MTV Making 'Teen Wolf' TV Pilot

Oh MTV... First you stop playing videos, then you help usher in the god-awful age of reality TV, and now you're pursuing Hollywood's current favorite pastime: finding ways to re-introduce young kids to the same childhood icons their parents and older siblings grew up with. Cutting edge strategy, MTV, cutting edge...

If you haven't heard, MTV is cooking up a TV series based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox film, Teen Wolf. For those of you worried that a series based on Teen Wolf could end up as a Hills meets The Wolfman mashup if left in MTV's hands...keep worrying. Here's what Senior VP of MTV series development told The Hollywood Reporter:

"It has a fresh take and is very different from the original...It has more of an 'American Werewolf in London' feel to it. It's a dramatic thriller with two best friends in the center who provide a great comedy element: They are two very relatable characters on the outer circles of popular cliques."

LOL! I can almost hear you American Werewolf in London fans tearing out your hair right now.  Not to worry, though, I'm sure this MTV Teen Wolf will be just as good as that film was (snicker)... Wow... two great werewolf flicks killed with one MTV stone...

Teen Wolf is being written by Jeff Davis, creator of Criminal Minds who will also co-executive produce the pilot with Marty Adelstein (Prison Break) and Rene Echevarria (ABC's Castle). No word yet on when MTV is hoping to air the series, if the pilot goes well.

Ok so I'm dying to know what you think about MTV taking on Teen Wolf. You howling in joy, or howling in pain?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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