5 New Mummy Clips Offer Best Look Yet at Tom Cruise's Reboot

Universal has released five new clips from this month's The Mummy reboot. The film, starring Tom Cruise, will relaunch the original Mummy franchise from the '30s and the later trilogy from the '90s, bringing the undead monster to a whole new generation of fans. In addition, The Mummy is set to kick-start Universal's new monster-movie shared universe, the Dark Universe.

The final trailer for The Mummy was released last month, and the adventure hits theaters this week, but Universal isn't done with the teasers just yet. In addition to some behind the scenes videos, the studio has also released five news clips from the film this weekend.

The clips, released by Universal, each clock in at around a minute long, with the shortest running only 46 seconds, and the longest one minute and three seconds long. Four of the five clips center on Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, with the fifth focusing on Sofia Boutella as the titular mummy Ahmanet. Other characters who make an appearance include Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey, Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll (whose set to have his own film in Universal's Dark Universe) and Jake Johnson as Chris Vail.

Many of the clips expand on scenes that have already been shown in the previous trailers. The clip titled 'Nick Saves Jenny' is shown in part in the opening scenes of the final trailer, showing the audience that Nick himself cannot be killed. Dr. Jekyll's welcoming of Nick into their evil-hunting operation is also a scene that is featured in the final trailer, as is Ahmanet's pursuit of Nick. Part of 'Ahmenat Conjures Set' has also been seen in an earlier trailer.

While these clips don't provide a lot of new information in terms of the plot of the film, they do expand on some of the things that fans have already seen, providing a more in-depth look at what fans can expect. The clips show off the incredible effects that are going to be included in the film, and emphasize Dr. Jekyll's involvement - and in turn, how this film will set up an entire Dark Universe of monster movies. Fans looking for new, spoilery goodness will be out of luck, of course, but luckily they do not have too much longer to wait to see the film in its entirety. In the meantime, these new clips provide just a little bit more for fans of The Mummy and the classic monster movies to enjoy.

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Source: Universal

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