Munroe & Routh Officially on Dylan Dog


According to our buddies at Bloody-Disgusting, Kevin Munroe (the director behind the surprisingly-solid TMNT) has agreed to helm a film adaptation of the Italian horror comic.

And they have also reiterated that Superman himself, Brandon Routh, has officially signed on to portray the nightmare investigator.

David R. Ellis (who helmed the immortal classic Snakes on a Plane) was previously on-board to direct. But he's apparently too busy with Final Destination 4 at the moment.

This also means that Munroe's off Gatchaman aka G-Force aka Battle of the Planets for Warner Brothers and the Weinstein Company.

I gotta say it's awesome to hear that Routh will be headlining another "big" film before the Superman Returns sequel Man of Steel next year; especially after how his part was sadly cut from The Informers.

If this all works out, he could find himself headlining two franchises concurrently.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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