10 Must Have Gifts For Fans Of The Golden Girls

Golden Girls was popular when it originally ran from 1985-1992, but since then, the hilarious sitcom has become a cult classic. New generations of viewers have enjoyed binging the series while those who watched back in the day are getting a kick out of reliving each episode again and again.

The sitcom, about four older ladies living in a home in Miami, FL, had a star-studded cast including the incomparable Betty White who remains the only surviving cast member today.

Even if we’ve sadly lost most of the cast, the memory of their work lives on through the show, and new fans are emerging every day.

What can you get for the Golden Girls fan, both young and old? Here are some great gift ideas.

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10 Golden Girls-Inspired Stemless Wine Glasses


Gather around the table with some cheesecake (of course cheesecake!) and wax nostalgic with friends and family, sipping cabernet from these stemless wine glasses, each of which sports a statement that’s inspired by the iconic sitcom.

There’s one statement for each of the four main characters, including Blanche, referencing her self-professed beauty, Rose and Sophia with the four words that begin almost every elaborate story they each tell, and Dorothy expressing her usual threat to send her mother to a home once again.

Top rack dishwasher-safe, the durable glasses will make a great addition to any fan’s bar area.

9 Golden Girls Seasons 1-7 on DVD


Relive the hilarity of the series with all seven seasons on DVD so you can play it over and over again at home, up at the cottage, or anywhere else there’s a DVD player.

The set includes all seven seasons comprising of 180 episodes that will be perfect for a quiet weekend binge session, or for Sunday night viewing with friends.

Rated PG, even though the series aired way back in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, the jokes, interaction among the main ladies, and storylines are still just as hilarious today.

8 Funko Pop! Funkoverse Strategy Game: The Golden Girls


In this strategy game, you play as your favorite characters from the sitcom and face off in four different scenarios. Use the unique abilities of each character to get points as you travel through locations like the ladies’ home in Miami, Florida, or the Florida boardwalk.

You can play the game on its own or combine it with other Funkoverse games. It comes with Rose and Blanche characters, along with two each character bases, character cards, and double-sided scenario cards; one cheesecake, item card, status card, cool-down tracks, and double-sided map; four game tokens; 13  game markers; six dice; 11  points; one first player  marker; and instructions. Suitable for those aged 10 and up, the game is for two players and takes anywhere from 20-60 minutes to complete.

7 Trivial Pursuit Golden Girls Trivia Game


It’s the trivia board game you know and love but with a Golden Girls twist. Instead of testing your knowledge in areas like sports, pop culture, and science, this version tests your knowledge of the sitcom and its characters.

There are 600 questions in all, fitting into six categories: The Ladies, Family Matters, Who Said It?, Men of the Night, Locations, and Words of Wisdom. The typical wedges that fit into your gamepieces look, of course, like slices of cheesecake.

Ideal for two or more players aged 12 and up, the 15-30 minute game comes with the board, a wedgeholder, 100 question cards with six questions on each, die, and rules card.

6 Golden Girls Themed Warhol Fleece Blanket


In the signature Andy Warhol style, this colorful blanket/comforter will keep you warm and toasty as you cuddle up on the couch to binge-watch the series once again.

Measuring 45 x 60”, it’s ideal for one person, or grab two for you and your significant other or friend. Alternatively, drape it over the chair in your living room or den to showcase your fandom.

Made from 100% polyester, it features the faces of all four main characters in the vintage style and is fully machine-washable.

5 Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai Book


A retrospective, this New York Times bestselling unauthorized book includes hundreds of interviews with the cast, behind-the-scenes details, fun facts, anecdotes, and juicy stories that any die-hard fan will be salivating to read.

It also includes more than 200 color and black and white photos, commentary, and more about the show and those who starred in it.

Published in the 2000s, it includes interviews with current celebrities who weigh in on why they love the girls, including Lance Bass, Laverne Cox, Zachary Quinto, and more, as well as an exclusive interview with Betty White, now 94, and interviews with Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Run McClanahan (Blanche) prior to their deaths.

4 Golden Girls Playing Cards

Imagine breaking out these adorable cards for your next poker or game night? Everyone will get a kick out of them.

Housed in a cute pink box, the typical 52-card deck features images of the characters on each card, one per suit. Blanche’s image appears on all of the hearts, Dorothy on diamonds, Rose spades, and Sophia clubs. This means each lady also fittingly has her own queen card because, well, they’re all fierce queens. The imagery is designed by Australian artist and illustrator Chantel de Sousa.

3 Harebrained! Women’s Granny Panties Briefs


Every woman has at least one pair of “granny panties.” Usually describing oversized, high-waisted, unattractive underwear, the concept of the granny panty is made modern, cute, and far more literal with this version.

In briefs style, the women’s underwear is bright and colorful, and features cartoon-like images of the four ladies from the series on the buttocks, making them literally granny panties.

On the front is an image of the Miami beaches, with the words Granny Panties front and center in case you weren’t sure what they were. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and available in sizes from small to XXXL, they would make the perfect gag gift for a fan.

2 Shady Pines Retirement Home Mug


Shady Pines is the retirement home that Sophia, Dorothy’s mother, used to live in until moving in with the ladies. And Dorothy uses every opportunity she gets to threaten to put Sophia back there!

This high-fired ceramic coffee mug with a large handle from the fictional retirement home is a way to bring a bit of the show into your home. Get a laugh every time you drink your morning java and remember the show. What’s funniest about the mug, however, is the hilarious and witty tagline: “Assisted living at it shadiest.” It’s microwave and dishwasher-safe.

1 The Golden Girls Coloring Book


Adult coloring books are all the rage, and this themed one will be a perfect addition to a fan’s collection. Featuring 30 cartoon images of the ladies from the show, each is printed on a different 8.5 x 11” sheet to avoid colors bleeding through from one page to the next.

Enjoy the artistry while using the soothing act of coloring to melt your stress away. Do a great job and maybe you’ll even want to frame the bests pages and display them on the wall. Note that you’ll have to buy your own pencil crayons to use with the book.

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