Which Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI

Many kids grew up with The Muppet Show. Watching Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the other Muppets was a rite of passage for many kids of a certain age. The Muppets made their debut in the '50s before appearing in Sesame Street in 1969. In 1976, they hit the big time with The Muppet Show, which was a variety show that featured sketches from the Muppets along with a human guest.

Since then, there have been several television shows featuring the Muppets as well as eight different movies, with everything from road trip films to remakes of A Christmas Carol and Treasure Island. With the most recent film hitting in 2014, the Muppets have enjoyed over 60 years of success. Here is a look at the MBTI traits of the Muppets.

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What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?
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10 INFP - Kermit The Frog

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Kermit the Frog is the leader of The Muppets. He is also the "straight man" for the group, as all the other Muppets are comedic foils who frustrate him at every turn. Kermit was one of the first Muppets to appear on Sesame Street, and when The Muppet Show began airing, he was the showrunner of their variety show.

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Kermit's MBTI character trait is the INFP, which is the Mediator. While it might seem he might be the Administrator, he is more of the man who leads by example and not the one who manages the troops. He is inspiring and tireless and won't stop until the job is done.

9 ENTJ - Miss Piggy

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Miss Piggy is the leading lady of The Muppet Show -- the OG Diva. She believes she is the true star of the show and often uses French phrases to show her status. She also has a thing for Kermit the Frog and believes the two of them are destined to be together. She also has a strong temper and knows karate, a warning for anyone who crosses her.

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Miss Piggy did not debut until The Muppet Show premiered but quickly became one of the most recognizable stars from the group. Piggy's MBTI character trait is ENTJ. She is a true performer, but she is also bold and strong-willed, never one to be pushed around, and always finds a way to get what she wants.

8 ESFP - Fozzie Bear

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Fozzie Bear is the comedian of the Muppet troupe. However, the most prominent character trait with Fozzie is that he is not funny -- at all. His jokes are corny and make Dad Jokes look like masterpieces. He is also known for his tagline of "Wocka Wocka" after he finishes his routine. Interestingly, Fozzie was supposed to be the main supporting character, but Miss Piggy ended up surpassing him.

The MBTI character trait of Fozzie Bear is ESFP, which should come as no surprise. That is the Entertainer of the MBTI traits. He is spontaneous, enthusiastic, and energetic and is always the life of the party, even if everyone else in the room wishes he wasn't.

7 ISTP - Scooter

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

As mentioned, Kermit the Frog is the showrunner for The Muppet Show, but he is not who manages the cast. No, that job goes to his hapless stage manager, Scooter. While Kermit is often flabbergasted at what happens around him while trying to produce a show, it is Scooter that has to keep everyone in line and make the show happen.

The MBTI character trait for Scooter is ISTP -- the Craftsman. This is because it is his job to get what Kermit wants onto the stage no matter what it takes. He is a master of all tools and needs them all, considering what all goes wrong each and every week.

6 ESTP - Gonzo

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Gonzo is one of the Muppets that appeared early before The Muppet Show began to air, and his character was perfect when it came to transitioning to the variety show format. That is because Gonzo is a stunt performer and a performance artist who is lucky he is still alive considering the dangerous stunts he performs in every episode.

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Gonzo is one of the few Muppets that is not based on an actual animal, and one of the jokes throughout the series is what he actually might be. Gonzo's MBTI character trait is ESTP. He is a true performer but someone who is highly energetic and lives on the edge.

5 ENFP - Animal

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Arguably the most entertaining and popular member of The Muppets is Animal. He is not an animal or human but is a straight-up monster. Not only that, but he is a highly energetic and frenzied monster who gets so excited that he often needs to be chained up to keep him from destroying everything.

The drummer of the house band on The Muppet Show, Animal, is an ENFP when it comes to his MBTI character type. He is enthusiastic and highly creative, although his enthusiasm caps what he can achieve before he goes completely off the rails.

4 INTP - Bunsen Honeydew

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Bunsen Honeydew is the mad scientist of The Muppet Show and appeared in sketches on the series where he tested out his new inventions. This is bad news for his assistant Beaker, who is also often his test subject -- often with disastrous results. Sadly, all Beaker can do is beep out sounds as he is tortured and almost killed in every episode.

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As for Bunsen Honeydew himself, he is an INTP on the MBTI character type scale. This is The Thinker, as Honeydew is an innovative thinker who has almost an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This leads to inventions including a banana sharpener, a gorilla detector, and an electric nose warmer.

3 ESTJ - Statler And Waldorf

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Statler and Waldorf were not part of the troupe of The Muppet Show but were instead a pair of critics who sat in the balcony and roasted the show regularly. They were two elderly men who jeered everything that happened and every Muppet that appeared on the stage. The duo also got their own award-winning web show called Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony.

Listed here as a duo, their MBTI type is ESTJ. While that is listed as the Executive, and while that usually means managing things and people, in this case, they are just judgmental of everyone around them. They are loud and obnoxious, clearly extroverts, and blast anything they don't like.

2 ISTJ - Sam Eagle

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

Sam Eagle is the most ultra-patriotic member of The Muppet Show, which ties into him being based on the Bald Eagle. Unlike the other Mupets, Sam is very stoic and pompous, which makes him stand out among the buffoons that normally pollute the screen. He is also the cast member that wants to raise the quality of the show above the "low brow entertainment" that it often displayed.

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Sam Eagle is an ISTJ on the MBTI character type. He is the Logistician since he is very judgmental and sees practical ways that he believes things should change to make the show better. He also believes his reliability can never be questioned and stands tall at all times.

1 ISFP - Rowlf The Dog

What Muppet Are You Based On Your MBTI?

While it seemed that Fozzie Bear was going to be the sidekick and best buddy of Kermit the Frog, over time, it was clear that Rowlf the Dog was the closest friend to the frog, and the Muppet that Kermit always had to talk to when the chips were down. In some interesting trivia, Rowlf the Dog was the first actual Muppet, appearing on The Jimmy Dean Show in 1963.

Rowlf is an ISFP for the MBTI character type. This is the role of The Adventurer. As a matter of fact, after his long career on The Jimmy Dean Show, it was Rowlf that wanted most to appear on Sesame Street, although it was Kermit that became the star. Despite that, Rowlf is a charming artist who always wants to discover new things.

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