Three New Promos Emerge for ‘Teen Wolf’ Revamp on MTV


MTV’s push to garner interest for its upcoming revamp of Teen Wolf intensifies with three television spots highlighting the radical changes that have befallen the beloved ‘80s movie.

Although the Teen Wolf trailer gave viewers their first glimpse of what the show would look like, this new batch of TV spots provides a more intimate look at the claws, late-night jaunts through a moonlit forest and sweet, slow-motion lacrosse action that will permeate the upcoming series.

After watching these promos, a person’s first instinct may be to blame the popularity of Twilight for the revisions done to what was really a charming and funny little metaphor for puberty. That instinct would be correct, but can you really blame MTV?

The network’s key demographic is primarily the same people who helped make Stephanie Meyer a name recognized by anyone who has ever stepped foot in a bookstore. It would seem the network is merely embracing nostalgia, while trying to remain relevant amongst the myriad of attractions vying for the attention and time of young adults everywhere.

Take a look below:



Unfortunately (or fortunately), at roughly ten seconds apiece, the Teen Wolf spots divulge little in terms of story. What we can surmise, though, is that floppy-haired high-school student Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) spends most of his time transforming in the shower – or any time his pulse rises – and gets visited by some mysterious stranger (Colton Haynes), whom Scott blames for his current lycanthropic condition. We also get to see Crystal Reed (Skyline) as Allison, the primary reason Scott’s pulse might see a bit of a fluctuation from time-to-time.

Teen Wolf, like most programs on the former home of music videos, will have plenty of detractors. Hopefully, unlike the adaptation of raunchy UK drama Skins, the show’s content will be more in line with the corporate guidelines of advertisers and MTV can avoid the mass exodus of revenue dollars that plagued the troubled first season of that program. From what we’ve seen so far, Teen Wolf seems to be showcasing the supernatural aspects more than any overt sexual elements, like Skins.


While reality programs on MTV have outlived most people’s household pets, original, scripted series don’t seem to have such luck – unless you count The Hills. With hits like Jersey Shore and The Real World, scripted programming seemed like a footnote in the network’s scheduling plans, but perhaps that is about to change. I must admit part of me wishes to see Teen Wolf succeed, if only to eat up a block of time another loathsome Teen Mom would otherwise occupy.

Expect MTV to begin a media blitz on Teen Wolf, as the series will debut June 5th, right after the MTV Movie Awards.

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