My Hero Academia: 10 Most Powerful Quirks, Ranked

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The world of My Hero Academia is full of amazing, useful, and silly quirks. But when it comes to being a superhero, some quirks are better than others. For example, All Might would never have become the hero we all know him to be, should the quirk handed down to him have been anything else (say having the ability to create bubbles).

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Here we’re going to look at 10 of the most powerful quirks in the series. And we’re going to take it a step further and rank them while we’re at it. Because why not?

This article pulls quirks that haven’t made it into the anime yet.

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10 Copy

Neito Monoma has a unique quirk; he has the ability to copy other quirks. Now, thankfully he can’t actually copy all quirks. Imagine if he tried (and succeeded) to copy One For All. He would have torn himself apart!

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However, even with limitations on what he can mimic, this ability is extremely useful. It allows Monoma to be fairly versatile in any given situation. He can even combat an enemy with their own quirk – depending on what it is.

9 Bloodcurdle

Stain had what is quite possibly the most brutal combination of quirk and personality. His quirk–blood curdling—gives him the ability to freeze anybody whose blood he ingests. Since blood is involved in this manner, it’s already a given that the blood came from a fight. He then takes advantage of the person being frozen to maim or slaughter them.

In the hands of a killer like Stain, this quirk is incredibly powerful. And incredibly dangerous. The famous fight of him versus three UA students is indication enough of that fact. One has to wonder, how would this quirk have looked, had it been used for good?

8 Half-Cold Half-Hot

Most of the elemental quirks seem like they would be useful, depending on their situation. However, many of them are in fact limited by their environments (as evidenced in the series). That’s what makes Todoroki’s quirk standout among the rest.

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Todoroki has the quirk of both cold and hot – meaning ice and fire are under his control. And it’s a strong quirk too – you’ve seen the amount of ice and fire he can create. Todoroki is a versatile fighter thanks to his quirk (and his ability to stay clear-headed during a fight… usually). He will become an even bigger threat, as he learns more control over his quirk.

7 Mental Control

Shinso has a quirk that the UA criminally undervalues. Based on the way they test for new students, it’s no surprise that Shinso failed. But that doesn’t mean much about the strength of his quirk. The ability to control minds is not one that should be underestimated. Especially when he can mimic other’s voices, and gain a higher chance of getting a response from his targets.

So far we haven’t really had a chance to see Shinso go all out – but we can be sure that it’s coming. His quirk and his mentor more or less guarantee those facts. And it’s going to be explosive when we see it happen.

6 Black Hole

Thirteen is sort of an overlooked hero, due to their focus on rescue instead of combat. But do not make the mistake of looking down on their quirk. The ability to create black holes is no mean feat. And it makes Thirteen extremely dangerous in a fight (as long as they’re not surrounded).

One can understand why Thirteen has dedicated the use of their quirk to rescue instead of harm. Any fight they join in on significantly reduces the odds of bringing in the enemy alive, and killing is not a thing a hero should do lightly.

5 Disintegration

Tomura Shigaraki has one of the more disturbing quirks out there. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s painful and quite frankly, it just looks alarming. Shigaraki has the quirk of disintegration. We saw it get used against Aizawa in the first season.

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Shigaraki doesn’t seem terribly interested in using his quirk in excess. Perhaps there’s a cost to it. More likely there are other reasons he doesn’t want to rely on the quirk (pride, a reminder of his family, who knows).

4 Overhaul

Overhaul, aka Kai Chisaki, has one of the most terrifying quirks out there. His villain name is based off the quirk itself – Overhaul. With this quirk, he can deconstruct and reconstruct matter (including people) on a whim. He can also alter any item or person during this process – healing or damaging as he sees fit.That makes him an extremely dangerous person to try and fight against, as our heroes learned. The end of the most recent season showed just how lethal he can be – taking on a group of antagonists without a moment’s hesitation – and winning.

3 Rewind

My Hero Academia Season 4 Overhaul Eri

Eri is a character that hasn’t yet made an appearance in the anime (though if you’ve watched the trailer, then you know what she looks like). Eri’s quirk is unique among the others. It can rewind a person’s state to any time of her choosing. Meaning, if a person is hurt, she can reset their body to a time when it wasn’t damaged — and vice versa.

Eri’s quirk is dangerous, a fact that Overhaul was well aware of. He used her body and her quirk to hurt and control others. Eri’s quirk is powerful for another reason as well – her ability to support other heroes and keep them upright during a fight. Think about that. Intense, right?

2 One For All

Naturally, we had to include One For All on this list. This quirk is technically a few quirks merged together, but since they’ll never be separated, we’re counting them as one. One For All combines immense strength and power with the ability to hand the quirk to somebody else. Thus it creates a lineage of heroes, handing the quirk down through the ages. It has some unusual side effects, as readers of the manga are well aware of.

One For All is an exceptionally powerful quirk. All Might and Midorya can both prove that fact for us. Both heroes have been capable of amazing feats, with All Might being the number one hero for years.

1 All For One

If One For All is going to make this list, then so should All For One. All For One is the quirk that allows our main villain to take any quirk he wishes. It’s basically the polar opposite of One For All. And it allows All For One to get more and more powerful with time – picking and choosing the quirks he desires.

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To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you want to look at it), this quirk can also transfer quirks. Allowing All For One to take quirks and give them to his followers. It’s a smart way to ensure loyalty, at the very least.

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