'Muppets Most Wanted' Parody Posters and TV Spot

If there's one phrase that can be used to sum up the marketing for Muppets Most Wanted so far, it's "self-aware." From a trailer song all about making sequels ("We're doing a sequel/That's what we do in Hollywood/And everybody knows that the sequel's never quite as good") to accolades trailers featuring poorly-spelled recommendations from Twitter users, Muppets Most Wanted has done an excellent job of roasting itself before anyone else gets a chance to.

Of course, The Muppets had its own highly entertaining campaign of parody trailers, and with a plot based around Kermit getting arrested for the crimes of his doppelganger, Constantine, there's plenty of new genre fodder for Muppets Most Wanted to sink its teeth into.

Sure enough, Disney has released a new batch of parody posters (via Bleeding Cool) for movies like Skyfall, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Face/Off. Along with the posters is a new Oscar-themed TV spot with an honorable mention for Adele Dazeem (that meme is going to become dated very fast) and a sly dig about journalists taking bribes. What a silly joke (buy Pepsi).

Click below to view full versions of the parody posters:

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Whereas the central premise of The Muppets was getting the gang back together, Muppets Most Wanted is all about a trip around Europe, led along by the Muppets' new manager, Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais). Meanwhile, poor Kermit is locked up in a Russian prison by jailor Tina Fey, and plenty of other celebrities drop in for cameos. The creative team for the sequel is much the same as the first movie, with James Bobin returning to direct a script that he co-wrote with Nicholas Stoller.

Despite all the pop culture references and meta-jokes, The Muppets was actually quite a heart-warming movie and very pleasing for fans of the little felt creatures. Let's hope that they can bring the magic back in Muppets Most Wanted as well.


Muppets Most Wanted opens in theaters on March 21st, 2014.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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