Murder on the Orient Express Gets a Poster; Trailer Arrives Tomorrow [Updated]

Murder on the Orient Express Kenneth Branagh

[UPDATE: The Murder on the Orient Express trailer is here!]


With a teaser trailer set to arrive tomorrow, the first poster for Murder on the Orient Express has officially been revealed. Based on the beloved Agatha Christie novel of the same name, the murder mystery will be the second feature-film adaptation of the story, following the award-winning 1974 take directed by Sidney Lumet. The film follows the same basic plot as the story, focusing on 13 different strangers riding a lavish train together through Europe, who all become suspects in a murder that took place one night onboard the train.

The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh, based on a screenplay by Michael Green (Logan, American Gods)Branagh is also starring in the film as Hercule Poirot, the detective called to the scene, tasked with determining who committed the murder on the train before the killer strikes again. He leads one of the best casts of the year, which also includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad, Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Olivia Colman, and more.

Murder on the Orient Express isn't set to hit theaters until later this November, but it looks like 20th Century Fox is already interested in starting their marketing of the film. Trailer-Track is reporting that the first trailer for the film will be released online tomorrow, and is currently set to play in theaters with Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman. That news has since been confirmed by the official Murder on the Orient Express Twitter account, which also debuted the poster - as you can see below.

There's no word on what the length of the trailer will be - if it's a full theatrical trailer, or rather just a teaser in order to let moviegoers know about the film. Either way, this poster does a perfect job at selling the tone and hinting at the story of Murder on the Orient Express. With blood red steam coming out of the top of the train, against a dark purple sky, the tone for the murder mystery at the heart of the film's story has already been well-established.

Kenneth Branagh is uniquely suited for this adaptation too, with the actor/director a veteran of finding new ways to bring classic stories to life on the big screen again, following his versions of Hamlet, Cinderella, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Henry V, Macbeth, and more. So with both this and a starring role in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, 2017 promises to be a big year for Branagh. While the validity of remaking Murder on the Orient Express was initially called into question by many fans and filmgoers when the film was announced as well, with this cast and a screenplay written by Green - one of the most in-demand writers working in the industry right now - Murder on the Orient Express could very well wind up being one of this year's biggest surprises.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

Key Release Dates
  • Murder on the Orient Express (2017) release date: Nov 10, 2017
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