How To Watch Mute Director Duncan Jones' Previous Films

Noted sci-fi director Duncan Jones' latest film Mute arrives on Netflix on Friday, February 23. Here's how you can watch his three prior films.

Duncan Jones Films Source Code Moon Mute

UPDATE: As of March 1, Moon is now also available to stream on Netflix in the U.S.

Noted sci-fi director Duncan Jones' latest film Mute arrives on Netflix on Friday, February 23. Here's how you can watch his three prior films. A BAFTA winning writer, director and producer, Jones is of course the son of legendary musician, actor, and general pop culture icon David Bowie. Despite his father's considerable artistic shadow, Jones has already carved out quite the career for himself as a filmmaker to watch.

Set in Berlin in the not too distant future, Mute follows mute bartender Leo Beiler (Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood) as he searches the city for his missing girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh). Leo has little to go on when trying to ascertain Naadirah's whereabouts, outside of the recurring presence of two mysterious American surgeons (played by Paul "Ant-Man" Rudd and The Leftovers star Justin Theroux). Mute has been touted as a "spiritual sequel" to Jones' prior film Moon, and will reportedly see Sam Rockwell reprise the role of Sam Bell in some fashion.

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Jones has so far directed three feature films: 2009's aforementioned Moon, 2011's time travel thriller Source Code, and 2016's divisive theatrical Warcraft adaptation. Without any further ado, here's how you can watch each of those films in preparation for Mute's Netflix release. While it should probably go without saying, if one can't find a streaming avenue they like below, physical media remains an option, and discs-by-mail rental services do still exist.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code

Moon (2009): In the U.S., Duncan Jones' acclaimed debut feature is currently streaming absolutely free on Sony's ad-supported Crackle streaming service. The film is also available for rent or purchase on any of the usual outlets, such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, and Vudu. Up in Canada, Moon is available to stream on Netflix, and for digital purchase. In the U.K., Sky TV customers can watch on the Sky Go app, as well as purchase or rent digitally.

Source Code (2011): In the U.S., the Jake Gyllenhaal-fronted Source Code is sadly not available to watch on any streaming subscription service. You can, however, rent and purchase it on iTunes, Google Play, etc. Canadian fans have it easier with Source Code, as it's available on Netflix, as well as rental or purchase. U.K. viewers get the same deal as the U.S., with Source Code only being available to rent or buy digitally online.

Warcraft (2016): In the U.S., Warcraft is available to stream on both HBO Now and HBO Go. Oddly, Warcraft can also be purchased on iTunes, Google, Amazon, Vudu, and such, but cannot be rented. If you don't have HBO, buying is the only option available, outside of disc-based rental. Sadly, there's no HBO Now in Canada, although HBO cable subscribers up north can view Warcraft on The Movie Network Go service. In the U.K., Sky TV customers can once again use Sky Go to watch. Digital purchases are also of course available in Canada and the U.K.

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