Dave Bautista's My Spy: CinemaCon Footage Description

The worldwide film industry just got their very first look at Dave Baustita's upcoming family comedy My Spy, directed Peter Segal. During the STX Films presentation at CinemaCon, the first studio showcase from this year's event, STX Films boss Adam Fogelson took to the stage to tease the young company's impressive upcoming slate, which also included 21 Bridges, UglyDolls, Poms, The Best of Enemies, The Gentlemen, and The Secret Garden.

My Spy was the fourth movie in the lineup, and was described by Fogelson as Dave Bautista's chance to do what every actor his size has done - take on the ultimate thread of... children.

"The first time that I heard and saw Dave Bautista laugh on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy I knew for certain I wanted him to star in one of our films. The combination of superhuman size and strength married with the incredible warmth he exudes, by they way both on screen and in person, and the acting ability he has demonstrated in films like Blade Runner, is all completely captivating.," explained Fogelson in why STX went to Bautista and how they mutally agreed on My Spy being that project. We then viewed the very first look at the film, the first My Spy trailer.

My Spy Trailer Description

"I'm just not that good with people. There is one thing I'm good at." is the first line from Bautista's character, JJ, a CIA spy who isn't too great at gathering intel, because the bad guys always blow up. And that's what happens in the next scene, which of course ends with him walking away from an explosion.

We next see JJ back in the office getting reprimanded by his officer, played by Ken Jeong, for not getting intel on his mission (because he killed them all). "I just don't think you're cut out for intelligence," explained Jeong, before giving him one last shot.

We then meet the family of the film's co-lead, Sophie (Chloe Coleman), a young girl who seems to get bullied at school and wants to be home-schooled. While JJ is on work probation, he gets outed by a Chloe, who holds a phone to him, recording what he says and does. This humorous scene sees JJ trying to figure out what to do, suggesting jokingly that they kill her and make it look like an accident. Chloe, meanwhile responds, "wow, still recording."

Chloe cuts a deal with JJ and asks to be taught how to be a spy, and he says it's a one-time arrangement, and then we see scenes of her doing a lie detector test, Chloe teaching JJ how to look at people in public not as potential threats but as people smiling and having fun. They skate together, and JJ trips a pair of boys who were mean to Chloe. We even see them practicing walking away from an explosion (fireworks) where JJ reaches back to turn Chloe's head forward (she couldn't help but look back).

The next scene sees JJ testing Chloe, having her try to get past him by causing a distraction, so she knocks over his fishbowl and he immediately tries to rescue his fish. Later, we see Chloe describing JJ as a nice guy under his rough exterior. The final scene is Chloe and JJ's handler watching him on a dance floor, comparing it to the wedding at the end of Shrek.

Dave Bautista Will Make More Movies with STX Films

"This movie takes advantage of unique gifts Bautista has," explains Fogelson, who brought Bautista and co-star Chloe Coleman on stage, who had a gag about a swear jar they had on set, that they paid into during the little interview on stage. Fogelson explains that My Spy has screened “unbelievably well” in testing and the footage we saw had lots of heart.

Bautista was sold into the role and working with STX from their honesty, and letting him be a part of the process. He loved it so much in fact, that they have more upcoming projects to be announced soon.

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My Spy releases in theaters in 2019.

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