Remake Of 'The Munsters' TV Show In The Works [Updated]

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[UPDATE: According to Latino Review, del Toro will not be involved in this new version of The Munsters.]

It turns out reboots aren't just for movies after all - a modern updating of The Munsters TV show is now in the works over at NBC.  The proponent behind the new series is none other than Bryan Fuller, the creator of such cult TV shows as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.

The Munsters was a satirical sitcom that ran from 1964-1966 and revolved around a family of friendly but nonetheless creepy monsters, whose ranks included the Frankenstein monster-inspired patriarch, Herman; his vampiric wife Lily and her father, Grandpa; the werewolf son, Eddie; and Marilyn, the family's niece and only decent-looking relative.  Naturally, the others considered her a weirdo.

NBC has gone ahead and ordered a pilot for Fuller's new Munsters, which is being described as a mix between Modern Family and True Blood in terms of tone and content.  Fans of Fuller's previous TV outings know that he has a knack for delivering shows that are often inspiredly kooky and creative - not to mention surprisingly touching and heartfelt.

The ever-busy Guillermo del Toro is reportedly intrigued by the concept behind this Musters remake and is looking to get involved behind-the-scenes in some form - whether that means he could serve as a series producer or possibly write and/or direct a few episodes is up in the air at this point.

A remake of The Munsters that potentially combines Fuller's storytelling abilities with del Toro's eye for fantastical creature design is definitely an idea worth getting excited for.  Both of these individuals are arguably one-of-a-kind talents whose artistic sensibilities may be a bit too quirky or twisted for some viewers' preferences, but even the detractors have to admit that, whenever either Fuller or del Toro are involved, the end result is anything but flat-out dull or unoriginal.

No one is really begging to see The Munsters updated for the 21st century and it would difficult to argue that the show "needs" to be redone - nonetheless, the involvement of the creative forces that are Fuller and del Toro makes this one in-development series to keep an eye out for.

UPDATE: Latino Review tweeted this morning that they received a message from del Toro in which he claimed "I am not involved in THE MUSNTERS [sic] at all."

Source: EW

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