The Mummy Video: Tom Cruise Loves His Practical Stunts

A new behind-the-scenes video for this summer's The Mummy shows just how far Tom Cruise is willing to go for high octane entertainment.

Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in The Mummy

A new behind-the-scenes video showcases Tom Cruise's commitment to his outrageous stunt work in this summer's The Mummy. Action movies live or die by the stunt work. Audiences love seeing characters they’ve come to know put in life threatening situations and walk out the other side. Whether jumping onto an airplane as it’s taking off, scaling the tallest building in the world, or running headlong into a massive explosion, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing someone risk life and limb for the sake of a thrilling cinematic moment, and one man does it, perhaps, better than anyone.

Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation) has built the latter half of his career off delivering audiences the thrills they crave without the benefit of a stuntman. Movie after movie has found the A-lister upping the ante with death defying stunts that leave audiences hungry for more. At this point, it wouldn’t be a Cruise movie if he weren’t risking his life for the sake of the shot, and so of course he brought that maniacal work ethic with him to The Mummy.

The video from SyFy Wire (watch it above) details how much physical work Cruise brought to his role in Universal’s upcoming action take on the classic monster tale. As usual, the actor brings his best to ensure that the stunt work is as stunning as it can be and goes to great lengths to make sure the film’s vision is realized. His enthusiasm for making sure the film works is more than apparent, and rubs off on his co-stars as well. According to Cruise,

“The Mummy is going to have great action, and real thrills. We want it to be wild and violent and erratic and spontaneous.”

The Mummy Tom Cruise Annabelle Wallis

To capture all of that, Cruise dove right into the stunts for the film, which find the actor running from explosions, running down a collapsing building, repelling into a cavernous pit, and even working in zero g. This is all part and parcel for the actor, though his efforts definitely inspired his co-stars to try and keep up. According to Courtney B. Vance (American Crime Story):

“His energy is infectious. He’s got to top himself every time, action wise.”

This was a sentiment seconded by Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders), who spoke highly of Cruise’s enthusiasm and work ethic:

“His passion, his drive, his determination lights the way for us all.”

Whether or not this all translates into a great film still remains to be seen, but enthusiastic performances do tend to affect the final product in positive ways. Cruise has had his share of ups and downs in recent years, but even in bad movies he’s typically, at the very least, fun to watch. That alone suggests potentially great things for the upcoming reboot, which Universal is hoping can be expanded into a new shared universe.

From what we’ve seen from The Mummy so far, there certainly seems to be a good chance for success. The trailers have all showcased the film’s action, and Cruise is perfect for over the top summer action flicks. If the movie ends up being worth half the star’s enthusiasm, then this could turn into a real treat for fans. We’ll keep you posted on more news as it develops.

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Source: SyFy Wire

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