The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Grey's Anatomy Doctors

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Medical emergencies, romantic drama, breakups, ghosts of the past, death, and dreams for the future. These are all the things that make up the long-running hospital series Grey's Anatomy. Created by Shonda Rhimes and now in its 15th season, this isn't a show that seems to be going anywhere. If anything, fans are more than glad to still be along for the juicy ride.

It's popular these days to look at Myers-Briggs® personalities, and since Grey's Anatomy is such a character-driven show, it's a fun way to look at the beloved doctors who work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Read on to find out the Myers-Briggs® personalities of the doctors on this Shondaland show.

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10. Richard Webber: INFJ


Richard Webber is a beloved character on Grey's Anatomy since he has bee the Chief of Surgery for so long. He's devoted and committed to being a mentor to the young interns and doctors. Even if he seems a bit gruff and formal at times, fans know that he's got a heart of gold.

He's the Myers-Briggs® personality type INFJ; an "insightful visionary." Since he mentors the other doctors, he sounds like this description: "People with INFJ preferences are compassionate and quietly inspiring; they enjoy helping others grow and develop." The site continues saying INFJs "are typically idealistic as well as imaginative and visionary. They are also sensitive and reserved."

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9. Miranda Bailey: ESTJ


Miranda Bailey, who is often referred to her by her last name only, is pretty scary when audiences first watch her. She seems tougher than nails; like she doesn't have a nice bone in her doctor body. But once the layers of her personality got peeled back, people realized that she is super kind.

Miranda—who is a girl boss, mom, wife, best friend, and manager—cares so much that she's an easy ESTJ on the Myers-Briggs® personality test; an "efficient organizer." As the website says, "People with ESTJ preferences drive themselves to reach their goal, organizing people and resources in order to achieve it. They often have an extensive network of contacts and are willing to make tough decisions when necessary. They tend to value order and structure and getting things done."

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8. Arizona Robbins: ISFJ


Fans weren't pleased that Arizona left the show after the season 14 finale. The endlessly cheerful and sunny pediatric surgeon is the Myers-Briggs® personality type ISFJ because she's definitely a "practical helper," which is the official descriptor.

These types are "sensitive," "kind," and "patient," which Arizona is since she deals with sick kids all the time. When it comes to how they are with romantic relationships, the site describes them as: "People with ISFJ preferences are generally dependable and usually honor commitments and like to preserve traditions. Their partner, peers, family members, and friends will likely describe them as being empathetic, responsive and proactive in caring for others."

This is true of Arizona, who tried so hard to make her marriage to Callie work. She really wanted to be a family unit for their daughter Sofia.

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7. April Kepner: ISTJ

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Grey's Anatomy fans may be used to saying goodbye to characters by now (if not, they're probably watching the wrong show, right?) but fans are still mourning the departure of April. If there's one word that audiences would use to describe this doctor, it would be practical. She works hard, follows the rules, and when she failed her board exams the first time around, she was devastated.

April would be the ISTJ Myers-Briggs® personality type, which is a "responsible realist." She sounds a lot like this description: "often described as dependable and systematic. They typically enjoy working within clearly defined systems and processes in a traditional, task-oriented, decisive way."

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6. Maggie Pierce: ENTJ

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The Head Of Cardiothoracic Surgery is a total girl boss and a fairly new character since her introduction in the 10th season. Fans took to her pretty much right away since she has brought a lot of emotional depth to the show. Since Maggie is Meredith's half-sister, fans have enjoyed watching that relationship, and the episode when Maggie lost her mom was beautifully crafted.

Maggie is a tough cookie at work, and that makes her an ENTJ. This Myers-Briggs® personality type is a "decisive strategist." These types "like to organize people and resources efficiently in order to accomplish long-term goals and tend to be comfortable with taking leadership roles over others." Like many of the doctors on the show, Maggie is a born leader who loves what she does, but feeling like she's on her own and not in charge upsets her.

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5. Jackson Avery: INFP


If anyone on this doctor drama is a "thoughtful idealist," it would definitely be Jackson Avery.

The Myers-Briggs® personality type INFP applies to him perfectly: "People with INFP preferences often enjoy devising creative solutions to problems while making moral commitments to what they believe in. They typically try to help others with their growth and inner development to reach their full potential."

The young doctor, whose family name is a legacy is the Head of Plastic Surgery, has a dream to help those who have been in unfortunate accidents look like themselves again. He cares deeply about his work, and he's both "passionate" and "loyal" in his professional and personal lives, which are two words associated with this type.

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4. Alex Karev: INFJ


Alex is the kind of person who people underestimate. When the show begins, he's kind of grumpy and even kind of mean; no one really likes him.

Just like Richard Webber, Alex Karev is an "insightful visionary" or an INFJ Myers-Briggs® personality type. The two characters are alike in this sense because they are both pretty quiet. Alex is just like this description: "They are typically idealistic as well as imaginative and visionary." These types tend to be "sensitive and reserved."

Alex cares about kids and that's why he excels in the pediatric area of the hospital. He also fits the relationship part of this personality type since he's "mysterious," and yet he is a great friend. He's always there to listen to Meredith whenever she needs him.

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3. Amelia Shepherd: ISTP


When hearing the description for the Myers-Briggs® personality type ISTP, Amelia Shepard comes to mind immediately.

People who are this type are referred to as a "logical pragmatist" and a person who also "tend to enjoy learning and perfecting a craft through their patient application of skills. They can remain calm while managing a crisis, quickly deciding what needs to be done to solve the problem."

Amelia's personal life may be a total mess most of the time—she's either running away from her quickie marriage to Owen or ignoring personal issues—but she's always a boss when it comes to her job. She would never dream of letting anything slide. When it comes to the things that this personality type finds stressful, such as "out-of-control emotions" and "inefficiency," Amelia is just like that, too.

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2. Derek Shepherd: ENFP


Oh, Derek. Fans have a lot of emotions about him. It was devastating when he died in season 11 and it's something that many viewers still can't move on from. Derek was absolutely brilliant as a surgeon (Head of Neurosurgery) and was beloved in the hospital. Whether he was just walking around looking good or saying "It's a beautiful day to save lives."

He's an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs® personality test, and he's an "Imaginative Motivator." Some of the words that apply to him are "creative," "curious," and "lively." He wasn't perfect, and he and Meredith had their problems, but he was an inspiring and motivating force around the hospital for sure.

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1. Meredith Grey: ENTP

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Meredith Grey is the heart of Grey's Anatomy. She's the voice of the show (literally since her voiceovers tend to open and close each episode) and the face of it, too. She's the main character, after all.

Meredith is tough, a bit emotionally damaged (okay, more than a bit), and also the most loyal friend and family member that anyone could have. When it comes to her Myers-Briggs® personality type, she's an "enterprising explorer" and an ENTP. These types "are often innovative in their way of thinking, seeing connections and patterns within a system." This is exactly Meredith, and she's always dreaming big and coming up with cool new ideas.

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