'Much Ado About Nothing' Trailer: 'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon Does Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing Trailer and Poster

Upon finishing principal photography on The Avengers, filmmaker Joss Whedon did what any sensible person would do: gather together all his best friends and shoot a low-budget, black-and-white, modern rendition of William Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing in his fancy Santa Monica home over a two-week period.

The film stars Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof (costars on Angel) as the quarreling would-be lovers Beatrice and Benedick, in addition to Fran Kranz (Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods) and newcomer Jillian Morgese playing Claudio and Hero, a budding couple that serves as the naive foil to the cynical leads.

Meanwhile, Nathan Fillion (Firefly) plays the comical officer Dogberry, Clark Gregg (The Avengers) costars as Hero's father Leonato and Reed Diamond (Dollhouse) is Don Pedro, the man who "conspires" to get Beatrice and Benedick together at last. Meanwhile, Sean Maher (Firefly) plays Don John, the bitter man responsible for causing, well... see the title.

Watch the Much Ado About Nothing trailer, then check out the international poster:


'Much Ado About Nothing' Poster

The Much Ado About Nothing trailer appears to do a good job of capturing the spirit and zesty approach of Whedon's exercise: redesign Shakespeare's romantic farce in a modern low-budget movie context, while also preserving the majority of the original dialogue and scenarios from The Bard's play. Similarly, the lighting and color selections from cinematographer Jay Hunter (Paper Heart) seem effective, as do most of the actors speaking in Shakespearean tongue.

Those who caught Whedon's project at the Toronto International Film Festival last year have been saying the movie is a winner for several months now. Basically, it sounds like fans of either Shakespeare, Joss Whedon or indie cinema (or maybe all three) should keep an eye out for this flick.


Much Ado About Nothing opens in U.S. theaters on June 7th, 2013.


Source: Yahoo! Movies

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