The Muppets: 10 Crossover Stories We Want To See On Disney Plus

The Muppets have starred in some iconic crossover movies. Here are 10 more which we'd love to see on Disney Plus.

After the promised Disney Plus Muppets series was canceled, the producers over at Disney must surely be looking for a new way to include Jim Henson's iconic puppet characters into the brand new streaming service. In the past, Kermit and co have found success in adapting other well-known stories.

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If Disney Plus wants to go down that crossover route again, copying the likes of Muppets Treasure Island or A Muppets Christmas Carol may be the way to go. Here are 10 existing stories we'd love to see The Muppets star in their own unique version of for Disney Plus.


With Disney now owning the full rights for a galaxy far far away, it seems like a no brainer to pair America's favorite puppets with one of the most popular stories ever told. Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the team have already dabbled in the Star Wars universe in the past and we want more.

With Kermit taking on the role of Luke Skywalker and Miss Piggy as Princess Leia, we would, of course, love to see Fozzie as Chewbacca alongside a Gonzo Han Solo. It's a fun way to retell this great franchise from another perspective and works well in keeping in line with the brand synergy Disney is trying to accomplish.


The Muppets have already adapted a Charles Dickens classic for the big screen, so it's only right that they do the same again with one of his other beloved books. Oliver Twist is a very accessible story for the Muppets, playing on themes that they've explored in the past.

We can absolutely see Kermit as a young Oliver twist being taken in by the Gonzo Fagin and taught all about the underbelly of London. The story can be reintroduced to a new generation of kids who may not have experienced the classic musical version from 1968.


Disney has once told this story as one of their amazing animated features. It's looking unlikely that we'll get a live-action version of the film, but perhaps the Muppets are a way that the tale can be revived once more. It's a story of magic and heart, perfect for the playful family of misfits.

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Casting this one is likely a lot harder, although we already have our leads with Kermit's Peter and Miss Piggy's Wendy. The film can be a bit tongue in cheek similar, to what we've seen with the Lego Movie for instance. Allowing the wires to be visible when the kids fly over London is one way of many that this can achieve the right tone.


What better way to retell some truly iconic fairy tales, than with the twist of some iconic characters. This film could even pitch it as more Into the Woods, or perhaps could edge towards the Disney version of these fairy tales. Nonetheless, this seems like a perfect opportunity for the brand.

Rather than adopting this as a film, it could even be produced as a series, with each episode presenting a different fairy tale that we've seen in the past. It can present us with all of the traditional Grimm ones or could take us from Jasmine and Belle to Prince Charming and well... Prince Charming.


Disney now owns the film rights to the Narnia series once again. After originally producing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as well as a sequel, Disney then sold the rights to 20th Century FOX who carried on the films for a bit before stopping the franchise.

After their big acquisition, Disney once again owns the rights and is probably looking for a way to revisit the property. A back doorway to reintroduce the world to these characters could be through the Muppets. It would be a great way to test whether there's a market for this story again before going for a full live-action reboot.


Matilda is a classic children's book that's seen a version on both the big screen and in the theatre. It's an incredibly beloved story of a young girl with magical powers and it seems like the Muppets could reinvigorate some of that fantasy once again with their own adaptation.

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We think something could be lost by having Matilda as a Muppet so she should probably remain human. The rest of the characters are definitely not off limits though. With Trunchball obviously the most fun to cast, there's only one choice to really fill the role and that's the sometimes terrifying Miss Piggy of course.


The last time Gulliver's Travels was put onto film it didn't go down so well for Jack Black. It wasn't a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination but there is still a concept there that if done correctly, could actually be a lot of fun.

The Muppets might be the perfect way to have another go at this franchise. The idea that all of the Muppets would be tiny while an incredibly large human towers over them does seem quite quirky on paper. It would also help to define the two worlds and their backgrounds.


Many of you may not be familiar with this famous series from British author Enid Blyton. The Enchanted Wood is home to the Faraway Tree, a magic tree that you can travel into new worlds through. There's a different world each day but if you get stuck you can't return until that reality is back on the tree again.

There's a lot of quirky characters, such as Moonhead, who cannot be replaced by Muppets but could be beautifully replicated in puppet form. The kids that travel the tree could all be humans, but the creatures they come across on their travels can be the famous Muppet characters.


Alice is the quintessential character that many viewers can relate to. It's easy to be sucked into Wonderland alongside her and brought into the fantastic world. It's important to keep Alice as a human in all of this, therefore.  The Muppets could populate Wonderland itself, however.

The Muppets have touched on the property in the past, as part of a sketch on their weekly show. However, there's a lot of room to continue to explore this world and a Disney Plus film could even serve as some kind of sequel to this sketch, continuing to add to what was already created.


It's difficult to get kids to engage with Shakespeare's plays. The Muppets might be a way to introduce a younger generation to this tale of love and revenge. It's an easy story to construct for Disney Plus, although the ending might have to be changed a bit.

We already have two leads that can fall madly in love, so all that would have to be done is to split the Muppets into two warring factions. Gonzo could return as a narrator once again, as that role has always worked well for him in the past. This could be the most beloved retelling of this classic tale if it's put together correctly.

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