with just a warning after he chased down a federal employee delivering packages in his car multiple times. ESFPs like Officer Fuzzyface are practical, observant, and just a delight to be around. We thank you for your service Officer Fuzzyface. Good kitty.

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6. Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack: The Adventurer - ISFP

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Hollyhock, Bojack Horseman’s half-sister - formerly thought to be his daughter, is an adventurous soul. She’s eager to reestablish connections with her estranged family and confront her past head on so that she can continue to grow knowing both who raised her and where she came from. Hollyhock is also charming and sensitive in a way that only someone astonishingly genuine can be. While her older brother Bojack is entirely ignorant to those around him, Hollyhock is careful and kind, always taking careful consideration to make those around her comfortable. ISFPs like Hollyhock can be easily overwhelmed and may even seem a little turbulent at times but their relentless independence and creativity tend to steer them away from any real problems.

5. Todd Chavez: The Campaigner - ENFP

Todd Chavez, the former CEO of, didn’t really seem like he was up to the challenge of running an entire company. While he is truly skilled and wise beyond his years, Todd needs to be free to create, dance, and live in these bustling streets of Hollywoo. Todd is great at getting people in his corner when it comes to things like the most epic space rock opera that’s ever been sung or any of his other hair-brained schemes. Make no mistake though, Todd is the idea man. He lacks the focus and drive to adequately follow through with any of his brilliant projects. But if he could find the focus and drive to follow through, oh what a wonderful world it would be.

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4. Princess Carolyn: The Commander - ENTJ

Anyone that knows Princess Carolyn, one of Hollywoo’s star agents, will tell you that she will put her client, and therefore business, first. It isn’t easy leaving your family behind in Eden, North Carolina to come out to Hollywoo and pursue your dreams making 10% off of other people pursuing their dreams, but Princess Carolyn manages to make it look easy, regal even. Princess Carolyn can schmooze with the best of them and while she can be a little catty when certain horse-faced, alcoholic, co-dependent, jerks-that-peaked-in-the-80s constantly bring nothing but trouble and anguish her way, Princess Carolyn always manages to find feet to stand on. She’s a natural leader, so it’s no wonder she’s made a career out of telling other (more talented) people what to do.

3. J.D. Salinger: The Advocate - INFJ

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From the revolutionary novel at least partially responsible for the murder of two people and at least one assassination attempt, Catcher In The Rye, to the beautiful and heartbreaking stories of the Glass family, and now to his new hit series Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let’s Find Out! J.D. Salinger has gone from Weekend At Bearney’s to Man about Hollywoo. Salinger shows an intense and undying (pun intended) dedication to his craft. J.D. appears endlessly, creative and maybe even a little too convincing if the ghost of John Lennon has anything to say about it.

2. Diane Nguyen: The Logician - INTP

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The second, and least famous writer on our list by far, is Diane Nguyen (a total Zoe). You may know her from her work on “One Trick Pony” or more notably her work on GirlCroosh. Diane is intelligent, perceptive, high-minded, and desperate to make an impact on the world around her. What Diane really wants is to be the person that’s at the frontlines of the fight, leading the charge in the fight for what’s right. Her one key weakness comes from the fact that she is constantly second-guessing herself. This one characteristic keeps her from reaching that ultimate, self-actualized Diane that she’s been striving for since before she popped up on our radars.

1. Bojack Horseman: The Debater - ENTP

What is there to say about Bojack Horseman that hasn’t already been said of any drunken transient that lucked his way into a lottery winning ticket? Bojack is a deeply, deeply, damaged individual that can’t be left alone. If you’re looking for him, he can often be found arguing with complete strangers over things that mean very little to nothing to him at all. If it isn’t his recent nationally televised verbal brawl with war hero Neal McBeal the Navy SEAL, it’s his rampant alcoholism blazing its trail throughout all of Hollywoo. But what can we say? Hollywoo loves a bad boy. You can find Bojack on’s Philbert or most notably J.D. Salinger’s hit series Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out!

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