The 10 Most Powerful Characters On My Hero Academia, Ranked

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The world of My Hero Academia is home to some of the most unique and powerful superheroes in all of comics. Whether it’s the explosive powers of Bakugo’s quirk Explosion or the impressive and all-encompassing powers of Midoriya’s quirk One For All, there are some truly capable quirks dispersed throughout UA’s student body, the heroes that teach there, and the villains trying to tear it all down.  We’ll go over some of the most powerful quirks throughout the manga and the anime, so for anyone trying to avoid spoilers now may be the time to bow out until you’re caught up.

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10 Eraserhead

While Eraserhead may be a powerful hero in his own right, it’s not his quirk that makes him so powerful. Having the ability to shut down the quirk of any person you’re looking at can be very helpful, so long as you don’t need to blink or look away. Izuku is quick to point out the Eraserhead’s quirk is best suited to taking on villains one-on-one or while fighting from the shadows. It is Eraserhead’s commitment to training and becoming better than what his quirk can offer that makes him a truly fantastic hero. Maybe his persistence to becoming and remaining a great hero is the real quirk that driving him forward.

9 Thirteen

Having the power to create a vortex that can absorb anything and turn it into dust may seem like a pretty amazing ability. And while it certainly has its uses, like when it comes to saving the lives of people trapped in debris after some sort of natural disaster, there are definitely some drawbacks.

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For starters, it appears as though Thirteen needs a special suit to control and contain the power held within the suit. For many people a power this all-consuming may be a problem, but there’s a reason that Thirteen manages to be one of the top rescues heroes to teach at UA.

8 Shigiraki

While being able to turn any one of your enemies into dust with a simple touch of all five fingers may seem like a powerful quirk, it’s also quite flawed. For starters, this quirk can only be utilized in very close quarters. It also appears that Shigiraki doesn’t have much control over the quirk, which would understandably make living a normal life difficult. There’s still a lot that we don’t know about Shigiraki and his quirk, so it’s possible that he may exhibit abilities or control beyond what we’ve seen already, but until then he’ll just have to keep training.

7 Bakugo

While Bakugo has always been one to boast about how powerful and naturally gifted he is, once he begins attending UA his world opens up quite a bit. Explosion allows Bakugo to secrete and ignite nitroglycerin on commands. While he may not seem like it at first, Bakugo is skilled far beyond his quirk.

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He’s willing to learn from his enemies and improvises throughout the course of battle just as much as Izuku does. Part of Bakugo’s power comes from the confidence he has built up from childhood, and while that may be enough to get him to UA, it’s going to take a lot more if he’s going to compete as a pro after leaving UA.

6 Todoroki

Much like Bakugo, Todoroki has had a strange relationship with his power from a young age. While Bakugo began to view his power as a pedestal that would lift up him to star status like his hero, All Might; Todoroki learned to view his powers as more a burden that linked him to his father. For most of his young life, Todoroki has struggled to unite with the part of his power that connects to his father. However, now that Izuku has helped Todoroki begin to move past that inner conflict and connect with a power that never began to his father in the first place, we’re sure to see much more from the talented young hero.

5 Kurogiri

It’s a shame that someone with such a unique and powerful gift has seemingly decided to focus solely on his quirk and avoid training the rest of his body. While Kuogiri’s Warp Gate is a truly impressive ability in the world of My Hero Academia, there’s not much else that’s impressive about Kurogiri. This may simply be because we’ve yet to really get peek of what Kurogiri is capable of, but the level of ability we’ve seen so far in the anime isn’t much to be impressed with. It does seem that the villains are beginning to ramp up their efforts against the heroes, so perhaps audiences will see what Kurogiri is really capable of.

4 Overhaul

While we haven’t really seen much of him in the anime, Overhaul is a villain to be wary of. Much like All For One, when your quirk is what you call yourself, there’s bound to be some power behind it. Overhaul has the ability to disassemble and reassemble any and all matter around him with a simple touch.

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That means that he basically can do anything he wants. If he wants to disassemble the body parts of enemies to incapacitate them or kill, he can, Should he become injured and need to reattach his own arm, or perhaps, merge his body with that of another, well, sure, why not? Kinda gross, but crazy powerful.

3 Eri

She may not have made an appearance in the anime series yet, but Eri will likely be making an appearance sometime in the fourth season. Eri’s quirk, Rewind, allows her to rewind a person’s physical body to any previous state. That means that she can undo any damage done to someone’s body or keep Izuku from destroying his body while using All For One at 100%. That’s all fun and games until you accidentally rewind someone you love out of existence and get captured by someone who realizes he can use your DNA to take quirks away from average citizens. Tough break.

2 All For One

I’m sure there are some out there that would argue that because All For One actually created One For All, it must be stronger. Especially when you take into consideration that All For One can become whatever he chooses. He is clearly capable of taking many quirks and holding them within himself, as well as freely being able to pass them along to anyone he chooses.

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Yet, even with that immense power, he has been unable to defeat All Might and as the series points out at the very beginning, he will eventually lose to Izuku. All For One’s (as a quirk) major flaw is that in order to take something, it must first destroy what came before, whereas One For All is the gift that keeps on giving.

1 One For All Users (All Might & Izuku)

As the series illustrates time and time again, All Might is the strongest and most trusted public hero. But as the series begins we really start to see his decline, both physically and spiritually. When Izuku takes on the power of One For All, after chowing down on some premium All Might hair, his fate is seals. Very early on, Kohei Horikoshi hints that Izuku uses One For All very differently than All Might used it. It’s only natural that Izuku would unlock aspects of this power that All Might never would’ve thought to use. Apparently, when you have that kind of devastating strength, speed, and control you don’t really need to think outside the box. Who knew?

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