The Mummy TV Spot: The Pyramids Are Prisons


The Mummy has been made several times by Universal, starting in 1932 with the Boris Karloff version, and each time the premise has been basically the same: some ancient evil is locked away in a tomb, and that ancient evil is unleashed upon the earth with dire consequences. In the original Mummy, Boris Karloff just wanted to hook up with his dead lover whom he believed had been reincarnated. In the 1999 version starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, high priest Arnold Vosloo wanted to bring his dead lover back to life via human sacrifice.

For the 2017 reboot of The Mummy, the premise once again involves the unleashing of a long-dormant evil, but this time the stakes have been massively raised. When Tom Cruise's treasure hunter accidentally wakes up Sofia Boutella's Princess Ahmanet, his mistake threatens not just him but the entire existence of planet earth.

Just how high the stakes have been raised for the reboot becomes evident in the new TV spot for The Mummy featured on the film's official Twitter. In the clip, we see images from the movie's set-up, showing Tom Cruise entering Ahmanet's tomb. In voice over, Russell Crowe's Dr. Jekyll explains to Cruise that the tomb he thought he was raiding was actually a prison. As we see, there was a good reason Princess Ahmanet was locked away in her own prison for all those centuries.

She’s unlike anything we’ve ever faced. #TheMummy - in theaters June 9.

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With Tom Cruise in the lead role, the emphasis for this new incarnation of The Mummy has been shifted heavily toward action. There's a major set-piece involving a plane crash that required Cruise to perform his signature hazardous stunts, and there's also a ton of large-scale CGI mayhem as Ahmanet carries out her plan to recreate her long-gone kingdom by first destroying everything in her path.

But Princess Ahmanet, we've been assured, is not merely a mindless engine of destruction but has a whole back story that may make her more sympathetic than previous incarnations of the Mummy. Ahmanet is at least partially motivated by a desire for revenge, so expect a heavy "woman scorned" angle with the character.


As we can clearly see, this new Mummy is a long way from Universal's classic monster movie and even the 1999 reboot with all its big action and special effects. Yet a little of the spirit of the original Universal movies still persists in spite of the modern trappings. Universal is hoping they can resurrect more of their classic monsters as part of a shared universe, though they insist The Mummy and future monster reboots will still function as standalone films.

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  • The Mummy (2017) release date: Jun 09, 2017
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