MTV Spoilers Footage: Transformers 2, Watchmen & More

Tonight MTV aired a "Spoilers" show with new footage from Watchmen, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter 6, Land of the Lost and a behind the scenes featurette from Star Trek. Out of the three, the only one that actually made me look forward to one of these a little more was (believe it or not) Land of the Lost.

We have the clips for you below.

You can judge for yourself, but to me the Harry Potter footage didn't influence me either way - they just indicated that there will be both more humor and action in the next film. I was REALLY disappointed by the Star Trek segment because I could have sworn I'd been reading there would be new footage - but there wasn't. Sure, a lot of behind the scenes stuff - but no new movie scenes that I could see.

Transformers 2? Yeah, whatever - LOTS of big action pieces and ginormous explosions. I'll give this one an extra star when I review it if they just leave the retarded humor from the first one behind and tackle this one as a serious action flick.

The clip from Land of the Lost actually made me chuckle. That's not saying a lot, but it's more than the previous trailers/clips have gotten out of me.

What worried me the most was the Watchmen footage... it was a full scene from the film showing Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II going into a prison during a riot. I've started hearing some not so positive things about the film (from "regular" people, not fans of the graphic novel) and I saw some of what they've been talking about here.

Silk Spectre jumping out of the Owl Ship, landing on the roof in spike heels and doing a tuck and roll just looked... silly. And in the slow-mo fight scene in the corrider it didn't look like she was hitting/kicking her adversaries with enough power to really knock them back the way she did. I don't know... I could be overanalyzing it. Check out all of these for yourself and tell us what YOU think.

Source: MTV Movies

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