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After more than a year’s worth of teasing, MTV’s Teen Wolf reboot will finally premiere after the enviable lead-in that is the MTV Movie Awards. The network has gone beyond mere commercials and released the first eight minutes of the show in an effort to further whet the appetite of its potential audience.

Early promotional material for the series suggested a strong influence from the popular teen-friendly offering Twilight, but after having watched the preview, perhaps that comparison was a rush to judgment.

Instead of vampire romance, Teen Wolf is shaping up to be a remarkably dark and somewhat gory television show that places emphasis on the eventual transformation of Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) from asthmatic benchwarmer to wolf-powered superstar. In fact, Posey’s McCall will probably have more in common with Peter Parker than Twilight’s Jacob Black – as he suddenly finds himself imbued with super speed, strength and senses that help him elevate his game in more ways than one.

Talking to Blastr, series creator Jeff Davis found a great deal of inspiration for Teen Wolf in Spider-Man’s alter ego – especially his high school days. Davis also mentions how the tumultuous balance of an average teenage life vs. an astonishing one – also depicted in Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer – plays a large role in this new series.

Certainly, Davis will be hoping the formula, which worked so well for Stan Lee and Joss Whedon will carry over to his new project. Davis states:

"I take my cue from the Spider-Man comics I loved as a kid. He was a teenager, first and foremost, falling asleep in class because he was out busy getting pictures of his alter ego, Spider-Man, to sell to the newspaper in order to live and afford his life. I mean, it's great when normal life always kind of interferes with the supernatural one, with the life of the hero. It's a challenge to constantly ground things in reality, but I think it makes the show better. I always loved Buffy for that reason as well. They did such a good job with the fact that she was a high school student. And every now and then they were able to remind us when Willow said, 'Hey, I have a final. I can't go out and kill vampires."

That teen-centric aspect of the show is a perfect fit for the MTV audience – a fact that network executive David Janollari mentioned in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Speaking of MTV’s core demographic, Janollari says:

"They watch movies; they watch entertainment on the Internet. Our idea is to offer original series programming in whatever form it takes to this audience with the core brand of DNA of what's relevant to their lives."

You can take a look at the first eight minutes of Teen Wolf right here:

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If it wasn’t obvious before, this really is Teen Wolf in name only. While the high school athletics element is still basically intact (trading in basketball for lacrosse), and Scott and Stiles’ names are the same – everything else seems to have been thrown out – most notably the fact that Scott’s affliction is not inherited, but rather comes as a result of a werewolf bite.

If nothing else Teen Wolf may be the much-needed solution for those suffering from vampire burnout. Does this preview have you interested in tuning in?


After its Sunday night premiere @11pm, Teen Wolf moves to Mondays @10pm.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Blastr

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