10 Marvel Superheroes Sorted By Their Myers-Briggs® Personality Types

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Every superhero has different personality traits. Although they may seem like they all have the same goal (save the world), they're actually quite dissimilar. To prove this, we've used the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test to place some of your most beloved superheroes into their respective categories.

As you may have seen, there are many lists that analyze the categories of iconic film and literary characters. But this list will only delve into some of the most spectacular, powerful, and multi-dimensional Marvel superheroes. After all, they are certainly some of the most psychologically complex. Without further ado, here are 10 Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of You Favourite Marvel Superheroes.

10. Black Panther - ENTJ

Some may be surprised that Black Panther would fall into the same Myers-Briggs® category as Lord Voldemort. However, the two share "Commander" personality traits, such as the fact that they are both natural-born leaders. But unlike Voldemort, Black Panther is a charismatic and inspiring leader. One who invigorates others. He's also a brilliant strategic thinker who is constantly efficient. All of this is backed up by the fact that he's confident.

But Black Panther also proves himself to be stubborn at times, as we've seen in the Black Panther movie. He also let his emotions get the best of him in a few instances, which is also a major trait of "The Commander."

9. Storm - ESFJ

Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm, would be categorized as an ESFJ, otherwise known as a "Consul." Like most "Consuls," Storm has a strong sense of duty to the X-Men; a responsibility that the team has transferred over to her character. Although she can appear tough at times, she is also very warm and sensitive to others, especially those who don't feel like they belong. This is because she has a strong desire to belong; something that has fueled her unhappiness with how humankind has treated mutants.

Storm can also be very vulnerable to criticism as well as reluctant to improvise. This, as well as other traits, is what make her a "Consul."

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8. Iron Man - ENTP

Tony Stark has one of the most interesting personalities in all of the Marvel Universe, whether or not he's in his Iron Man suit. His Myers-Briggs® category would be "The Debater." As you may have already guessed, "Debaters" tend to be exceptionally fast thinkers. Their intelligence is only matched by their ability to come up with a witty zinger. This is obviously Stark.

"Debaters" are also exceptionally charismatic, even though their short-comings are usually on display. In short, their originality, energy, and brains always impress others. But they can also be very argumentative, intolerant, and find it difficult to focus. Yeah, it's pretty obvious that Stark fits the bill.

7. Charles Xavier - ENFP

Professor Charles Xavier may just be classified as a "Campaigner." This is because he's highly imaginative and very attuned to every future possibility. After all, that's the main tool he uses to keep his X-Men together and enthused. Additionally, his idealism is what makes him such a special and beloved character.

Xavier is also one of the most effective communicators in all of Marvel. This skill is one of the most note-worthy when it comes to "Campaigners." He has used it on both his enemies and his allies, each time proving that it's his most powerful asset.

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6. Groot - INFJ

One would think that it would be hard to classify Groot due to the fact that he only says three English words. But actions speak far louder than language. Time and time again, Groot has proven that he's exceptionally creative, compassionate, decisive, and very altruistic. These are traits most commonly associated with "The Advocate."

Whether it's sacrificing himself to save his friends, cheering up a child with flowers, or coming through in any and every circumstance, Groot has all the positive attributes of an "Advocate." In fact, he's pretty much the heart and soul of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

5. Black Widow - ISTJ

It shouldn't be the least bit surprising that Black Widow would fall under the "Logistician" category. This is because one of her talents is the ability to be a Jack-of-all-trades. Throughout her life as a spy, as well as a superhero, she has had to apply herself to many different fields. It's what has made her so useful to The Avengers.

Black Widow is also very direct and isn't afraid of voicing her opinion — even if it's unpopular. But this means that she can also be somewhat judgmental. It can come across as insensitive, as well. But within the calm, practical, and responsible demeanor of a "Logistician" is the one very big heart that's loyal to the cause she believes in.

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4. Star-Lord - ESFP

Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord

We can sit here and argue about whether or not Star-Lord should have pulled that punch in Infinity Waror we can discuss his Myers-Briggs® category. It's pretty obvious that he would be assigned as an "Entertainer." After all, it's right there in the name!

Star-Lord loves to be the life of the party. He's all about the song, the dance, and the laugh. He also has all the people skills one could possibly need in life.

However, he's not very good when it comes to conflict and is overly sensitive. We saw every shade of those two traits in that controversial scene with Thanos. Like other "Entertainers," Star-Lord is also dreadfully unfocused at times. Still, most of us love him all the same.

3. Bruce Banner - ISTP

Unlike other superheroes, there's no way one could put The Incredible Hulk in the same Myers-Briggs® category as his alter-ego. This is because Bruce Banner couldn't be more different than his large, green friend.

Bruce Banner is undoubtedly a "Virtuoso." This means that he's incredibly practical, creative, and optimistic. He also has to maintain his relaxation due to what happens when he gets angry. Banner is also exceptionally skilled at locating the heart of the problem and working to resolve it.

"Virtuosos" are also described as "great in a crisis." This is exceptionally true for Banner, except while facing a crisis, he's quick to change into his outlandishly powerful green self.

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2. Wolverine - ISFJ

To say that Wolverine doesn't repress his feelings is like saying that Hawkeye doesn't have a thing for arrows. This trait is just one of the reasons why this X-Men character would be classified as a "Defender." The title alone describes the character perfectly as he's spent all of the movies defending someone, usually a young woman.

Like Wolverine, "Defenders" tend to be very loyal and hard-working. They may need a little time to get there, but once they love something or someone, they'll be there for them forever. However, they can overload themselves with baggage. This can weigh heavily on them as it does for Wolverine.

1. Captain Marvel - INFP

Comic book fans know all there is to know about Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel. But the mainstream audience will have to wait for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie to truly get to know her. But here's a few hints at what we should expect to see on the big screen next year.

Captain Marvel would be classified as a "Mediator." This means that she's very idealistic and constantly seeks harmony. But her idealism sometimes gets the better of her as it's not always practical. When she's faced with these hard-truths, she can take them too personally at times. She's also quite private and is therefore hard to get to know. However, we think audiences will adore her once she hits the big screen.

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