The Mummy TV Spot: Tom Cruise Discovers the Ultimate Evil

The latest TV spot for The Mummy focuses on the terrifying fate of Tom Cruise's character Nick Morton, for unleashing a long-buried Egyptian princess.

Death is never the end. #TheMummy - in theaters June 9.

— #TheMummy (@themummy) April 10, 2017

Another TV spot has arrived for The Mummy, further teasing the world-ending threat posed by the eponymous monster. The film kicks off Universal's shared monster universe and The Mummy trailers so far have teased an action-packed thrill ride, in the vein of star Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible films, with an added supernatural twist. In this classic monster movie reboot, the hero is also resurrected after a deadly plane crash, along with the long-buried Egyptian princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) he has inadvertently unleashed on the world.

The writer/producer for Universal's monster movies, Chris Morgan, has insisted that The Mummy is essentially a "standalone" film existing in the same world as several other monsters who feature in upcoming projects. That said, we've already seen Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe) in teasers for the film, and the headquarters of Prodigium, the secret monster-hunting organization that already seems familiar with a variety of otherworldy creatures -- including vampires.

The latest TV spot for The Mummy, released on the movie's official Twitter account and viewable above, also features Jekyll and focuses on all the most ominous warnings for Cruise's reborn treasure hunter Nick Morton. As the good doctor informs him, his second chance at life is due to "the ultimate evil." The clip then shifts to Sgt. Vail's (Jake Johnson) eerily calm voice, telling Morton that: "You can't run, you can't escape. She's got plans for you."

Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson in The Mummy

The message throughout the trailers for The Mummy is that Ahmanet's power is like nothing ever seen before, and the level of destruction in her wake is going to be devastating. This latest clip ends on chilling words from the princess: "There are worse fates than death." While she obviously speaks from personal experience, it's also looking like her vengeful plans will include Morton in ways too terrifying for him to even comprehend in the film.

Two years ago, Universal Chariman Donna Langley suggested that their version of The Mummy would likely be "more action than horror." While it's clear that the finished film is heavy on action, including some incredible stunts and effects, it also looks to play tribute to the more old-school horror films that excelled at an ever-escalating feeling of uncertainty and dread. It's a chilling realization for Morton, and the audience, that a fatal plane crash is only the beginning of what evils may befall him.

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  • The Mummy (2017) release date: Jun 09, 2017
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