Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer; Showrunner on Preparing to Lose Dylan O'Brien

MTV's Teen Wolf was conceived as an adaptation of sorts of the 1980s cult film by the same name starring Michael J. Fox as a high school student who uses his werewolf traits to gain popularity. The MTV adaptation, developed by Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds), set a much darker tone and has begun to explore more types of shapeshifters throughout its five season run while also amassing an exceptionally devoted fan following.

Teen Wolf has already been renewed for season 6, but will return in January for the second half of its 20-episode fifth season. While promoting season 5b (watch the new trailer above) at New York Comic Con, Davis spoke about the future of Teen Wolf, and different iterations of the series.

In an interview with Forbes, Davis mentioned there had been talks between him and MTV about potential Teen Wolf spinoffs, though those never came about because both showrunner and network believed it better to focus on the flagship series. However, Davis admitted he has spoken to both Tyler Posey (who stars as Scott McCall) and MTV about doing a one-off TV movie in an event-style debut: "They might kill me if I say yes. But, something like that was discussed."

The precedence of using Teen Wolf for event viewings is certainly there at MTV. The network launched the series off the back of its annual MTV Movie Awards - the first two seasons’ premieres debuted following the awards show in 2011 and 2012 - but the tide had changed two years later when episode 10 of season 4, 'Monstrous', was used as a lead in to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Additionally, the network had aired specials alongside the biggest episodes of the seasons before launching a Talking Dead-style after show, Wolf Watch, with the premiere of season 3b.

Unrelated to the potential TV movie, Davis spoke about cast change ups and bringing back characters on the upcoming season of Teen Wolf; both J.R. Bourne and Gideon Emery, who play Chris Argent and Deucalion, respectively, will be returning for season 5b in January, and Davis teased the appearance of another member of the Argent family. Meanwhile, Davis said he is prepared for a time when Dylan O'Brien (The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials), who plays fan-favorite Stiles Stilinski, may leave the show in favor of his burgeoning film career. However, Davis urged that the inclusion or absence of characters is based on the necessity of the story.

Teen Wolf San Diego Comic-Con 2015 info

With the precedence for using Teen Wolf as event-viewing, or an anchor in the schedule as MTV will do in January when it brings the series back in a new time slot - Tuesdays at 9pm, rather than its typical 10pm Monday slot - it's not out of the realm of possibility that the network could produce a TV movie. Additionally, with so much of the show's original cast having moved on to other projects, or perhaps preparing to move on, a one-off event could allow the showrunner to bring back characters fans have missed, like Daniel Sharman's Isaac or Colton Haynes' Jackson.

Of course, the TV movie hasn't seemed to move forward past the discussion stage between Davis and the network, though his reluctance to mention the talks may be a good sign. If it does happen, when it would occur - prior to or following season 6, or later - is unclear since the show tends to builds its seasons as standalone stories within the overarching narrative of the series. However despite a minor drop off in the ratings in season 5, with such a devoted fan following that has grown considerably since Teen Wolf season 1, it's certain many would tune in to a event-style TV movie.

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Teen Wolf returns for season 5b Tuesday January 5th at 9pm on MTV.

Source: Forbes

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