The Mummy Doesn't Have an End Credits Scene

Even though Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy acts as the first installment in Universal Pictures' newly-formed Dark Universe, it will not have an after credits scene to set up the rest of the shared monster universe. The studio first announced plans to develop a shared universe based on their iconic monsters from the Hollywood's golden age three years ago, with Gary Shore's Dracula Untold originally set up to be the first installment in said shared universe. (The director even reshot the ending to allow for Luke Evans' Dracula to appear in the Dark Universe, if needed.)

The studio later downplayed Dracula Untold's connections to the Dark Universe, as they have been championing The Mummy as the Dark Universe's first installment. As other studios and cinematic universes can attest to, being the first movie out of the gate carries heavy burdens, the least of which is laying the groundwork for future installments. Aside from including characters and plot points in the actual film, the best way to set up a new shared universe is by using post-credits scenes, but it looks like that's something Universal isn't interested in at this time.

The Mummy director Alex Kurtzman has been doing press for the upcoming reboot ahead of its release this weekend. He spoke to IGN about setting up the Dark Universe and confirmed that the film won't have an after credits scene. Still, he says that it may be something they would look into in the future:

"No, no, that's Marvel's domain. So render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Maybe it'll feel more appropriate down the line, as the universe builds itself. I don't think [anyone] wanted to be accused of ripping off what they did so well."

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It's certainly true that the concept of post-credits scenes has been popularized by Marvel Studios, with the studio having incorporated at least one such scene in each installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. However, it's unfair to call the use of end credits scenes Marvel's domain (post credits scenes have been around for some time). It is, however, fair to say that Marvel was one of the first studios to actively use the scenes to tease future installments -- and to do so consistently.

Ever since Nick Fury showed up at the end of Iron Man's credits, people have associated post-credits scenes with comic book movies. But, the fact is, not every movie has the need for it. For instance, Wonder Woman doesn't have a post-credits scene, though there was one at the end of Suicide Squad, which was used to tease Justice League. It seems that Kurtzman's beliefs fall in line with the former movie, in that his film doesn't need a post-credits scene to tease future installments in the Dark Universe.

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Source: IGN

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