The Mummy's Global Box Office Keeps Sequel Possibility Alive

Tom Cruise's The Mummy has passed the $400 million mark at the global box office, keeping the idea of a sequel alive. Without question, The Mummy is one of the bigger disappointments of the summer, suffering from poor reviews and grossing a lower-than-expected $30 million in its opening frame the second weekend of June. Nearing the end of its domestic run (it grossed a miniscule $7,895 over the weekend), the film's final stateside cume will end up at about $80.1 million.

It's the sort of reception the film couldn't afford, considering that it served as the first entry in Universal Pictures' Dark Universe, a shared universe of monster movie reboots that will (in theory) one day include such classic titles as The Wolf Man and The Invisible Man, among several others. Director Bill Condon's remake of The Bride of Frankenstein is next up on the Dark Universe slate with a February 2019 release.

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Despite its lackluster opening stateside, The Mummy still managed to become the biggest opening ever for a Cruise film overseas with $169 million - and after two months, the foreign box office is proving to be crucial to the future of not only the Dark Universe, but the possibility of another Mummy movie.

According to Exhibitor Relations,The Mummy crossed the $400 million mark over the weekend. The boost came from the film's huge reception in China, where it has grossed more than $91 million to date. At current, The Mummy has earned $327.6 million overseas, which combined with the $80.1 domestic tally brings the worldwide total to $407.7 million.

The international box office is obviously crucial to the future of The Mummy, since the film's conclusion left the door wide open for a sequel. A financial analysis by Deadline a couple weeks after the film open had the film pegged for a $95 million loss based on production, marketing and distribution costs, among other factors, but that figure was calculated with the assumption that the film would end its global run at $375 million. But with The Mummy  chipping away at that ominous negative $95 million figure with a $407.7 global cume that appears far from a wrap overseas, it will be interesting to see if Universal will be tempted to give Cruise and company another go.

No matter the case, Universal will have to do some recalculating when it comes to future releases in the Dark Universe when trimming budgets. Exhibitor Relations pointed out in separate tweet that the four films with a combined budget of $80 million in The Conjuring Universe have made more than $1 billion, while The Mummy's budget alone was$160 million. Looking at things that way, the Dark Universe has gotten off to an even weaker start.

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Source: Exhibitor Relations

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