The Mummy Gets An Old School Video Game

The Mummy is getting an old-fashioned video game adaptation - and a rather cool looking one at that. The Tom Cruise-led film was supposed to kick off a new franchise for Universal, which focused on their famous monsters such as Dracula, The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster.

Instead, The Mummy received mixed to negative reviews, with common complaints focusing on the weak story, the uninspired attempts at humor and a near total lack of horror or suspense. Many critics also felt Cruise was somewhat miscast in the lead role, and the film has underperformed at the box office. What this means for Universal's Dark Universe going forward isn’t clear, and the studio has been keeping quiet on the subject of planned future movies, like director Bill Condon’s Bride of Frankenstein.

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While the movie may have left audiences cold, the upcoming video game adaptation The Mummy Demastered looks like a blast. The game has players taking control of agents from the monster hunting Prodigium - which was led by Russell Crowe’s Dr Jekyll in the movie - as they hunt Princess Ahmanet. Aside from fighting the titular mummy herself, players will blast through zombies, rats, giant spiders and other nasty creatures.

The Mummy Demastered is an intentionally retro, 16-bit adventure, and in addition to blasting enemies with machine guns, flamethrowers and grenades, players will also be able to explore and find hidden relics and artefacts. The game is being pitched as a “Metroidvania” style adventure, where character growth and exploration are just as important as a quick trigger finger.

The announcement of the game - in addition to its retro stylings – is something of a surprise, as tie-in video games are considered a dying breed. In the past, a big blockbuster was almost always accompanied by a tie-in game, but they were usually rushed and lacking in quality. For every great video game tie-in like GoldenEye 64 and The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, there was infamous duds like Batman Forever, Thor: God Of Thunder and of course Atari's E.T.  The Extra-Terrestrial. The poor quality of games like Thor and Iron Man 2 even led to Marvel putting a pause on tie-ins for awhile.

While it remains to be seen if The Mummy game will help the reputation of tie-in games or the Dark Universe itself, it certainly looks like a charming, old-school throwback that provides a fun new angle on the movie.

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The Mummy Demastered lands this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Source: WayForward

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