The Mummy: Tom Cruise's Zero-G Stunt Took 64 Takes

Annabelle Wallis and Tom Cruise in The Mummy

The older Tom Cruise gets, the more he seems intent on pushing the boundaries of making movies to places they've never been before. In the Mission: Impossible films in particular, he's hung off the side of a tower in Dubai, and clutched onto the exterior of cargo plane upon take off. For Mission: Impossible 6, producer David Ellison says Cruise has been training for a year for the film's marquee stunt scene.

Of course, Cruise, 54, works on other action films outside of the M:I franchise, but that doesn't mean he takes time off from his stunning stunt work. During filming for the June release of The Mummy, Cruise wasn't necessarily in danger of losing his life during the filming of a zero-gravity plane crash sequence - but apparently, he was at risk of losing his lunch.

Talking with Variety at CinemaCon Wednesday, Mummy director Alex Kurtzman says "there was a lot of barfing" during the filming of the sequence – but Cruise's co-star Annabelle Wallis says the action movie icon wasn't one of them. Wallis did add, though, that many of the 64-person crew filming the stunt sequence did toss their cookies.

Ironically, the number 64 applied to the stunt shoot in more ways than one. Cruise did 64 takes of the zero-gravity sequence, which Variety says was shot over two days and four high-altitude flights. True to Cruise form, the actor refused the option to shoot the sequence on a sound stage, but opted for the real thing to heighten the audience experience.

Sofia Boutella in The Mummy

Cruise introduced a new trailer for The Mummy at CinemaCon Wednesday via a video appearance, promising a “bold, romantic, epic, terrifying monster film." The film also stars Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek Beyond actress Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet – the mummy in the film's title. Boutella said during a panel that, “Playing a monster was really interesting to me, but also the fact that the mummy was a woman. Whenever something happens, there’s always a monster within us."

While news of the extent Cruise went to the zero-gravity scene is exciting enough, fans should be particularly happy that the energetic actor is stretching his limits of his film roles even further to include a bona fide horror film. True, he played Lestat in Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles in 1994, but that horror thriller had a decidedly different tone that was more Gothic in nature.

With The Mummy, Cruise is clearly going for horror-inspired scares, and treating audiences to genuine thrills with the type of physical acting he does best. It's not often where a movie frightens an audience equally as much as the scary thoughts Cruise's stunt work evokes.

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Source: Variety

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