10 Myers-Briggs® Personalities Of Narcos Characters


With the fourth edition of Narcos having been released on Netflix in 2018, the series has now shifted its focus northwards; from the drug trade in the rainforests of Columbia to the infamous Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico.

With the story evolving from Pablo Escobar in the first two seasons to the Cali Cartel in season three, and the Guadalajara Cartel in the latest installment, viewers have had the opportunity to encounter a variety of intriguing characters. From the worlds of crime and law enforcement alike, no one is safe.

Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® personalities of those characters spanning the American continents who shaped the world of Narcos.

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10. Pablo Escobar- ESFP


The main antagonist in the show's first two seasons, Escobar is credited as the creator of the Colombian drug trade and is the charismatic leader of the Medellín Cartel. Since his first on-screen appearance, Escobar showed his ability to negotiate with others and strike up deals that allowed him to expand his empire. In that specific instance, he was able to close one of many deals with the police to allow him to run his operations freely in exchange for bribe money and gifts.

Whilst he would often get quick tempered when it came to protecting his family from danger, Escobar was normally a cool-headed leader who always had a backup plan in case of emergency. We saw this when he escaped the clutches of law enforcement officials in the season one finale after an intense showdown in his hilltop prison.

9. Steve Murphy - INTP


DEA Agent Murphy was one of the series' main protagonists. It was his reserved yet witty demeanor that made an effective partnership with the confrontational and fast-acting agent Javier Peña. Murphy has excellent problem-solving skills and knows how to piece a puzzle together, determining how each finds investigation is interlinked.

This was evident when Murphy raided the office of Blackbeard, Escobar's chief accountant, and managed to use the information found in this raid to track down Barry Seal, an ex-CIA agent who turned to a life of crime where he worked as a pilot for Escobar.

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8. Pacho Herrera- ISFJ


Pacho is one of the more reserved Cali bosses who preferred to stay out of the limelight, rather giving center stage to Gilberto Rodriguez. This does not mean that he lacks gusto as well as a fiery temper, however. Audiences are reminded of his hitman status when he terrorizes the church in the North Valley, getting gruesome revenge on Claudio Salazar.

A deep thinker, Pacho always takes the necessary actions to come out on top in whatever situation he finds himself in; as was the case when he went into hiding in Mexico, which is the location of the latest segment of the Narcos saga.

7. Javier Peña - ENFP


A quick-witted DEA Agent, Javier Peña was constantly on the move in his investigations of Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel — both of which culminated in pulse-racing manhunts. Due to his fiery temper, Peña often bends the rules to achieve his goal of bringing high-profile criminals to justice, such as the time he enlisted the help of infamous vigilantes "Los Pepes" in the hunt for Escobar.

Peña is resourceful and often uses his personal contacts to gather critical information, whether they be his formal DEA informants or personalities he has met along the way. So long as Peña is in the picture, no drug lord is safe. Wherever they go, Peña will surely be hot on their heels.

6. Gilberto Rodriguez - ENTP


Due to his gregarious and charismatic personality, Gilberto took the reigns as the leader of the Cali Cartel, despite the fact that he had three partners of equal status. A master of negotiations and a people's person, Gilberto constantly ensured that the Cali Cartel was run "like a Fortune 500 company.” The criminal aspects of the enterprise were to be kept under wraps.

Gilberto always looked to conduct his business with finesse and subtlety, and unlike Escobar, would only use violence as a last resort. His fine negotiation skills were in full effect upon coming to an agreement with the Colombian government to close his drug empire in six months in exchange for minimal sentences.

5. Miguel Rodriguez - ISFJ


Whilst more soft-spoken than his brother Gilberto, Miguel is more ruthless, rash, and intimidating. Upon Gilberto's arrest, Miguel took control of the Cali Cartel and showed no hesitation in doing whatever it took to get what he wants. An example of this was stirring up a romance with the recently-widowed Maria Salazar.

Since coming out from Gilberto's shadow, Miguel showed a lust for violence that brought a world of trouble to his associates; one of which was security consultant Jorge Salcedo, who eventually resorted to cooperating with the DEA as a means of keeping his family safe from the world of crime.

4. Chepe Santacruz Londono - ENTJ


A humorous and outgoing personality, Chepe is the head of Cali's operations in New York. He is always up for a party or a bottle of liquor, as could be seen by the Cali party in season three's premiere.

Whilst he typically appears as a friendly face on the surface, Chepe is crafty and ambitious and will punish those who get in his way (as an unwitting Dominican gang in New York found out the hard way).

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3. Maria Salazar - INFP


While originally appearing as Claudio Salazar's shy and innocent wife, Maria's grief over her husband's death prompted Maria to become cunning and resourceful in her fight for survival. Whilst maintaining her emotional vulnerability from when she searched around town for her missing husband, Maria used it to her advantage to gain favor with Miguel Rodriguez.

Miguel ended up performing numerous favors for Maria, even before they became a romantic couple, such as giving her an apartment and reuniting her with her son. Maria's survival instinct remained strong even after Miguel's eventual incarceration, as she continued to do whatever it took to fight for survival.

2. Kiki Camarena - ESFJ


Having been relocated to Guadalajara from California, Kiki is an ambitious young DEA agent who is looking to rise through the ranks of law enforcement. Using his assertive demeanor, he pressured his previous chief into arranging the transfer to Mexico to prevent his career from becoming stagnant.

Kiki is often temperamental, which lead to him being at odds with some of his co-workers when first moving to Guadalajara. However, his rash behavior, courage, and overall disregard for risks also allowed him to gather significant intelligence on Felix Gallardo and provide an insight into the operations of the Guadalajara Cartel.

1. Felix Gallardo - INFP


When he first appeared on screen, Felix was a quiet, former police officer in Sinaloa, living a modest home life with his wife and children. Beneath the surface, however, he was incredibly ambitious and analytical, already planning for a future which concern, building Mexico's largest drug empire.

Gallardo is an effective critical thinker who does well networking with potential business partners and local law enforcement officials alike. In fact, Gallardo was the one to unite the numerous micro-cartels in Mexico into one enormous empire. He can also be a cold-blooded killer when need be, however, and one would do well to stay out of his path.

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