'Teen Wolf' TV Show Trailer: 'Twilight' Style Teen Drama

Michael J. Fox has many onscreen faces, but one of his silliest, albeit charming, personas was that of Scott Howard, an average high school kid for whom puberty meant occasionally sprouting fangs and excessive amounts of hair in the 1985 comedy, Teen Wolf.

MTV decided to refashion that movie as a TV show and the results can be seen in a new trailer for the series, which looks more like The Jacob Black Chronicles than a sitcom about how asking your crush to the prom is all that much trickier when you're a non-legal werewolf.

Tyler Posey stars in MTV's Teen Wolf as Scott McCall, your average pale-skinned, dark-haired high-schooler who wants to be more than just friends with a gal named Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), but has bigger issues to deal with when he's bitten by a mysterious wolf during a cold and lonely night in the woods (no idea why he was there in the first place...). While Scott doesn't have to compete with a sunken-eyed Robert Pattinson for his brunette object of affection, the teen werewolf has does have to deal with another obstacle: Allison's father, who is part of an organization that hunts down and kills Scott's kind.

We shall refrain from making any more snide Twilight references for the time being and will instead direct you to the Teen Wolf trailer, which can be viewed below:

Moody teenage dramas with a supernatural twists are all the rage nowadays, as proven by the success of The Vampire Diaries, the collective works of Stephenie Meyer, and the endless number of Twilight-inspired spinoffs that can now be purchased at your local Barnes and Noble.

The use of fantastical creatures like vampires, werwolves, and other assorted monsters as metaphors for the difficulties most 15-20 year olds encounter when they come of age can actually work, as it did in Joss Whedon's cult TV show Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, but this new Teen Wolf looks far too bland and uninspired to pull off a similar trick.

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf

No one would argue that the Teen Wolf movie is a classic, but at least that pic had a sense of humor and a charismatic leading man in Michael J. Fox. The new MTV show aims to be serious, but will still probably have its share of unintentional laughs - meanwhile, Posey will be up against the wall to convince viewers that he's more than just another Taylor Lautner, minus the abs.

How does the new Teen Wolf look to you?

Source: MTV (via /Film)

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